DM This Chef a Pic of Your Pantry and She’ll Tell You What to Make for Dinner Tonight

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While we’ve been relying on food delivery services or trying to find something, anything, in the empty aisle of the local supermarket to make for dinner, one chef is helping people make the most of whatever they have in their kitchens.

Stephanie Nass is asking her Instagram followers to send her pictures of their fridge or pantry, so she can recommend meals to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Looks like your quarantine meals just got a major upgrade.

She captioned the post, "Is this what your kitchen looks like? A ‘random’ smattering of ingredients? Don't fret or make an unnecessary trip to the grocery store; #STAYHOME, and send pictures of what you have. We’ll compose a meal based on that. #QuarantineCooking #FlattenTheCurve #VirtualChefanie." 

The NY caterer and designer was inspired by a friend, who had been quarantine for weeks and was having trouble figuring out meals to make before texting Nass for ideas.

"Realizing that other millennials would have similar challenges, I figured that I could use my culinary knowledge and my social platforms to help more people avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store and even bring some joy in this bleak time," Nass told PureWow.  

Many of her followers praised her for the idea, one even comparing it to the food competition show Chopped. She started the project on March 14 and since then has seen more pantries, fridges and cupboards than she ever imagined. 

"I’m proposing recipes to faraway followers but also answering questions like ‘How much cream should I add for the amount of X I have?’ ‘What do I do if I don't have Y ingredient?’ or ‘Is this cooked enough?,’" she told PureWow. "People are grateful for the help and excited to cook."

Nass has been posting ways to make mealtimes creative and fun with how-to tablescapes, 3-ingredient recipes and how to grocery shop during the quarantine. She hopes to bring this small contribution to the world and provide everyone with a bit of comfort and happiness. 

So what are you waiting for? Your next delicious meal is just a DM away. 

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