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Ideally, anytime it’s 90 percent humidity we should all be able to work from home—or from a Wi-Fi-enabled poolside cabana. But real life dictates that we still show up to the office looking somewhat presentable. Here are five tips for keeping cool without breaking the office dress code.

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Go for Loose Silhouettes

Put away the form-fitting sheaths until fall. The less fabric that comes in contact with your skin, the better. That means wide-leg culottes, blousy tops and tent dresses are your best friends for the next two and a half months. Keep everything polished by minimizing details that could read as “beachy” (think embroidery and fringed edges).

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Stick to Natural Fibers

Ever wonder why those dapper Florida retirees always wear linen suits? A) Because they’re the coolest, and B) because linen and cotton are hands down the most breathable fabrics. Synthetic rayon is also lightweight, but avoid it if you sweat more than average as it can prevent moisture from escaping. And skip any silk: Even though it’s natural, it shows sweat stains like nobody’s business.

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All Hail the Shirtdress

We’re pretty sure men are jealous that we get to wear what’s basically the equivalent of their work uniform sans pants. (To which we reply: Deal with it.)

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Wear All the Black You Want

What, you thought we were going to tell you not to wear dark colors? We wouldn’t dream of it—black is actually the perfect camouflage for pits that won’t quit. Stay away from gray knits, though, unless you want everyone to know when your deodorant wears off.

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Keep an Office Sweater on Hand

You never know when aggressive corporate AC will strike.

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