Let’s face it, your underwear drawer is looking sort of sad lately: There are bikinis that have holes in the crotch and thongs that are hanging on by a thread (literally). Your bra collection isn’t doing much better, either. Yep, your intimates are in need of a major refresh. The solution? One of these lingerie subscription boxes. It’s a genius way to get the good stuff delivered to your door, with something for every style, taste and occasion.


Adore Me

1. Adore Me Lingerie Subscription Box

This monthly lingerie subscription arrives with three complete sets—including everything from special occasion skivvies and sexy swimwear to breathable undergarments and PJs you’ll be happy to lounge around in on a low-key afternoon. The selection is carefully curated by a stylist, based not only on the preferences you share at sign-up but also the ongoing feedback you provide after receiving each shipment. Of course, the cost of this option is a little steep, but at the end of the day you are paying for the customization—and when it comes to intimate wear that kind of makes sense.

Buy it (from $140 per box)


2. CrateJoy My Panty Pack Subscription Box

In this fan favorite you get two pairs of panties per month, which is not only an easy solution to the I-haven’t-done-laundry problem, but also something of a self-care treat, since the skivvies on offer are decidedly sexy. This subscription puts an emphasis on both quality and comfort, so you can count on undergarments that feel nice enough that you won’t be dying to take them off immediately (but look alluring enough that someone else might want to).

Buy it (from $18 per month)

Express Mimi

3. Express Mimi: The Empress Box

If you’re looking for a racier lingerie subscription then the Empress box from Express Mimi will be right up your alley. (Hint: You won’t find your standard T-shirt bra and pair of cotton undies in this monthly care package.) Each box includes one oh-so sexy lingerie set, along with an assortment of other accessories—jewelry, kimonos, garter belts, stockings—that will make you feel like queen of the boudoir. Bottom line: This monthly subscription box basically breaks the sexy meter.

Buy it ($100 per month)

Bootay Bag

4. Bootay Bag Subscription

Bootay Bag gets rave reviews from happy subscribers, who report that the contents of these monthly boxes always scores high on both style and comfort. We love that Bootay Bag gives customers plenty of options, offering a wide variety of plans that allow you to get what you need—no more, no less. Depending on the plan you sign up for, you will receive either one, two or four pairs of new panties per month, and all the plans allow you to spring for an equally cute limited edition feature for an additional charge, if you so choose. In other words, this subscription allows you to refresh your underwear drawer in a way that suits your budget, with a chance to treat yourself from time to time, too.

Buy it (from $10 per month)

The Lingerie Box

5. The Lingerie Box Monthly Subscription

The expert stylists at the Lingerie Box know a thing or two about how to find the perfect fitting bra for any body type, and the proof is in the pudding (i.e., the carefully curated lingerie care packages they ship off to subscribers each month). If you choose to sign up, you’ll receive $75 worth of swag each month, and enthusiastic customers report that items are always tasteful, beautiful and picked for a perfect fit that feels like second skin. Before you receive your first box, you’ll need to take a short quiz so the stylists have the information they need to create your dream package. While The Lingerie Box has an impressive track record, you might also be relieved to know that you can get a replacement box if you receive anything that’s not quite right...and return shipping is free.

Buy it ($50 per month)

The Enclosed

6. The Enclosed Monthly Knicker Subscription

If designer lingerie makes you weak in the knees, this monthly delivery will bring you to your happy place (and quick). You can test out the Enclosed monthly subscription box by signing up for a month-to-month plan, or dive right in with a 3, 6 or 12-month recurring plan. Either way, you’re guaranteed to receive some seriously luxurious lingerie—feminine, flirty and only from premium brands. Best of all, this box is one of the most customizable options on the list: The Lingerie Box allows subscribers to choose what styles—bras, panties, teddies, robes, loungewear, chemises—they want delivered at any given time, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with something you’d never really wear.

Buy it ($55 per month)

Burgundy Fox

7. Burgundy Fox Lingerie Subscription

Pick and choose between bras and panties; nightgowns and teddies; or simply opt for a monthly surprise. Either way, you will receive a box packed with $79 worth of premium lingerie, plus an extra self-care item (think: scented candle, organic lube or even a free pair of lace undies). Subscribers say the items are always well-made, flattering and just plain pretty. A Burgundy Fox subscription is like a confidence boost in a box—and it will certainly give you something to look forward to at the start of each month. (Hint: We have a feeling you’ll want to renew when the three months is up.)

Buy it (from $73 per month)


8. CrateJoy Monthly Skivvies Subscription Box

Get the best of both worlds with this monthly Skivvies subscription box, which includes two pairs of underwear with each delivery—one pair of performance panties for ultimate comfort and casual wear, and a second pair you’ll want to set aside for sexier occasions. Equal parts practical and luxurious, this subscription is a no-brainer for anyone whose underwear collection has seen better days across the board.

Buy it (from $17 per month)


9. Underclub Signature Subscription Box

The Signature Plan from Underclub serves up one to two pairs of panties each month, valued between $18 and $28 a piece. The styles are fancy, sexy and downright fun to wear, since comfort is always a key consideration when it comes to what goes in your monthly care package. This subscription box is an excellent and affordable way to slowly replace your old, beat up undies with something far better...without breaking the bank.

Buy it (from $15 per month)

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