The 15 Best Maternity Winter Coats to Rock This Season

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Congratulations on being pregnant...and on needing a whole new wardrobe. Yes, motherhood will keep you on your toes, and the fun starts before the bun in your oven is even fully baked. On that note, let’s talk about that beloved winter coat you splurged on last year, but can no longer zip over your midsection. Better yet, let’s not. Instead, check out our list of the best maternity winter coats and find yourself a new (and legitimately stylish) cold-weather workhorse—because you know the temperatures are going to drop before that baby does.

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What to Look for in a Maternity Coat

Weight and material

Needless to say, the weather where you live will play a key role in determining what kind of maternity coat you would most benefit from buying. In colder temperatures, down-filled options provide maximum warmth, with polyester-fill puffers coming in a close (but decidedly sweatier) second. On the other hand, if winter temperatures in your neck of the woods are milder, lightweight wool-blend coats and hip-length faux shearling or fleece jackets should do the trick. It’s also wise to take into account how much room you have for layering—as slightly looser-fitting, lightweight styles can be real workhorses in any climate.


A utilitarian parka might not look great with an evening dress and a vintage boucle style may not fit your weekend out in Mother Nature aesthetic. Think about where you will be wearing your coat, and shop accordingly. If you need a jacket that does a little bit of everything, aim for a style that strikes the right balance between sophisticated and casual, and is neutral enough to be dressed up or down. And when talking style, we’d be remiss not to mention your ever-changing body. The most versatile outerwear options feature a convertible design that can grow with you and your bump and accommodate your postpartum figure, whether you have a baby strapped to your chest or not. Other winning choices include empire waist and belted styles with adjustable cinching potential, so you can find your waist at any stage of pregnancy.


Pregnancy is not a permanent condition—it’s really just 40 weeks of weird, give or take. With that in mind, you’d be wise to pay close attention to the price tag when picking a piece of maternity outerwear. (Unless, of course, you have money to burn, in which case we found a couple splurges that might float your boat.) It’s not just about the cost, though—as previously mentioned, convertible styles that can be worn from the first trimester to the fourth have the longevity advantage, and thus may be worth the heftier ticket price in the long run.

The Best Maternity Coats at a Glance

Best Maternity Winter Coats - A white woman with brown hair smiles at the camera. There are two side-by-side images of her wearing the same black winter coat with fur trimmed hood. In the left image she stands straight toward the camera with the jacket unzipped to reveal a black and white striped sweater. In the right image, the coat is zipped up and she appears to be holding an infant under the coat. In both images she wears black pants. The images are on a white backgorund.
  • Why We Love It: Large pockets, celebrity favorite brand, designed for pregnancy and beyond

You’ll be cozy and warm all winter in this stylish hooded parka from celeb-approved maternity brand Seraphine (it’s a Kate Middleton favorite, NBD), which features a waterproof exterior, generous pockets and an adjustable drawstring waist to ensure you don’t look like a shapeless blob. In fact, the detachable kangaroo panel means that this number will flatter your figure throughout every stage of pregnancy, from barely showing to about to pop, and even when you’ve graduated from baby growing to babywearing. In other words, you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck with this one.

Best Maternity Winter Coats - A white woman with brown hair wears a navy colored winter coat with a brown fur trim hood. She stands with her hands on her belly. The image appears on a white background.

Best Down Parka

2. Momo Maternity Cinch Waist Down Parka

Momo Maternity

  • Why We Love It: Empire waist, machine-washable, detachable hood

This parka boasts a luxurious 80 percent down filling and water-resistant shell with detachable hood and storm flap to keep you warm and dry in any weather. Plus, the adjustable empire waist will prevent you from looking like a sack of potatoes, both during and after pregnancy. Oh, and it’s machine-washable, too—but that’s just icing on the cake. Let’s just say this puppy wins serious points for both form and function.

Best Maternity Winter Coats - A white woman wears a black colored jacket with a brown fur trimmed hood. She holds a baby in inside the stomach area of the jacket.

