We know, we know—what on earth does your couch have to do with what you wear to work? But the two are more akin than you might think, and few people are a better example of this than interior designer and home decor expert Kelly Wearstler. Dive right in and explore Wearstler’s closet firsthand thanks to our favorite wardrobe organizing app, Finery, to see just how much her work and wardrobe influence one another for one cohesive vibe that is 100 percent her. Here’s how to get her unique looks.

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kelly wearstler standing on a vintage couch

Apply your decor mantras to style and vice versa

If you always add a third piece to your outfits, do the same in your living room and add a third decor piece to your side table for a more polished touch. Conversely, if you love the look of your chrome kitchen with pastel accents, try wearing lavender with muted silver (here’s looking at you, lavender KitchenAid mixer). In Wearstler’s case, it’s all about mixing and matching favorite prints while ignoring any preconceived rules—“I love to mix prints in clothing and interiors. Always be fearless when it comes to mixing prints. It’s emotional, there’s no real formula—you just know what's right.”

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Build Mini Wardrobes Around Your Favorite Items

You’re completely obsessed with your red velvet armchair because it’s beautiful and cushy, and you just had to have it. That’s exactly why you paired next to it that antique side table and stack of rose-colored coffee table books, creating a nook that best complements the chair. Carry this mentality over to your wardrobe and use your most beloved items as a starting point. The end game is to curate small collections of clothes around the pieces you love most, so that you always have multiple ways to show off your favorite items. “Intuition and psychology can play a large part in the design process,” says Wearstler. In other words, you love that jacket for a reason, so optimize your closet in such a way that you can wear the hell out of it.

kelly wearstler using her couch for sartorial inspiration

Use Your Upholstery to Inspire Textures and Colors

You don’t need to wear stripes just because your couch has stripes, but you can use it as a launching point for outfit inspiration. Try to look at the patterns, colors and fabrics in your living room through a fashion lens. For example, when Wearstler looks at the cream and white pattern of her sofa, she sees a theme of neutrals, including silver and white. Then, she translates the rough linen material to a pair of tough jeans with a raw hem in her look that day. Take the bigger themes of your furniture and run with them.

kelly wearstler poses with a geometric lamp

Mimic Your Most-Loved Accent Pieces as Closely as Possible

“When I buy art and clothing, I always look for something that is raw yet refined, soulful, modern, and sexy,” says Wearstler. Take it a step further and try to recreate the exact shape or color of your favorite home decor into your getup. If you’re obsessed with your draping red throw blanket, drape a red scarf over your shoulder in a similar manner for an updated twist on accessory styling. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

To shop Wearstler’s closet and learn more of her styling tips, check out her digital wardrobe on Finery.

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