This year’s Super Bowl viewing experience may look a little different for some of us (i.e., we’ll be watching from home instead of our usual sports bar), but one thing remains the same: you’ll find us tucking into a plate full of crispy, saucy wings. Happily, LA has plenty of excellent wing options available for takeout and delivery, from classic tangy buffalo to double fried Korean style. Check out our list of the best chicken wings in Los Angeles and enjoy.

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1. Nashville hot chicken wings at Howlin’ Ray’s

Howlin’ Ray’s may be known for the hot chicken sandwiches, but it’s no surprise that a place that makes great hot fried chicken would also have mouthwatering wings. Howlin’ Ray’s wings are served as whole wings and dressed with the same Nashville hot sauce as their fried chicken. Yum.

727 N. Broadway Ave. #128; 213-935-8399 or

Interstellar Best Chicken Wings in Los Angeles
Courtesy of Interstellar

2. Sweet and spicy wings at Interstellar

A charming cafe in Santa Monica that infuses Asian flavors to American comfort food, Interstellar offers fried chicken wings in three flavors, but the stand-out pick is the sweet and spicy chicken wings. With a light batter and fried to perfection, these Korean-style chicken wings can easily rival any in Koreatown.

109 Broadway St., Santa Monica; 310-310-8820 or

Anajak best chicken wings in los angeles
Courtesy of Anajak Thai

3. Sticky tamarind wings at Anajak Thai

The crispy fried chicken wings at this family-owned Thai restaurant in Sherman Oaks are coated in a sticky and sweet, umami-laden sauce of garlic and tamarind. They also manage to remain surprisingly crispy as a takeout option.

14704 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks; 818-501-4201 or

4. Buffalo wings at Ye Rustic Inn

For classic buffalo wings, the Los Feliz classic tavern Ye Rustic Inn has always been one of the best spots in LA to get some—and when things were open, this was also a great place to catch the game. Calling all thrill-seekers: For those who dare, the wings also come at a “suicide level” of spice.

1831 Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz; 323-662-5757

Go Go Bird Best Chicken Wings in Los Angeles Credit Eric Turcios
Eric Turcios

5. Thunderbirds at Go Go Bird

Chef Brandon Kida from Hinoki & The Bird launched the takeout and delivery only Go Go Bird inspired by the legendary—though mostly gone—fried chicken chain Pioneer Chicken. The chicken wings here, dubbed Thunderbirds, are crispy fried full wings with a numbing Sichuan peppercorn rub. It packs some heat, but thankfully it also comes with a cheddar biscuit and honey miso butter to temper some of the spice. For the Super Bowl, Go Go Bird is also offering two special flavors: Kansas City BBQ and a Yuzu Mojo.

1550 N. El Centro Ave., Hollywood; 323-396-9400 or

6. Soy garlic wings at KyoChon

The franchise that popularized Korean fried chicken in the U.S. is still going strong with its Koreatown location. There are four flavors of their sticky, crunchy wings and to be honest, they’re all amazing. Garlic lovers should opt for the soy garlic, but it’s never a bad move to take advantage of their half and half options and get two different flavors.

3833 W. 6th St., Koreatown; 213-739-9292 or

ChimacStar best chicken wings in los angeles
Fiona Chandra

7. Honey Butter Snow at ChiMac Star

The name ChiMac is a play on “chimaek”, a Korean slang meaning fried chicken and beer—and that’s precisely what ChiMac Star specializes in. Unlike most Korean wings with the sticky sauce, the honey butter snow wings are fried chicken dusted with a powder made from honey butter, giving them a light sweetness. If the prices seem a bit steep, rest assured that these wing pieces are unusually large and meaty.

3054 W. 8th St.; 213-383-0003 or

8. Tebasaki at FuRaiBo

This izakaya is an outpost of a chain that originated in Nagoya, Japan and it is known for their tebasaki, or Japanese style chicken wings. Unlike the flats and drums of American wings, tebasaki uses the whole chicken wing... and once you give these a go, you may never go back to partial wings again. The wings here are twice-fried and coated in a savory and sweet sesame-soy glaze.

2068 Sawtelle Blvd.; 310-444-1432 or

Wingopolis Best Chicken Wings in Los Angeles
Fiona Chandra

9. Lemony lemon pepper wings at Wingopolis

This one-man wing stop is winning hearts in Inglewood with juicy wings and exceptionally friendly customer service. The lemony lemon pepper wings strike the perfect balance of acidity and spice, but the “buffalo” wings—made with the owner’s grandmother’s Chicago hot sauce recipe—are also worth a try.

740 Centinela Ave., Inglewood; 310-910-0291 or

Phoenix Spicy Salt Best Chicken Wings in Los Angeles
Courtesy of Phoenix Inn

10. Chicken wings with spicy salt at Phoenix Inn

An old school Chinese restaurant may not be the first place you think of to get chicken wings, but the crispy chicken wings here seasoned with garlic, chili peppers, and salt and pepper are a crowd-pleaser any day.

301 S. Ord St.; 213-629-2812 or

Best Wings in Los Angeles Hot Wings Cafe
Hot Wings Cafe

11. Buffalo wings at Hot Wings Cafe

Hot Wings Cafe has grown into a mini local chain, from their original Melrose location that opened in 1986 to three more locations in the county, all thanks to their great wings. Their wings are fried and crispy, even without a batter, and the buffalo sauce is well balanced.

Multiple locations including 7011 Melrose Ave.; 323-930-1233 or

best chicken wings in Los Angeles Maple Block1
Courtesy of Maple Block Meat Co

12. Smoked wings at Maple Block Meat Co

Being a barbecue spot, the poultry option at Maple Block Meat Co is all about its wood-smoked chicken. You can order the chicken by the pieces or as a half chicken, but of course, you can also order the wings. A good alternative to the fried wings on this list, the unmistakably smoky wings are served with a white sauce and fermented hot sauce. You can also take your meal a step further with a honey sriracha glaze.

3973 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City; 310-313-6328 or

13. Wings with one of 20 signature sauces at Bird Box

The NoHo shop specializing in wings offers 20 different sauces, most of which are made in-house, so it’s difficult to pinpoint a favorite. The garlic parmesan is always a good call, or for those who like a lot of heat, there’s the Black Mamba sauce made using Carolina Reaper peppers.

12460 Oxnard St., North Hollywood; 818-446-6881 or

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