7 PureWow Editors & 1 Zoom Meeting: Here’s What We’re Wearing to WFH

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Like many people, PureWow staffers are working from home right now, which means we only get to see our coworkers from the shoulders up on Zoom calls. And because we’re kind of nosy, we were curious: What are our colleagues actually wearing while they WFH? From Harry Potter T-shirts to lots (and lots) of tie-dye, here’s what seven editors wore for a recent Zoom meeting.

11 Summer-Ready Tops for Every Type of Zoom Meeting

wfh outfits chelsea
chelsea candelario

1. Chelsea Candelario, Editorial Assistant

“I love graphic tees and I probably live in this one that I got as a gift in high school because I’m the biggest Harry Potter nerd. I’m also a huge fan of these gym shorts that I scored from Amazon and now own in every color.”

Get the look: Daydreamer T-shirt ($74); Champion gym shorts ($15)

wfh outfits kath
katherine gillen

2. Katherine Gillen, Food Editor

“My WFH outfit was built for utility: bike shorts allow me to work comfortably anywhere in my apartment (curled on the couch or at the ‘standing desk,’ aka a stack of books), the bandana does double duty as a mask if needed, and the T-shirt is plain, soft and inoffensive for Zoom calls (sorry, Bernie 2020 tee, not today). If you look closely, I’m also wearing an eyeglass chain, which is the least useful thing about the outfit because if I wore my glasses around my neck I couldn’t actually see???”

Get the look: Everlane top ($38); Tory Sport bike shorts ($68); Anthropologie bandana ($32)

wfh outfits taryn
taryn pire

3. Taryn Pire, Associate Food Editor

“My WFH outfit is always presentable on the top, comfy on the bottom. I usually wear leggings or joggers with a simple tee or blouse (I'm a sucker for stripes) and earrings, if I'm feeling fancy. The most essential WFH accessory I own is my blue light glasses. I used to get so many headaches from staring at my computer all day, but these made a huge difference. My other essential WFH accessory is my cat, who interrupts every single Zoom meeting I ever have."

Get the look: Levi's top ($15); Style & Co leggings ($25); Anthropologie blue light glasses ($89)

wfh outfits bri
brianna lapolla

4. Brianna Lapolla, Senior Commerce Editor

"Call me basic, but there's just something about tie-dye that instantly boosts my mood—especially when it's neon and personalized. I got this one from the cutest Etsy shop (BFFs & Babes) that makes their tie-dye to order in a bunch of different color combos and with personalization options. Some day in the far-off future, I'll be wearing this sweatshirt with actual jeans. But for now, it's bike shorts and no shoes, on repeat."

Get the look: BFFs & Babes sweatshirt ($70); Beyond Yoga bike shorts ($68)

wfh outfits kara
kara cuzzone

5. Kara Cuzzone, Assistant Commerce Editor

"Now that it's starting to get warmer, I've traded in my daily hoodie for a cropped tee. I'm currently obsessed with these ones from Outdoor Voices. They're 100 percent cotton and just boxy enough that I feel super comfortable, but don't look like I'm wearing a potato sack. I usually pair them with sweats or leggings (TBH, I haven't worn jeans since March), and today it's a pair of 90 Degree by Reflex leggings. They're so comfy that sometimes I forget I'm wearing pants. Highly recommend."

Get the look: Outdoor Voices T-shirt ($35); 90 Degree by Reflex leggings ($25)

wfh outfit abby
abby hepworth

6. Abby Hepworth, Associate Editor

"My quarantine style has evolved from wearing the same pair of Gap jeans and oversize blouses (à la the Olsen twins) everyday to now dressing like your uncle on vacation combined with a camp counselor. I think the shift has been largely influenced by a growing desire to take a trip literally anywhere. It’s been a lot of tropical print tops, DIY-looking beaded bracelets and a rotation of the same hiking shorts in three different colors. Yes, I own three pairs of these shorts but they’re truly the best shorts I’ve ever owned, hiking or not, and I love them deeply. I’ve also found that putting on jewelry, (including these super-bright, ’90s-inspired bracelets) makes me feel more put together and is so easy to do even if I skip the Hawaiian shirt in favor of my pajamas or a basic slip dress on those days when I can’t deal with something as complex and inhibiting as a zipper."

wfh outfits stief
maggie stiefvater

7. Sarah Stiefvater, Editor

“My normal wardrobe is 90 percent black, and my WFH wardrobe is…exactly the same. I’ve been living in sweatshirts and leggings, but now that it’s getting a little warmer, I’m swapping out some of my more wintery pieces for summer-friendly alternatives. These sweatshorts are next-level comfy, and this sweatshirt from Terez is light, supersoft and has the cutest, subtle star print. Oh, and I absolutely loathe being barefoot, so I like to wear comfy sneakers around the house. Don’t worry; these babies are solely (get it?) house shoes—they’ve never seen the light of day—so I’m not dragging germs all over the place.”

Get the look: Terez sweatshirt ($96); H&M shorts ($13); Converse sneakers ($55)

sarah stiefvater

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