Best Convertible Down Jacket

3. Modern Eternity Convertible Down 3-in-1 Maternity Jacket

Modern Eternity

  • Why We Love It: Machine-washable, super warm, designed for pregnancy and beyond

The price tag of this parka is a bit steep, but it’s a worthy investment if you can swing it. For starters, you won’t have to retire this one with the rest of your maternity wardrobe once the baby is born, since the front extender panel is both adjustable and removable. Yep, you can customize the fit to accommodate your growing bump, and then transform the coat into a regular piece of outerwear when you’re no longer carrying a bowling bowl in your belly. Plus, said panel can also be used with a baby carrier, and will afford you some privacy if you have to nurse your newborn while you’re out and about. Finally, the down and feather filling of this coat is mighty warm and, despite what the ticket price suggests, you can even skip the dry cleaners and opt for the washing machine when it gets scuzzy.

Best Maternity Winter Coats - A white woman wears a navy color Duffle coat with brown and white toggles. She holds a hand to her stomach over a baby bump. The image appears on a white background.

Best Duffle Coat

4. Kimi And Kai Paisley Wool Blend Duffle Coat

Kimi And Kai

  • Why We Love It: Available in three colors, large pockets, detachable hood

If you’re not in the market for something feather-filled and fluffy, we suggest you try this sharp-looking duffle coat on for size. The A-line silhouette of this wool blend coat will flatter your figure in the first trimester, while leaving plenty of room for a growing baby bump. Also, the design details (think: toggle closure and generous detachable hood) are très chic, so you certainly don’t need to worry about looking frumpy during the frigid months. Note: The consensus is that this style runs large...but having to size down during pregnancy isn’t exactly a bummer, is it?

Best Maternity Winter Coats - A white woman wears a black winter coat with a maternity fabric extender. The image is on a white background.

Best Wool Blend Coat

5. Modern Eternity 3-in-1 Wool Blend Coat

Modern Eternity

  • Why We Love It: Large pockets, available in three colors, designed for pregnancy and beyond

The sleek silhouette and dramatic stand collar on this wool blend beauty will make you look long and lean when you’re feeling anything but, and the full-length, nursing-friendly extender panel will serve you well throughout pregnancy and after, too. Bonus: This coat also gives you the option of removing the panel entirely, which means you can continue to rock this timeless look for, um, all of eternity (i.e., even when the postpartum period is in the rearview).

  • Why We Love It: Waterproof, affordable

The relaxed fit of this rain parka will accommodate your bump at every stage of pregnancy and its full length and showerproof finish promise to keep you dry from head-to-toe. If you’re looking for a stylish, wear-anywhere basic for the rainy season, this budget-friendly number fits the bill.

Best Maternity Winter Coats - A white woman with brown hair wears an olive green winter coat with a cream lining. It's got black zipper tassels. She wears black pants and stands with her hands at her sides in front of a white background.

Best Non-maternity Maternity Coat

7. Orolay Thickened Down Jacket


  • Why We Love It: Waterproof, super warm, versatile

Recognize this one? Well, that’s probably because this Orolay parka, popularly referred to as ‘the Amazon coat,’ has been a bestselling, internet sensation since 2018. This darling of the outerwear scene isn’t specifically a maternity coat, but the too-cool-for-school, oversized style leaves ample room for a baby bump and is 100 percent pregnancy-approved. Plus, it also features a fleece-lined hood, wind and waterproof exterior, and generous duck down filling—so basically, you and your unborn will be swaddled in a cocoon of coziness if you spring for this one.

Best Maternity Winter Coats - A white woman with blond hair smiles at the camera while tucking her hair behind her ear with one hand. She wears a black A-line winter coat with a high neck and large buttons. She stands in front of a white background.
  • Why We Love It: Large pockets, affordable, available in six colors

Excellent for plus-size and maternity needs alike, this roomy swing coat is feminine, soft to the touch and oh-so stylish. (We’re suckers for the funnel neck). There’s nothing too fancy happening here—just cozy fleece, a form-flattering shape, and deep pockets to keep your paws warm. That said, this option will get the job done this winter—and at a pretty unbeatable price to boot.

Best Maternity Winter Coats - A white woman with dark hair holds the collar to her coat and looks away from the camera. The puffer coat is a greige color and mid length with a maternity fabric extended. She wears black pants and stands in front of a white background.

