Corduroy Is Trending: Here’s How to Wear It and Not Look Like an Extra on ‘That ’70s Show’

One of our favorite trends from last month’s NYFW really surprised us: corduroy. We know what you’re thinking: Didn’t we try that in high school to pretty terrible effect? Yes. Yes, we did. But the corduroy of today is way more wearable and stylish than it was back then. Don’t believe us? Check out the following six outfits and reconsider.

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A Knee-length Skirt With A Turtleneck And Pumps

Introducing your fall work uniform. An A-line skirt in corduroy (with cute little buttons down the front) is infinitely more interesting—but just as appropriate—as the same silhouette in wool or tweed. After hours, swap out the turtleneck and pumps for a slouchy sweater and white sneakers.

Get the look: Cimarron skirt ($70); J.Crew turtleneck ($30); Marc Fisher LTD pumps ($112)

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The Material Girl

Skinny Pants With Ankle Boots And A Fringed Sweater

Speaking of weekends, think of tight cord pants as a fun alternative to skinny jeans. Style them exactly as you would your skinnies and marvel at how an unexpected texture breathes new life into your tried-and-true sweater-plus-booties combination.

Get the look: AG pants ($188); BP. boots ($100); Moon River sweater ($73)

Bell-bottoms With A Chunky Knit

OK, we know corduroy plus flares is, like, the epitome of '70s style, but paired with an oversize sweater, the look is thoroughly modern. To avoid being swallowed by all the fabric up top, half-tuck the sweater to give yourself a silhouette.

Get the look: Paige Denim bell-bottoms ($111); Zara sweater ($16)

A Miniskirt With High Boots

How to wear a short skirt as it gets colder? With knee-high boots, of course. A mini becomes unexpectedly modest when you can only see a tiny sliver of skin between your skirt and tall boots. Then, keep things simple up top with a neutral—and warm—sweater. 

Get the look: Gap skirt ($40); Sam Edelman boots ($200)

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High-waist Trousers With A White Tee

If you can find this exact cut (in hot pink)—and feel confident enough to rock it—we commend you. But we’re also on board with taking the general feel of this outfit and toning it down via a more neutral color.

Get the look: Vanessa Bruno trousers ($400); Everlane tee ($16)

how to wear corduroy bomber jacket
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A Bomber Jacket With A Denim Mini

Have you ever seen a chicer duo? Tossed over a classic jean skirt-white top ensemble and topped off with equally trendy white shoes, a corduroy bomber is the perfect blend of throwback and forward-thinking.

Get the look: A.P.C. jacket ($425); Madewell skirt ($85)

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