19 Luxury Jewelry Brands You Should Know

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If you’re anything like us, one of your favorite pastimes involves scrolling through jewelry Instagram after a glass or two of wine, dreaming and plotting about how you can get your hands on those stunning gems. But even if that’s something you’ve never done, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with these 19 luxury jewelry brands, so that when you do decide to treat yourself to a new ruby-studded necklace or realize it’s about time your partner adds another diamond ring to your wedding stack, you know exactly where to turn. From the classic jewelry houses like Cartier and Chopard to some of the most daring designers of today (think Daniela Villegas and Jacquie Aiche), this list is sure to spark some high-end inspiration.

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luxury jewelry brands mateo

1. Mateo

Best Use of Pearls

Jeweler Matthew Harris is all about creating modern fine jewelry that’s actually affordable—but each Mateo creation is the stuff of your dreams. Like the brand’s now-signature Initials ring that’s a unique take on the signet concept; it appears to be a pavé letter of your choice, suspended behind a clear pane of quartz. Yeah, drool. Mateo’s calling card is unique silhouettes you won’t find elsewhere, including pearl earrings that look nothing like the classic studs you know and love.

luxury jewelry brands david yurman
David Yurman

2. David Yurman

Best for Cable Bracelets

Yup, the purveyor of the classic cable bracelet is still going strong. Founded by sculptor David Yurman and his wife Sybil in 1980, this New York brand is a total family business; the couple’s son Evan even designs baubles for the company. And while you can certainly shop the aforementioned cable detail in every iteration imaginable (from petite pavéd rings to initial pendants), there are some edgier pieces in the mix, including a few drop earrings that combine black onyx with diamonds. The latter is surely the creation of the youngest Yurman.

3. Suzanne Kalan

Best Use of Baguette-Cut Stones

We never thought there were so many unique combinations of baguette-cut stones possible, until we laid eyes on Suzanne Kalan’s range. Whether the petite stones are haphazardly parading around a band, crawling up your lobes or circling your wrist as a non-traditional tennis bracelet, they’re probably more unique than anything else in your jewelry box. Plus, Kalan has fun with colors, creating pastel creations or letting deep blue sapphires or fiery red rubies contrast with crisp diamonds. Plus, her price point is slightly more attainable than other brands on this list.

foundrae rings

4. Foundrae

Best Use of Symbolism

Per the Foundrae site: “The collection is founded on a lexicon of archetypal mythological and classical symbols with the intention of inspiring the wearer to take the wisdom passed down through generations and apply that to one’s own life.” That looks like an 18 karat gold and enamel cigar band that reads “fuerza” (which is strength in Spanish) and a medallion pendant necklace with an infinity symbol that reminds us all about karma. All that might sound heavily laden with significance but, trust, these are stunning everyday pieces that feel ebullient in execution.

5. Daniela Villegas

Best Natural Inspiration

Mexican designer Daniela Villegas’s collection of vibrant gems takes some of Mother Nature’s most enchanting creations and turns them into wearable art. And not the ones you’d expect; we’re talking chameleons, spiders, scarabs and even crabs. Recently, she even collaborated with Jurassic Park on, you guessed it, some dinosaur designs. But thanks to the designer’s penchant for mixing unexpected colors and choosing stone cuts that skew from the usual, these pieces never feel kitschy or costumey. They’re definitely the real deal.

luxury jewelry brands chopard

6. Chopard

Best for Collectors

Here’s another classic big jewelry house that’s been around forever. Since 1860, to be exact. Still, Chopard’s designs feel fresh and down-to-earth, with cute motifs such as fresh blooms, enamel hearts and nestled circles that create a spiral effect. While these are the kind of pieces you’d think of as heirlooms, they’re not quite the items worn by your grandmother back in the day. So yes, they’ll make a sound investment to wear now and forever.

luxury jewelry brands jacquie aiche
Far Fetch

7. Jacquie Aiche

Best Boho Vibe

No one does boho luxe quite like Jacquie Aiche. A fave of celebs including Rihanna and Gigi Hadid, this jeweler’s signature is chunky gemstones, Native American relics, with a touch of hammered gold, all finished off with a not-so-casual spray of diamonds. Not to be missed are her opal inlay designs, which bring stunning sunsets and other ‘70s-inspired vistas to life via unreal stones.

luxury jewelry brands john hardy
John Hardy

8. John Hardy

Best for Chains

Handcrafted in Bali since 1975, John Hardy jewelry mixes organic influences with a hint of glam, resulting in stunning pieces that are not intended to be saved for special occasions. As in, everything looks equally good with a white T-shirt and jeans as it does with your most formal work garb. You can’t go wrong with the brand’s Classic Chain (either as a necklace or a bracelet) but if you want to be daring with a dragon motif or unexpected with a bamboo detail and black sapphires, you can have that, too.

