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How the World’s Most Fashionable Women Combat Those ‘I Have Nothing to Wear’ Mornings
Timur Emek/Getty Images

We all have those days when we roll out of bed, open our closet doors and then stand there staring for 15 minutes, cursing that we have nothing to wear. The problem isn’t that you’re terrible at shopping. It could just be that you’re looking at a mish-mosh of colors and fabrics and you can’t even tell what’s in there. 

Have no fear, because PureWow and Finery are teaming up to solve that problem by letting you snoop around—and shop—some of the world's most fashionable closets. 

On our new shopping section, you'll be able to peek inside the wardrobes of Rachel Zoe, Brooklyn Decker, Rebecca Minkoff and Margherita Missoni (just to name a few baller fashion ladies) and not only see what's currently hanging in their homes but decide for yourself if you also need an amazing gold fringe jacket like Zoe is wearing right now. (Psst, you do.)

Once you've poked around these enviable closets (and maybe even shopped the pieces these gals love most), you can pop over to Finery to update your own digital closet and get a true bird’s-eye view of your wardrobe.

Happy shopping, ladies!

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