What’ll it be: matcha soft serve or strawberry basil in a waffle cone? Here’s the scoop (sorry, we had to) on the best ice cream in Miami.

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best ice cream in miami madlab creamery
Photo courtesy of MadLab Creamery

1. MadLab Creamery

Our mom never would have let us have ice cream and cotton candy at the same time. Fortunately, we’re adults now. This fairy-tale-esque ice-cream palace serves matcha and tropical soft serve with cotton-candy swirls, gold-flake sprinkles and edible sparkles. 

140 NE 39th St., Miami; 305-639-8178 or instagram.com/madlab_creamery

best ice cream in miami azucar ice crea company
Photo courtesy of Azucar Ice Cream Company

2. Azucar Ice Cream Company

Dulce de leche ice cream is exactly what we need post-lunch, pre-conference call.

1503 SW Eighth St., Miami; 305-381-0369 or azucaricecream.com

best ice cream in miami lulus
Photo courtesy of Lulu’s

3. Lulu’s

Luisa Santos, owner of Lulu’s, adopted her very own cow to help make these sweet scoops, which are flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen, in flavors like strawberry basil and Nutella. They’re as delicious and local as it gets. (P.S. Always get your ice cream in a waffle cone.)

2001 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; 786-717-7323 or lulus-icecream.com

best ice cream in miami dasher and crank
Photo courtesy of Dasher & Crank

4. Dasher & Crank

Deciding to have ice cream from this Wynwood shop is easy. The hard part is choosing from the 18 rotating flavors. Coffee and doughnuts? Blackberry hibiscus? Coconut, sea salt and graham cracker crumble? We suggest doing it up with a combo.

2211 NW Second Ave., Miami; 305-213-1569 or dasherandcrank.com

best ice cream in miami serendipity yogurt cafe
Photo courtesy of Serendipity Yogurt Café

5. Serendipity Yogurt Café

We can’t decide between floral flavors (lavender orange) and boozy mash-ups (White Russian with candied hazelnuts). So we’ll happily take both.

9457 Harding Ave., Surfside; 305-865-1506 or serendipitycreamery.com

best ice cream in miami jaxsons ice cream parlor
Courtesy of Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor

6. Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor

Want to try everything but the kitchen sink? Order it at Jaxson’s in Dania Beach and you’ll get everything…including the kitchen sink. This monstrous heap of ice cream is meant to be shared by four very ambitious eaters.

128 S. Federal Hwy., Dania Beach; 954-923-4445 or jaxsonsicecream.com

best ice cream in miami mr kream wynwood
Photo courtesy of Mr. Kream Wynwood

7. Mr. Kream Wynwood

When flavors are named A$AP Rocky Road and Fat Joe Pistachio, you know it’ll basically be a party for your taste buds.  

2322 N. Miami Ave., Wynwood; 786-659-4541 or mrkreamwynwood.com

best ice cream in miami cream parlor
Photo courtesy of Cream Parlor

8. Cream Parlor

One bite of the Chocolate Rain and you’ll never be the same again.

8224 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; 786-534-4180 or creamparlor.wordpress.com

best ice cream in miami sweet melody
Photo courtesy of Sweet Melody

9. Sweet Melody

Cheesecake and blueberry swirl, peanut butter and fudge, vegan chocolate and coconut, key lime and almond-graham streusel? Did we mention tie-dye vanilla bean? One of each, please.

Various pop-up locations;

best ice cream in miami wynwood parlor
Photo courtesy of Wynwood Parlor

10. Wynwood Parlor

You may have seen this graffiti-clad truck driving around Miami, stocked with nearly a dozen different kinds of ice-cream sandwiches. Our favorite is a simple strawberry blend between two freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Sold at various locations; wynwoodparlor.com

best ice cream in miami nanndi
Photo courtesy of Nanndi

11. Nanndi

Three words: dragon fruit sorbet. If that’s not the best cure for this weather, we’re not sure what is.

8845 SW 72nd Pl., Miami; 786-814-5596 or nanndi.com

best ice cream in miami freddo

12. Freddo

Grab a cup of decadent artisanal gelato, or if you want to get really crazy, try a panini helado, where a warm sweet bun is filled with gelato and drizzled with chocolate and strawberry sauce. 

1102 S. Miami Ave., Brickell; 786-310-0368 or freddous.com

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