Bee Cakes Are Trending on Pinterest. Here’s How to Hack One in 15 Minutes

Llama cakes, galaxy doughnuts and succulent cupcakes are lovely to look at, but where do you start with creating trending desserts in your own kitchen? We took Pinterest's latest love, "Bee Cakes"—glossy confections with fondant-crafted bees—and discovered the cake's honeycomb texture wasn't achieved with a stencil or fancy tools, but with (wait for it) plain old Bubble Wrap.

Here's a fun (read: store bought) hack for those of us who prefer to watch The Great British Bake Off than to attempt any of the recipes.

Here’s What You’re Going For:

Here's What You’ll Need:

1. Yellow store-bought cake

2. Bubble Wrap

3. Yellow icing

4. Truffles or chocolate-covered almonds

5. Chocolate chips, sprinkles or any other decorative candy of choice

Here's How It's Done:

1. Wrap the perimeter of your cake with Bubble Wrap and pop it into the fridge.

2. Dip each end of the chocolate-covered almonds into yellow frosting.

3. Add chocolate chips and sprinkles for eyes and antennae, respectively, until they *slightly* resemble bees.

4. Take your cake out of the fridge, unwrap it carefully and place your bee friends wherever you'd like.

Voilà: A bee cake that is dramatically less beautiful, but infinitely lazier than its Pinterest cousins. (And it tastes just as good.) 

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