Hey, Should I Be Drinking Milk on the Keto Diet?

iced coffee with cream swirl in a red striped jar

We’ll admit it: We love the keto diet so much because we can eat all of the gooey, cheesy foods we want.

Which got us thinking, is it cool to splash some whole milk in our morning coffee, too?

We looked into the numbers and it turns out that whole milk is surprisingly high-carb: A single glass has 11.71 grams of carbs, which equals about one-third of most people’s daily carb intake on the keto diet.

By comparison, an entire cup of shredded cheddar has a measly 3.81 grams of carbs. Surprise: The fermentation process required to make cheese significantly reduces its carb count.

We’re not saying we won’t take our coffee with a little bit of milk, but we’re not going to be tossing back an entire glass with our strawberry keto fat bombs.

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