I've Worn This $108 Linen Shirt Twice a Week for the Past 2 Summers (& It Comes in 10 Colors)

It paid for itself in about a month

universal standard
universal standard
  • Appearance: 19/20
  • Comfort: 19/20
  • Fit: 18/20
  • Value: 20/20
  • Quality: 19/20
  • TOTAL: 95/100

I am an unabashed outfit repeater. I pretty much wear the same handful of pieces in different combinations every single day. Variety? Not so much. Efficient and easy? Oh, absolutely. Still, even I’ve been surprised just how often I wear the Dawn Linen Hi Low Tunic from Universal Standard.

I bought what has quickly become the most-worn article of clothing in my closet back in spring 2021 and have since buttoned it up at least once a week—and even more frequently in summer. Made with 55 percent linen, 42 percent rayon and 3 percent elastane, it’s a relaxed fit button-down shirt with a high-low hem. (It’s not a dramatically high-low hem; I’m not normally a fan of that silhouette but have no qualms with the cut of this particular top.)

universal standard black shirt
universal standard

universal standard

I have the shirt in black and white, but it’s the black version that gets carted out of my closet most regularly. If you’re less averse to wearing color than I, there are eight additional shades available, including dried saffron, tarragon and cabernet. Like all of Universal Standard’s offerings, the Dawn Hi Low Tunic is available in a truly impressive size range: 00 to 40 (or 4XS to 4XL). At $108, it’s a great price for a high-quality garment that’s versatile and classic enough to be worn a lot to justify the cost. I probably got my money’s worth in approximately a month.  

I have worn this shirt with everything, from jeans and skorts to exercise dresses—even as a swimsuit cover-up. It’s so comfortable and easy and just a piece I can see myself wearing until it literally falls apart (which it hasn’t yet, even after 100+ wears). According to Universal Standard’s site, you’re supposed to machine-wash it cold and lay it flat to dry, but I’m going to be totally honest, I’ve machine washed and machine dried it for the past two years and it’s held up beautifully. My only issue, really, is that the sleeves are a bit short on me, but I typically prefer a rolled-up, three-quarter vibe anyway, so that’s kind of a moot point.

If there’s even the smallest part of you that’s thinking, Hmm, I think I could use another linen top, I highly suggest—nee, urge—you to invest in this one and wear it into the ground just as I have.

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Wellness Director

Sarah Stiefvater is PureWow's Wellness Director. She's been at PureWow for ten years, and in that time has written and edited stories across all categories, but currently focuses...