9. Retrouvai

Best Oversize Pieces

Canadian designer Kirsty Stone is the granddaughter of a costume designer and a collector of semi-precious jewels. Which totally explains why her fine jewelry shows an embrace of oversize silhouettes, mega stones, all wrapped up with a touch of humor. I.e., if it’s delicate pieces you’re after, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Among the brand’s most notable pieces are anything in the Lollipop range (like this watermelon tourmaline that’s been embedded into a pink opal and turned into a necklace) and the XO 14 karat gold earrings that feature polka-dots made of black onyx. And, of course, our absolute favorite: the tiered 14 karat gold signet ring that features a flying pig and is engraved with “anything is possible.”

luxury jewelry brands de beers
De Beers

10. De Beers

Best For Diamonds

If it’s diamonds you’re in search of—and high-quality ones, at that—De Beers is a great starting point. The brand has been known as “the home of diamonds” since 1888 and it helped the Gemological Institute of America create the first universal diamond grading system (which you probably know as the 4Cs). So whether you’re on the hunt for a unique diamond bracelet, an eternity band or a simple solitaire pendant, De Beers is all about creating the sparkle you can trust. In addition, they’re known for crafting the kind of majorly over-the-top pieces that boast over 100 carats of stones and would only be at home on the Oscars red carpet.

luxury jewelry brands repossi

11. Repossi

Best Modern Aesthetic

Sleek, clean lines and a minimal aesthetic is the Repossi vibe. Where other brands might rely on solitaire diamonds, this Parisian company is all about the pear-shaped stone, while their take on the stacking band is thin, angular and purposely off-kilter. And their lineup has always been known for a healthy selection of ear cuffs. While Repossi jewelry is certainly modern, it’s not too trendy that you’ll have to worry about it feeling stale in a few year’s time.

luxury jewelry brands tiffany and co
Tiffany & Co.

12. Tiffany & Co.

Best Range of Styles

You know and love Tiffany & Co.’s blue boxes. But this timeless jewelry house has undergone a cool reinvention over the past few years, not to mention, it’s now owned by top French luxury conglomerate, LVMH. That said, it’s not just the place to go for the sterling silver Return to Tiffany necklaces you used to lust over as a teen (though those are still on offer). Instead, let us direct you to Tiffany HardWear, where the aesthetic is minimal, crisp and—yes—definitely cool. Or even the Tiffany T range, that’s all about sharp angles and clean lines.

luxury jewelry brands spinelli kilcollin
Spinelli Kilcollin

13. Spinelli Kilcollin

Best Stacked Rings

You’ve probably seen a stack of interconnected rings from this Los Angeles-based jewelry company. Known as the Galaxy ring, it’s become a hero product from the husband-wife designer duo behind Spinelli Kilcollin. What sets it apart from other stacks out there? Each stack is connected by a series of tiny connector rings, allowing it to be worn on multiple fingers at once—and making it so you’ll never lose a band from the set. Studded with pearls, featuring a mix of metals or a few different colored diamonds, there’s truly a stack for everyone. (FYI, it’s not all rings; Spinelli Kilcollin also makes some great hoop earrings and chain necklaces that don’t need charms to stand out.)

luxury jewelry brands cartier

14. Cartier

Best Status Symbol Pieces

From the Love bracelet that has to be screwed on your wrist (and removed in the same manner) to the Juste un Clou range that has turned the humble nail into a luxe must-have, Cartier has certainly cemented its status as a trendy but timeless jewelry house. Not to mention, their timepieces have become an undeniable status symbol, too.

luxury jewelry brands cvc stones
CVC Stones

15. Cvc Stones

Best One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Yes, those are, indeed, pebbles with gemstones set into their natural face. And that’s what CVC Stones is all about. Founder (and former financier) Charlie de Viel Castel started the company after his grandmother passed away and left him a loose diamond. He had the stone embedded in a rock and the rest, as they say, is history. With earthy undertones but still rather glam, these handcrafted necklaces and rings—which can feature a squiggle of sparkle or a simple three-stone motif—are all truly one-of-a-kind. You know, since no two pebbles are exactly the same.

luxury jewelry brands fernando jorge
Fernando Jorge

16. Fernando Jorge

Best Sculptural Silhouettes

Is it a chandelier earring? Or is it a work of art? These are often the questions we have to ask of ourselves when looking at Fernando Jorge designs. Because they’re that sculptural and have an innate fluidity to them. The eponymous designer works closely with craftsmen in his native São Paulo on pieces that range from everyday rings that pack a colorful punch to a starburst cuff that’s begging to be paired with a black tie gown.

luxury jewelry brands stephanie gottlieb
Stephanie Gottlieb

17. Stephanie Gottlieb

Best Bangles

Meet the Instagram queen of jewelry and rainbows. Seriously, if you haven’t given @Stephaniegottlieb a follow, you’re really missing out. While Gottlieb is definitely an expert when it comes to all things diamonds, as her bridal offering includes an extensive selection of bands and engagement rings, there are a few other fun styles from the brand that you’ll want to see. Like the SG Fine slider bangles, that can be personalized in any way you want.

18. Lorraine Schwartz


If her name sounds familiar, that’s because Lorraine Schwartz is known as *the* jeweler to the A-list. We’re talking Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian level. But despite her clear influence in Hollywood, Schwartz is based out of New York and creates baubles that even you and I could wear. Like a simple 18K gold triangular pendant dotted with diamonds, a rose gold tennis bracelet that features diamond-encrusted smiley faces or a slim white gold cuff with a simple, single evil eye made of blue enamel. However, the jeweler’s megawatt gems are not available online—you’ll have to make an appointment to shop for massive pieces, just like Hollywood royalty.

luxury jewelry brands cat
Irene Neuwirth

19. Irene Neuwirth

Most Colorful Gems

Feminine and colorful but never twee or too delicate, Irene Neuwirth’s gems always boast a shock of color that’s surprisingly wearable. We’re talking about hand carved aquamarine studs that are far from basic, chunky green chrysoprase beads that could dress up even a grey sweatshirt and a chain necklace that features hearts instead of links (aw!). If you have the chance, seeing Neuwrith’s stones in person is definitely worth the trip...just be warned that you probably won’t be able to hold back from the watermelon tourmaline drop earrings.

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