There’s a reason great minds like Steve Jobs and Grace Coddington like to sport the same thing every day: It saves time and brainpower when deciding what to wear. But you don’t have to go out and buy 20 of the exact same turtleneck to embrace the approach. Just ask Kate Davidson Hudson, the cofounder and CEO of Editorialist, whose wardrobe is packed with an array of pieces that all follow the same silhouette but still feel fresh. One peek inside her closet, courtesy of the wardrobe-organizing experts at Finery, and we’re officially on board with trying our hand at uniform dressing.

Here are Kate’s and Finery’s best tips for keeping your daily uniform interesting and stylish.

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Find a Look That’s Flattering

Start with the obvious: Determine which silhouettes complement your body shape and make you feel most comfortable. Not sure where to start? Think about the outfits you toss on when you’re running late and have no time to think. They’re likely composed of items that you can wear with unwavering confidence.

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Stock Up On Similar (But Not Identical) Items

Uniform dressing does not mean wearing the same exact pair of pants every single day (and thank God for that). Look for pieces that share the same cut but have interesting elements that set each item apart, like variations in color, button placement or hem detailing.

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Make Your Uniform Work For All Seasons

One of the best parts of having a standby style is knowing that it will work every day, no matter what Mother Nature has in store. That means including some items made with warmer fabrics (like a pair of wool or cashmere pants), as well as some that will still be comfortable on even the hottest, most humid days of the year (like our dear friend summer linen).

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Let Loose and Have Some Fun

Once you know that everything in your wardrobe will look as flattering as your old go-to favorites, you can feel free to mix and match just about everything to create an endless number of fabulous looks.

Want to see more of Hudson’s impeccable style? Check out her wardrobe and shop her most-loved staples on Finery.

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