This L.A. Comedian Wants to Tell You Jokes…While You Get Your Car Washed

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Two things you probably need: a car wash and a good laugh. Knock both off your to-do list at the same time at Comedians in Cars Getting Washeda one-night-only event where comics climb into your car with you and tell jokes while your wash is in session.

The event is hosted by comedian Kurt Braunohler, a stand-up comic who did a Comedy Central special, acted in the hilarious and touching film The Big Sick and puts out a super-relatable podcast called Wedlock with his wife, Lauren Cook. (So far, he sounds like someone who would be fine to let in your car…right?) For $5—plus the cost of a standard assembly-line suds at the Melrose Car Wash—you will get Braunohler or one of his comic colleagues to climb into your passenger seat and perform an abbreviated set. Will the humor be situational? Will some of the jokes be, ahem, “dirty”? And how does a performer deal with backseat hecklers, anyway?

It’s a brave new world of comedy that Braunohler says he’s never tried before, so the success or failure of the whole scheme is up for grabs. That’s what’s so interesting about it—Comedians in Cars Getting Washed is equal parts performance art and standard comedy club act. And the creator does have some experience with nontraditional venues: In a previous production named The Gondola Show, Braunohler and another comedian floated around Long Beach telling jokes from a gondola.

Now’s your chance to be a captive audience on June 20. If nothing else, it will make for one comment-rich Instagram Story.

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