Ah, wedding season. The perennial occasion when your fridge becomes a vessel for 9,000 save the dates and your closet starts to seem like a wasteland. You’ve worn everything ten times over and still have invites rolling in. To help, we wrangled up 13 outfit ideas that work for a wedding but that you’ve never actually thought to pull off.

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Pencil Skirt

1. A Pencil Midi Skirt and Lace Blouse

Keep the classic black numbers in the boardroom, but bust out a calf-length pastel style (and team with a sheer top) for a total wedding redux.

Black Peplum Top

2. Trousers and a Peplum Blouse

Pants? To a wedding? Yes, please! But again, we’re not talking about your nine-to-five office wear. You want a decidedly formal pair here. Make sure your pants are either culottes (bonus points if they’re satin) or wide-leg trousers that graze the floor.


3. A Jumpsuit

Speaking of pants, the little black jumpsuit is now the attire of choice for all future formal events. Trust us, it’s more than acceptable--it's fierce.

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Crop Top

4. A Crop Top and Full Skirt

Forget your preconceived notions of teenyboppers during festival season and team your top with a voluminous high-waisted skirt. It creates the illusion of a dress with the comfort and versatility of separates.

Dress with Flats

5. A Cocktail Dress and Flats

Yep--you can finally rock flats with formal wear. Word to the wise: It helps if they’re embellished or special in some way. Patent leather buckles, metallic accents or glitter will all do the trick.

Sundress and Booties

6. A Sundress and Booties

The key to making ankle boots work is structure (we’re not talking about your slouchy moto boots) juxtaposed with swing (as in, your twirliest frock).

Slip Dress

7. A Slip Dress and Sandals

Some things can stay in the ’90s where they came from (here’s looking at you, baby blue eye shadow). But we’re pretty excited about the return of the minimalist slip dress. Just go easy on the accessories--a delicate sandal is all you need to round it out.

Off the Shoulder

8. An Off-the-Shoulder Top and Midi Skirt

Another mega trend that you can (and should) bust out on the wedding circuit: a shoulder-baring blouse. It’s fancy, feminine and one of the most photogenic things you can wear.


9. A Slim-Cut Suit

The coolest girl at the party knows this secret: perfectly done is overdone. For this reason, try a tuxedo or pantsuit this season. Having pockets (aka a place for your hands…and lipstick) will immediately make you feel relaxed and at ease.

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