The 16 Best Dumplings in NYC, Ranked

Good things come in small packages

Much like dresses with pockets and Ryan Gosling, Chinese dumplings are something we’ll never, ever tire of. And NYC just so happens to be overflowing with those little bundles of joy. Here are the 16 best dumplings NYC has to offer, from pot stickers to wontons to xiao long bao.

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best dumplings nyc talde

16. Pretzel Pork And Chive Dumplings At Talde

Yes, this rendition at the Asian-American spot is far from traditional, but the crispy, salty dough and the accompanying spicy mustard make for an addictive combination.

369 Seventh Ave. (at 11th St.), Brooklyn; 347-916-0031 or

best dumplings nyc nom wah tea parlor
Nom Wah Tea Parlor

15. Shrimp And Snow Pea Leaf Dumplings At Nom Wah Tea Parlor

It’s hard to pick just one favorite dish from the dim sum wizards at Nom Wah, but these delicate, steamed seafood-and-veggie bundles are definitely up there. 

Two locations in Manhattan;

14. The Mimi Cheng At Mimi Cheng's

We’re partial to the signature chicken-and-zucchini dumplings, pan-fried, at this sisters-run spot. Make sure to dunk them in as much of the tangy-spicy-sweet “secret sauce” as possible. 

Two locations in Manhattan;

best dumplings nyc redfarm

13. Pork And Crab Soup Dumplings At Redfarm

Full disclosure: These are the most expensive dumplings on this list, which we only mention because they’re so often thought of as a cheap-eats staple. But the paper-thin wrappers and flavorful broth make these more than worth the price. (You may just have to make do with four instead of 20.) 

Two locations in Manhattan;

best dumplings nyc prosperity dumpling
Top Prosperity Dumpling/Facebook

12. Chive And Pork Dumplings At Top Prosperity Dumpling

We know what you’re thinking: Is this that Prosperity Dumpling? The answer is yes. The operation has moved to Bensonhurst, but those $1.50 dumplings are the same delicious ones you scarfed on the LES. 

2369 86th St. (at Bay 35th St.), Brooklyn; 718-372-0040

best dumplings nyc han dynasty

11. Dumplings In Chile Oil At Han Dynasty

These boiled, pork-filled beauties are doused in bright-red chile oil and (we’re pretty sure) some kind of pixie dust. Seriously, the stuff is magical.

Two locations in Manhattan;

10. Whole-wheat Vegetable Dumplings At Vanessa's Dumpling House

Yep, our favorite thing at this popular mini-chain just happens to be meat-free, filled with perfectly seasoned mushrooms, carrots and bok choy. Tip: Grab a bag of frozen ones on your way out ($14 for 50) for the ultimate easy-dinner standby.

Multiple locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn;

9. Black Truffle Tiny Buns From Shanghai Cuisine 33

Soup dumplings and black truffle? Our foodie hearts just skipped a beat. You can find these pork-filled flavor bombs (listed, adorably, as "tiny buns" on the menu) at the busy Flushing spot and its Chinatown sister restaurants, Shanghai Asian Manor and Shanghai Asian Cuisine. 

57-33 Main St. (at 58th Ave.), Queens; 718-353-5791 or

8. Kai Feng Fu Dumpling House

They’re called pot stickers for a reason, and the perfectly crispy, golden-brown edges of this Sunset Park counter’s pork-and-leek dumplings are quintessential. And at four for $1, it’s the best thing you can buy with the loose change in your purse. 

4801 Eighth Ave. (between 48th and 49th sts.), Brooklyn; 718-437-3542

7. Duck And Mushroom Dumplings At Dumpling Galaxy

You might think the name is hyperbole, but with more than a hundred kinds of dumplings, it’s actually pretty accurate. This is where you’ll find creative combos like duck and shiitake, egg and pine nuts, and pumpkin and black sesame (yep, that one’s a dessert). 

42-35 Main St. (at Franklin Ave.), Queens; 212-518-3265 or

best dumplings nyc biang
Xi’an Famous Foods/Facebook

6. Spicy And Sour Lamb Dumplings At Biang!

The noodle gurus at Xi’an Famous Foods (and its sit-down spinoff) clearly have a way with dough and meat, so it’s no surprise that their dumplings are incredible.

157 Second Ave. (at Tenth St.); 212-786-2068 or

5. Pork Soup Dumplings At Shanghai Cafe Deluxe

Sorry, Joe’s Shanghai, but the best soup dumplings in Manhattan’s Chinatown can be found at this spot—maybe because you can see them being made right before your eyes. (Bonus: You don’t have to wait in line behind a million tourists.)

100 Mott St. (between Canal and Hester sts.); 212-966-3988 or

4. Customizable Dumplings At Tianjin Dumpling House

If you can find this teensy stall in the basement of the Golden Mall, you’ll be rewarded with choose-your-own-filling dumplings featuring ingredients like Chinese sausage, sea bass and bamboo shoots. (Too much pressure? The signature lamb-and-squash combo is excellent.)

41-28 Main St. (at 41st Rd.), Queens; 212-518-1952

3. Fried Dumplings At Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle

By now you’re probably sensing a trend: If a place has great noodles, there’s a good chance it has great dumplings, too. And these ten-for-$3 fried pork ones don’t disappoint.

144 E. Broadway (between Allen and Essex sts.); 212-566-6933 or

2. Crab Xiao Long Bao At The Bao

Hold up, the best soup dumplings are in the East Village? We were surprised, too—but this spinoff of Flushing spot Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao made believers out of us. (Save room for a chocolate-banana bao for dessert.)

13 St. Marks Place, (at Third Ave.); 212-388-9238

1. Spicy Wontons At White Bear

Consider the 7 train your ticket to paradise: It brings you directly to these piping-hot, pork-filled bundles of goodness, which come topped with chile oil and pickled veggies.

135-02 Roosevelt Ave., Ste. 5 (at Prince St.); Queens; 718-961-2322

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