The 18 Best Pizza Spots in Brooklyn

From iconic institutions to up-and-coming slingers


Sure, everyone tawks about how good New York City pizza is. It’s apparently all thanks to our water… and while Manhattan gets a lot of well-deserved accolades, unless you’re a tourist, you know you’ve really got to get into the boroughs—specifically, Brooklyn—for some of the best slices (and pies and squares) around. Whether you like your ‘za thin crust or Detroit-style; smothered in cheese or vegan; dished up by the counter or served by candlelight—you’ll be drooling after reading our picks of the best pizza in Brooklyn.

The 10 Best Caribbean Spots in NYC According to Our Editors

1. Ainslie

  • Location: 76 Ainslie St. (Williamsburg)
  • Reservations: Resy

This converted warehouse building has industrial roots that date back to the 1870s and is now an expansive restaurant that boasts an enoteca, beer garden, wine bar and—most importantly—some of the best wood-fired pizza in Brooklyn. The Happy Hour menu—featuring arancini, wood-fired wings and a mouthwatering saltimbocca pizza of fresh mozz, prosciutto and white wine sage sauce—is a steal (think: $8 10-inch pizzas), and the extensive dinner menu includes additional pizza options, appetizers, salads and pastas cooked to perfection. (We recommend the shrimp scampi, the housemade pappardelle with pork ragu and the Boscaiola pizza with mushrooms, pancetta and truffle oil.) Best of all, the space is so large that, much like the menu, it can easily accommodate the needs of a big group.

2. Grimaldi’s

  • Location: 1 Front St. (DUMBO)
  • Reservations: not available

One of BK’s most popular spots, Grimaldi’s typically has lines running around the block. Started by members of the Patsy family, if you’ve never been, close your browser and jump on the water taxi or subway right now and hit up this pizza spot located under the Brooklyn Bridge so you can tuck into one of their famous coal oven pizzas. All the dough is made in-house and hand-tossed and the offerings are simple and traditional, which means the quality ingredients truly shine. Slices are available, too, if you’re looking for a grab-and-go lunch…and trust us, it’s all worth the wait.

3. Juliana’s

  • Location: 19 Old Fulton St. (DUMBO)
  • Reservations: not available

Juliana’s is not exactly Grimaldi’s sister restaurant, per se, as it’s under different ownership. It was, however, opened in the original Grimaldi’s location and with the legendary Patsy family as partners. It’s also located in Dumbo just a block away and has quickly earned itself the same cult following. The menu here is a bit more eclectic (there’s a pie with grilled chicken, guac and cilantro, for example), but the classics are all on offer as well, and can be customized with toppings of your choice.

4. Paulie Gee’s

  • Location: 60 Greenpoint Ave. (Greenpoint)
  • Reservations: not available

Located just off the Greenpoint Avenue G stop, Paulie Gee’s draws foodies from all over for its wood-fired pizza that’s only available if you dine in. The place oozes cool Brooklyn vibes with exposed brick walls and beams; it even sits behind what looks like the entrance of a former garage. There are almost two dozen specialty pies, ranging from a classic cheese to one topped with cherries. But maybe what we appreciate most? Paulie Gee’s offers a whopping 11 vegan pies, so you’ll never again have to choose between pizza and your friend or family member with a dietary restriction. We also love the “secret pizza” menu, which urges you to ask for cold salted butter to slather on your crust.

5. Totonno’s

  • Location: 60 Greenpoint Ave. (Coney Island)
  • Reservations: not available

Even if you’re not a roller coaster fan, there’s a very good reason to head to Coney Island: Totonno’s Pizzeria, which has been serving the neighborhood for almost a hundred years. The pizza here is so dang good that it’s received a James Beard America’s Classics Award, and the old-school haunt is covered in nostalgic NYC memorabilia that dates back decades, complemented by classic black-and-white checkered floors and fire-engine-red booths. The delicious Neapolitan-style pizza has an addictively crispy crust, which is why this place is always packed. Luckily, you can take your pizza to go and eat it on the boardwalk. (While you’re there, you can also swing by Grimaldi’s Coney Island.)

