9 Unexpected Engagement Ring Stones That Make a Stunning Case for Breaking with Tradition

So, you’re over the moon that you met your person, but the idea of a #basic ring leaves you yawning. Well, you’re in luck: We've discovered the trendiest stones on the scene that will allow you to find the ring that best fits your personality. Here, nine engagement stone trends for the non-traditional bride. (Or for even more ring inspiration and ideas, head straight to our Pinterest board.) 

Every Kind of Diamond Cut, Explained

non traditional engagement ring opal
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These iridescent stones bring depth and dimension to your ring and happen to play nicely with diamonds, too. Choose a halo setting and you get the best of both worlds. 

flower diamond wedding ring
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Diamond Florals

It may have started with K. Middy's cobalt stunner but with celebrities like Katy Perry following suit, it's safe to say that the ornate Victorian engagement trend of diamonds clustered like flowers is majorly back in vogue. 

pink sapphire engagement non tradional

Pink Sapphires

From royalty (see: Princess Eugenie’s peach-toned padparadscha rock) to Hollywood (see: Lady Gaga’s now-annulled petal pink sparkler), rose-hued sapphire gemstones are definitely having a moment. And we're not mad about it.

morganite non traditional ring
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These stones are loved for their blush hues, ample light refraction and durability. Morganite comes from the same mineral family as green emerald and aquamarine. 

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Pear-shaped Diamonds

So diamonds are your thing, but you want something outside the box--no solitaires or three-stone settings for you. Pear-shaped gems give you a unique silhouette with the stone you love (and are super flattering on fingers).  

Pear-shaped Morganite

Combine two of these trends--the warm rose tone of morganite with the curves of the pear--for one gorgeous mash-up.

Colored Stones

Indulge your creative side and go the full colorful route. Sapphires, rubies, yellow diamonds and emeralds give you a veritable rainbow of shades to choose from. 

Raw Diamonds

Try looking at diamonds in their more natural state. These less refined beauties have a character and charm that you won’t find in their traditional counterparts. 


These luminescent stones have an ethereal quality that really pops against the skin. Pair one with rose gold and a double band to set off the look. Plus we can almost guarantee yours will be one of a kind. 

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