The 5-Second Trick to Looking Thinner in a Blazer

When you think about flattering clothes, blazers aren’t typically in the mix. Vertical stripes? Certainly. Belted dresses? You bet. But there is a way to lighten up your menswear workhorse. Are you ready? Roll the sleeves. Exhibit A:

Why? We’re glad you asked. Your wrist and lower forearm area are the slimmest parts of your arm. When you have structure around the shoulders and a hemline that might not hit your favorite spot, a delicate cuff can totally transform your confidence. 

If your blazer was made with cropped sleeves, great. If not, roll ‘em up like supremely chic PureWow Coterie member Monroe Steele. (This also goes for tops.) 

With visual tricks like this, who even needs the gym?

sarah stiefvater

Wellness Director

Sarah Stiefvater is PureWow's Wellness Director. She's been at PureWow for ten years, and in that time has written and edited stories across all categories, but currently focuses...