6. Di Fara

  • Location: 1424 Avenue J (Midwood)
  • Reservations: not available

Next up on your glorious pizza tour is Di Fara Pizzeria, which, if you didn’t know, is just sitting there in Midwood waiting for you to come in. You might ordinarily walk past such a nondescript pizzeria, but something about the line of people will surely signal you to get a taste of this 50-year-old Brooklyn tradition. The menu is simple: no fancy specials, just straight-up pizza with the option to add your choice of toppings—the way it should be. While we’re purists at heart, we’d be remiss not to mention that a new location recently opened in Williamsburg and is family owned and operated—and just as yummy as the OG.

7. Sottocasa

  • Location: 298 Atlantic Avenue (Boerum Hill)
  • Reservations: not available

Sottocasa may not have as much history as some of the other Brooklyn pizza slingers on this list, but you’ll want to devour every bite of its charred, fluffy crust nonetheless. Choose from an absurd amount of options—ranging from a classic Margherita to a few combos you’ve likely never tried, like the Boscaiola, topped with tomatoes, mozz, hot Italian sausage, Gorgonzola, mushrooms and basil—and try not to miss the burrata pie (!), which is available only Friday through Sunday, so plan accordingly.

8. L&B Spumoni Gardens

  • Location: 2725 86th St. (Bensonhurst)
  • Reservations: by phone at (718) 449- 1230

If you’re looking for an impossibly good Sicilian square or grandma-style slice, L&B Spumoni Gardens can definitely scratch that itch for you. Heavy on the sauce, L&B offers a Sicilian slice with a bit of a thicker crust and an almost soupy cheese-and-tomato top. The original location has been in the Bensonhurst neighborhood for 80 years, but they’ve also got a second location in Dumbo making it easy for Manhattanites and Queens dwellers to grab a slice. That said, L&B is not just famous for their pizza; they also offer spumoni, a gelato combination of chocolate, pistachio, vanilla and candied fruit. Translation: Come hungry.

9. Emily Brooklyn

  • Location: 919 Fulton St. (Clinton Hill)
  • Reservations: Resy

Opened in 2014 in Clinton Hill, Emily’s uber-thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas quickly became an NYC staple. The team has since expanded to excellent Detroit-style pizzas at Emmy Squared, but we keep coming back for the original pies, in combos like the Emily (mozzarella, pistachio, Sottocenere cheese and honey) and the Big Ang (vodka sauce, ricotta, double pecorino, meatball and Peppadew pepper). There’s also an insane burger, if you can spare the stomach space.

10. Sauce & Soda

  • Location: 40 Wyckoff Ave. (Bushwick)
  • Reservations: not available

With so many restaurants popping up in the Bushwick area, it’s hard to know which ones are really good, but this ‘za spot is certainly worth a try. Offering both pies and slices—which sometimes feels like a novelty these days—the pizza spot has some pretty creative and nontraditional options. Case in point: the fried pizza and the “Brooklyn Buffalo Chicken Pizza” slice made with garlic oil, mozzarella, breaded chicken, "Brooklyn Buffalo" sauce and celery. Look, we won’t get into the nuances of what makes a pizza, but that sounds pretty damn good no matter what.

11. Lucali

  • Location: 575 Henry St. (Carroll Gardens)
  • Reservations: not available

Hit up an ATM (Lucali is cash only), BYOB and be prepared to wait for a table at this wildly popular Carroll Gardens restaurant. In fact, you’ll probably have to wait in line just to get your name on the list, because the pizza really is that good—so good that it’s the only thing on the menu besides a calzone. The crust is light and perfectly blistered, every single ingredient is so fresh it’s like you’ve never encountered it before and the no-frills attitude (if you bring your own wine, it’s one bottle per table and you’re done) only adds to the authentic Sicilian-in-Brooklyn charm. If you have the patience to get a seat, the reward will be great.

12. Giuseppina’s

  • Location: 691 6th Avenue (South Slope)
  • Reservations: not available

The chef and owner at this South Slope gem is Chris Iacono, brother of Lucali’s Mark Iacono and a master at making brick oven magic happen. (Let’s just say it runs in the family.) The menu is small, but the pies are customizable and the ingredients—sauce, dough, toppings and all—are of unparalleled quality. We highly recommend the white pizza, preferably with a generous amount of chili oil, which is available upon request and an excellent pairing. The calzones are also some of the best you can find in Brooklyn, and the candle-lit atmosphere with Sinatra crooning in the background is a recipe for a date night done right, while still being remarkably family-friendly, too.

