We’re About to See a Major Meghan Markle Style Transformation, According to a Fashion Expert

meghan markle style predictions

Now that Meghan Markle has officially stepped down from her royal duties, we want to know: How will this change affect her fashion choices going forward?

Fortunately, PureWow got some insight from fashion expert Caitlin Yacopetti. She said, “My prediction is that we’ll see Meghan choosing more casual pieces and opting for crisp, classic pieces like white button downs, denim jeans, striped knits, and subtle accessories to achieve a laid-back California-style while still remaining true to the elegance and timelessness that she exudes.”

The Stitch Fix stylist also said that Markle is likely to stick with neutral colors. She continued, “I’d expect to see her in a neutral palette, with a mixture of earthy tones and classic black and white colorways. As someone who loves high fashion looks as well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Meghan continue to wear standout designer pieces for more formal occasions.” 

Although it hasn’t been very long since Markle and her husband made their exit, there’s already been a visible change in her overall aesthetic, as we’ve seen in some of her virtual appearances. For instance, when she made her surprise Spotify appearance in February, her Citrus Primavera Peplum Hem Dress totally stole the show. And for part of her interview with Oprah, she wore a J. Crew olive-green jacket with denim. Yacopetti said, “Now that she’s reclaimed her independence, we’re seeing her return to her roots of a more quintessential, California-casual vibe.”

Even without the back-to-back royal events, we imagine that Markle’s style will continue to turn heads and, of course, inspire quite a few of our own outfits.

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