6 Multitasking Swimsuits That Look Cute and Offer Sun Protection

So, you slather on sunscreen every time you head to the pool or take a trip to the beach? Good job. But you’re not doing enough to protect your delicate skin from the sun. Seriously, have you ever considered wearing a swimsuit with UPF protection?

Quick primer: UPF clothing shields your skin from UV radiation. While SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rates the effectiveness of sunscreens, UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is basically the same rating scale for fabrics. UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that can penetrate an item of clothing and reach your skin. When you're shopping for protective clothing, consider this guideline from the Skin Cancer Foundation: A UPF rating of 30 to 49 is a very good buffer from the sun, while a UPF rating of 50 or higher is known to offer excellent protection.

While you shouldn’t consider a UPF swimsuit as a replacement for sunscreen, it is an additional layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays—that can actually be really cute.

And the Top Swimsuit Color of 2019 Is…

hurley swimsuit

Hurley Quick Dry Ballet Surf Suit

Was this dance-inspired one-piece primarily intended for surfer babes? Sure, but it’s chic (and flattering) enough that we’d be happy to wear it while splashing around in the deep end. In addition to UPF 50, this long-sleeve design from California surf and skate brand Hurley is made from medium compression fabric, which sucks everything in without being too restricting.

mott50 swimsuit

Mott50 Tally Swimsuit

When it comes to swimwear with UPF protection, Mott50 is one of the O.G.s. In addition to cute maillots (like the one above), the brand has tons of street clothes equipped with UPF, like these colorful leggings and this hooded cover-up dress. And yes, they’re still selling those mom-and-mini avocado suits that Chrissy Teigen and Luna rocked last year.  

tavik swimsuit

Tavik Claire One-piece Swimsuit

You can never go wrong with a classic black one-piece—especially when it comes with UPF 50+. This one—from Southern California-based lifestyle brand Tavik—is backless, so you might want to recruit a friend to help apply (and, eventually, reapply) your preferred form of sunscreen. Even so, this is a style we’d recommend investing in, since you’ll be able to wear it for summers to come.

beth richards swimsuit

Beth Richards Twist One-piece Swimsuit

If the last black one-piece was a classic, this one is…the total opposite. Featuring a midriff cut-out, thick straps and a V-back, this modern suit is made from a fabric that’s resistant to oils, lotions, sweat and chlorine. Oh, it also boasts protection in the form of UPF 50+.

tory burch swimsuit

Tory Burch Costa Smocked Bandeau Bikini

Most swimsuits with UPF protection are one-pieces, but you can find a bikini if you look hard enough. Case in point: This ruffled bandeau-hipster combination from Tory Burch, which happens to be armed with UPF 50+ protection. It’s also made from fabric specifically designed to retain its shape after multiple wears, so it’s not going to fall apart on you after a single trip to the washing machine.

Buy the bottoms ($118)

chromat swimsuit

Chromat Tidal Back Zip One-piece Swimsuit

This wetsuit-inspired one-piece is Chromat’s colorful nod to Bond-girl chic. Aside from its UPF 50+ fabric, we love the contrast between the modest short sleeves and the sheer mesh chest inset. The back features a whole lot more mesh and an exposed zipper. It’s beyond fun and can easily be worn with denim shorts for post-beach dinner and drinks.

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