13. F&F Pizzeria

  • Location: 459 Court St. (Carroll Gardens)
  • Reservations: not available

F&F is the latest project of the revered Brooklyn culinary veterans known as “the Franks” and, after opening its doors in 2019, it has become a fast favorite among Carroll Gardens residents and a destination-worthy slice shop, to boot. Our favorite is the hot sausage and sage pie—a pizzafied version of the beloved pasta dish served at Frankie’s 457—but the clam, cacio e pepe and mushroom are quite memorable, too. Just keep in mind that this is an informal spot that primarily offers counter service, so it’s not ideal for a romantic dinner—though you can never go wrong with a pie to-go and, during the warmer months, the outdoor garden seating is definitely casual date-worthy.

14. Roberta’s

  • Location: 261 Moore St. (Bushwick)
  • Reservations: Resy

This funky pizza spot in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn has been serving up some of the best pies around to foodies (and hipsters) since 2008. Don’t be fooled by the decidedly ugly facade of the restaurant—the food at Roberta’s is truly first class. Should you find yourself in the neighborhood on a lazy weekend morning, the brunch pizza should not be missed and the bee sting pizza with chili, honey and soppressata is a truly crave-worthy menu staple that might have been responsible for starting the whole hot honey trend.

15. Oma Grassa

  • Location: 753 Fulton St. (Fort Greene)
  • Reservations: Resy

Look for a flatiron-shaped building in Fort Greene and you’ll find Oma Grassa, a relatively new restaurant opened by seasoned chef and pizzaiolo Adam Baumgart. What sets Oma Grassa apart is that the pizza is made from sour dough and cooked in an electric oven, which allows for more consistent cooking and the ability to crisp the bottom without overcooking the top, thus eliminating the risk of a soggy pie and allowing for a wider range of toppings. Highlights of the menu include the mussels fra diavolo and meatball rapini pies, as well as the potato pizza, which features paper thin slices of potato, soft mozzarella, speck and caramelized onion. It’s also worth noting that the mostly natural wine list is absolutely stellar; get a bottle of “les hauts de madon” (a light and juicy Gamay blend of the highest order), order a gourmet pizza and you’ve got a recipe for date night success.

16. L’Industrie

  • Location: 254 S. 2nd St. (Williamsburg)
  • Reservations: not available

L’Industrie is another fancy pizza place (i.e., not a greasy slice joint) that caught on to the genius of the electric oven…and it’s for this reason that they are able to put burrata on a pie without it turning into a sloppy mess. Indeed the burrata pizza, their signature pie, is absolutely delicious and a top recommendation. That said, the rest of the menu is pretty superb, too, and folks with dietary restrictions will be pleased to know that a couple of the pies can be made vegan upon request (and, yes, the sauce, crust and toppings are so good that you might not even miss the cheese).

17. Farina

  • Location: 338 Hamilton Ave. (Red Hook)
  • Reservations: not available

Farina, a cozy and charming Red Hook spot with views of the water, does pizza right—namely because of the ancient wood-fired oven, light and airy seven grain crust and house-made fior di latte cheese that’s so fresh and full of flavor you’d be hard-pressed to find better in Italy. We’d make menu recommendations, but really anything with the fior di latte is a winner. Oh, and did we mention you can order wine by the glass, carafe or half carafe? Yep, this place checks all the boxes.

18. Best Pizza

  • Location: 33 Havemeyer St. (Williamsburg)
  • Reservations: not available

While the cheesy name (no pun intended) might not be a selling point, this Williamsburg joint actually lives up to its promise by serving a pretty mean wood-fired pie, thanks to the culinary talent of head chef and Brooklyn native, Frank Pinello. Sicilian flavors passed down through generations shine on the stripped-down menu, which includes the option for a white or traditional pie, plus a number of excellently prepared toppings (think: calabrian chili, pickled vegetables, caramelized onions and a selection of top-notch meats). You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here, and the option to customize your pie is a welcome bonus that some fussier places are disinclined to offer.

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