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watch fit rule
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So, you’ve decided to stop relying on your phone to check the time. Or, perhaps you’re just in need of replacing the worn-out watch you’ve rocked every day since the Obama administration. Regardless, we have one major rule when it comes to finding the right timepiece.

The face of your watch should be no more than two-thirds the width of your wrist.

Yes, we know, oversize watches are trendy and they look so cool. But unless you’re an aspiring rapper who’s going for major bling, you’ll want this accessory to look proportional on your frame.

This applies for watchfaces of all shapes—square, rectangle or circle. That said, if you’re dying to go with the oversize look, you’d do best to stick with circular. You should also know that leather and fabric straps appear slimmer than a metal bracelet watchband. So, you might find that swapping out the band is all you need to make things look more balanced on your wrist.

Got a particularly small wrist? Medium-sized watchfaces (about 32 to 36 mm in diameter) will probably work best for you. But if you have wider wrists, go ahead and test out those larger styles. You can handle it.

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