Best 3-in-1 Puffer

9. Modern Eternity Cocoon Puffer Coat

Modern Eternity

  • Why We Love It: Machine-washable, waterproof, designed for pregnancy and beyond

The 3-in-1 design of the maternity panel on this polyester-filled puffer covers all the bases—including that awkward phase when your bump isn’t big enough for full-blown maternity wear but looks like serious bloat in regular clothes. (We know you know what we’re talking about.) Yep, this beauty will have you looking fabulous and feeling warm before, during and even after pregnancy, since it’s nursing and babywearing-friendly. The only catch? This coat is dry clean only—so, um, try to steer clear of spit up if you can.

Best for Mild Winters

10. New Look Maternity Borg Longline Shacket

New Look Maternity

  • Why We Love It: Large pockets, relaxed fit

Here, a cozy, placket-collar coat with a textured, shearling-like nap and swingy, nonchalant silhouette that flatters without looking fussy. Plus, this cute and casual shacket is super comfy, so there’s a good chance you’ll want to snuggle up in it post-baby, too. That said, this one wouldn’t be our first choice for, say, a blizzard—so keep your average winter temps in mind.

Best High Collar Coat

11. Kimi and Kai Mia High Collar Wool Blend Coat

Kimi and Kai

  • Why We Love It: Flattering waist, available in two colors, lightweight

This statement-making wool blend coat features an accommodating silhouette that’s designed for layering, a dramatic high collar that can be worn as a funnel neck or unzipped for more breathing room, and a belted waist that gives shape even when you’re about ready to burst. There are also deep slant pockets where you can warm your hands all winter (or stash the car keys you keep misplacing). Let’s just say this one is the perfect compromise between fashion and function.

Best Maternity Winter Coats - A woman with dark skin and brown hair wears a quilted black jacket and blue jeans. SHe holds her collar with one hand and stands in front of a white background.

Best Short Puffer

12. Ingrid & Isabel Grow With You Maternity Puffer Jacket

Ingrid & Isabel

  • Why We Love It: Machine-washable, available in two colors, shorter length

If you’ve seen one maternity coat with an extender panel, you’ve seen ‘em all. Here’s something a little unique—a puffer jacket that accomplishes the same goal, but with side zippers. (Because why not?) Yep, you can simply unzip the sides of this quilted, polyester puffer to give your growing baby bump a bit more breathing room. Plus, the shorter length of this winter warmer is totally trending right now.

Best for Glamour Girls

13. Emilia George Annabette Plush Maternity Coat

Emilia George

  • Why We Love It: Chic, large pockets

Style icons Marilyn Monroe and Margot Tenenbaum (AKA Gwyneth Paltrow) would swoon for this super plush coat—namely because it delivers a dose of glamor that pairs just as well with an evening dress as it does your favorite skinny jeans. That’s right, you can easily dress this one up or down for any occasion—a good thing given the price tag—and the luxe look is a far cry from the maternity marshmallow effect we all fear. The only downside is that extended time outside in freezing temperatures is likely not in the cards if you make this your go-to outerwear garment.

  • Why We Love It: Affordable, super warm

Not too keen on shelling out for clothes that fit your (temporary) maternity frame? We get it. That said, you’re still going to need to keep warm this winter. Enter: This steeply discounted number from Old Navy. The funnel neck, elasticized cuffs and knee-length silhouette of this polyester-fill puffer coat promise full body warmth, and you’d be hard pressed to find all that for a better price. (So, by all means, set those savings aside for your push gift fund.)

Best Extender Panel

15. Canada Goose Bump Extension Panel

Canada Goose

  • Why We Love It: Super warm, designed for pregnancy and beyond

You paid the big bucks for that Canada Goose parka, and it would be a crying shame to have to swap it for an inferior outerwear just ‘cause you’ve got a baby on board. The good news is that there’s a clever workaround for pregnant ladies—a rib-knit panel that’s designed to zip into the brand’s most popular styles (Trillium, Solaris, Dawson, Victoria and Shelburne) and boasts the same high-quality construction as the coats themselves. Best of all, this handy accessory can accommodate a third-trimester bump and a full-blown baby in a carrier, so you’ll be covered for the postpartum period, too.

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