Alcohol-Free Cocktails Are Trending (and They Actually Sound Really Good)

Forget the sickly sweet Shirley Temples and boring seltzer-and-syrup combos: Booze-free libations have evolved in a big, delicious and edgy way. New distilled botanicals take the place of hard liquor, premixed CBD beverages are getting interesting, and nourishing nootropics and adaptogens give you a little lift—but you’re always still good to drive.


orange cocktail
Facebook/Seedlip Drinks

Want To Enjoy A Sophisticated (i.e., Non-sugary) Cocktail That’s Booze-free?

Made from English botanicals, Seedlip distilled botanicals are meant to be used the same way as liquor since they have the mouthwatering herbaceous quality of gin, without the buzz. The three flavor profiles—orangey, spicy and floral-grassy—recently debuted on shelves at L.A.-area retailers like Bristol Farms. And bartenders are going nuts for it in their cocktails: At Chulita in Venice, try the citrusy margarita using Seedlip Grove 42; at Providence in Hancock Park, there’s the Smokin’ Soda made with Seedlip Spice 94, satsuma skin, chipotle and lemon. ⁣And there’s the Garden Spritz at the Hotel Figueroa downtown: Seedlip Garden 108 mixed with celery juice, verjus and elderflower tonic, served straight up in a wine glass.

kin drink
Kin Euphorics

Want A Relaxing Replacement For Your Nightly Glass Of Wine?

Meet an entirely new breed of beverage called a “euphoric.” These blends of adaptogens (targeted herbs), nootropics (cognition-enhancing supplements) and botanicals (beneficial plants) are made to reduce stress and support brain neurotransmitters, so you feel a little lighter, happier and more relaxed. We like Kin Euphorics’ High Rhode, an herbal and flowery-tasting blend that’s made for pairing with mixers (so many recipes!) or just enjoying a shot or two over ice to make a wine-free spritzer.

recess carbonated cbd drink

Like The Ease Of Just Pouring A Sparkling Sangria Or Spritzer?

Dwelling somewhere in taste and aesthetics between Sofia Coppola’s canned sparkling wine and La Croix,Recessawaits you. Its pastel-hued cans correspond to its flavors (purplish Blackberry Chai, pinkish Pom Citrus and peachy Peach Ginger). These have a smidge of sugar (so they’re tasty) and a smidge of hemp oil (so the CBD makes you feel relaxed). We like the idea of ordering a couple six-packs and pairing the cans with some striped paper straws at your nextgame night, just to smooth that competitive vibe right out.

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