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Ahh, the ’90s. When Ring Pops were the answer to all of our hopes and dreams. But if the resurgence of flared jeans and chokers is any indication, ’90s nostalgia back is in full swing, baby. This calls for a ’90s-tastic dinner party. BYO lava lamp and blow-up chairs.

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diy capris suns 921

The Beverages: Adult Capri Suns

Break out your old sticker book to decorate these lemonade and citrus vodka pouches.

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pizza bagels 921

Appetizer #1: Easy Mini Bagel Pizzas

DIY pizza bagels are even more delicious than the frozen kind (if that’s possible).

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diy hot pockets 921

Appetizer #2: Homemade Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets

Hand-held bliss.

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hawaiian bbq pizza 921

The Entrée: Hawaiian BBQ Pizza

This combo deserves a major comeback.

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stuffed harlic nutter portobellos 921


Even better than the ones you’d get from the Olive Garden.

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dunkaroo dip 921

Dessert #1: DunkaRoo Dip

Finally, you’re not limited to a cruel, small portion.

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homemade toaster strudels 921

Dessert #2: Homemade Toaster Strudels

Eat your heart out, Gretchen Wieners.

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