The 7 Best Gluten-Free Pastas You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

Hey, we’re not complaining that our grocery store has a whole new aisle full of gluten-free options touting their high-protein, low-carb benefits. But it can be overwhelming (and expensive) to find the one that’s right for you. That’s why we looked at all of the labels, boiled a bunch of water and twirled our forks to bring you the best.

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banza chickpea penne 921

Banza Penne

Chickpea flour makes for double the protein, four times the fiber and nearly half the carbs of regular ole wheat pasta (wow). Nutrition aside, these toothsome noodles are easy to cook to perfect al dente and taste a bit like toasted almonds.

barilla gluten free pasta 921

Barilla Gluten-free Spaghetti

We’d never guess this pasta was made from corn and rice flour; in a blind taste test, we couldn’t tell the difference between the Italian company’s classic spaghetti and this offering. Perfect for twirling around your fork, long strands remain intact when you cook them—unlike other brands, which broke into smaller pieces.

explore 921
Explore Cuisine

Explore Cuisine Red Lentil Penne

Red lentil flour and brown rice flour are the only two ingredients in this fan favorite. Slightly sweet and peppery, it pairs well with marinara and arugula.

ancient harvest 921

Ancient Harvest Quinoa Elbows

It’s hard to find quinoa pasta with the same taste and texture of traditional pasta. Enter this champ, which stands up to the hardiest sauces. Oh hi, big batch of gooey mac and cheese.

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ancient grain fusilli 921
Tru Roots

Tru Roots Ancient Grain Fusilli

This organic pick gets its filling heartiness from brown rice flour, quinoa flour, Amaranth flour and corn flour. And the best news: Even if you leave it in the pot a couple minutes too long, it won’t turn into mush.

trader joes black bean pasta 921
Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Black Bean Rotini

A single serving has just as much protein as chicken plus 15 grams of fiber—that’s seven times more fiber than white pasta. If the numbers don’t sell you, the mild earthy flavor and chic jet-black color will. We can pretend we made squid ink pasta for dinner, right?

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jovial tagliatelle 921

Jovial Brown Rice Tagliatelle

It’s safe to say that this Tuscan-made pasta is some of the freshest-tasting store-bought tagliatelle we’ve ever had. Plus, it doesn’t clump together in the pot, making it super easy to whip up a batch for Bolognese.

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