20 Fashion Brands You Might Be Mispronouncing

From Louboutin and Hermès to Zara and Lululemon

Fancy French designers: You expect them to throw you for a loop. But when some of your shopping-mall staples (like Uniqlo and Zara) betray you with an overly complicated (or perhaps super simplified) pronunciation, it makes you want to shop only at stores like Gap or the Limited. Here, 20 fashion brands you might be mispronouncing.

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The wrong way: Her-mez
The right way: Air-maze
As in: The trademark silk scarves (and leather goods) are air-maze-ing.

Christian Louboutin

The wrong way: Chris-chan Loo-boo-tin
The right way: Kreest-yahn Loo-boo-tahn
You know, those (impossibly) high-heeled, red-soled shoes on all your favorite celebs.


The wrong way: Zah-rah
The right way: Dzah-dah
Everything we’ve ever known is a lie.

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The wrong way: Joy-ee
The right way: Zjwah
You sort of have to say it with jazz hands.



The wrong way: Mayje
The right way: Mahj
Valley girl, no. French girl, yes.


Ralph Lauren

The wrong way: Ralph Lore-EN
The right way: Ralph LAU-ren 
Everyone only thinks he makes it fancy. (He doesn't.)


The wrong way: Ack-knee
The right way: Ahk-nay
You had acne as a teenager. You have minimalist raincoats as an adult.

Miu Miu

The wrong way: Mee-you mee-you
The right way: Mew mew
You know, like a cat.


The wrong way: Mar-chez-ah
The right way: Mar-kay-sah
Aka every wedding dress you’ve ever pinned.

Monique Lhuillier

The wrong way: Mo-neeq Luh-lee-air
The right way: Mo-neeq Loo-lee-ay
The dreamy brand responsible for the other half of your #weddingdressgoals.

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Elie Saab

The wrong way: Eh-lee Sob
The right way: Ee-lee Sahb
You’ll sahb when you see the price tag on one of these red-carpet faves.


Manolo Blahnik

The wrong way: Mah-no-lo Blah-neek
The right way: Muh-no-lo Blah-nick
Um, did you not watch Sex and the City?


The wrong way: Roh-dart
The right way: Roh-dar-tay
Hey, if it’s good enough for Emma…


The wrong way: Vare-sah-che
The right way: Vur-sah-chee
That would be Ms. Vur-sah-chee herself with Jenny from the block.

Comme Des Garcons

The wrong way: Com Dez Gar-konz
The right way: Cohm-day-gar-sohn
And here you thought those cute little hearts were for kids.



The wrong way: You-nick-low
The right way: You-knee-chlo
Long live walls of sweaters.



The wrong way: Ahh-di-das
The right way: Ah-dee-das
Put more emphasis on the “dee” and less on the “ah.”


The wrong way: Sah-cone-ee
The right way: Sock-a-knee
Knees, joints, running, shoes…whatever it takes to remember things.



The wrong way: Loo-loo-lem-on
The right way: Loo-loo-leh-mon
Emphasize on the first “lu” and not the “on.”

Mike Coppola/Getty Images


The wrong way: Beh-beh
The right way: Bee-bee
Raise your hand if you had one of those bedazzled logo shirts as a confused tween/teen/young adult.

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