5 Fashion Trends That Are Officially Out of Style

What to send to storage, stat

Look, we know you’re a savvy dresser and like to invest in timeless classics. But, like any red-blooded American woman, you also probably spring for the occasional fleeting fad. So as you do a little fall shopping this month, make room by donating (or storing) the five following pieces. 

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Pleated Maxi Skirts

She had a good run in 2012. And her metallic cousin is hitting it big this autumn. But those plain-hued polyester micro-pleats have officially overstayed their welcome.

Tulip Midi Skirts

Ah, the blogger’s best friend. A nipped waist in heavy satin is never not gorgeous (thanks, Dior), but unfortunately the Internet caused this ’50s-inspired piece to burn a little too bright. Keep yours in storage, though, for the inevitable comeback in a few years.

Polished and Pink

Layered Pearl Necklaces

Pinterest’s favorite fall outfit: plaid shirt + sweater + statement necklace. (Quilted vest, blanket scarf and Pumpkin Spice optional.) Modernize your apple-picking look by taking away at least one element—the pearl necklace, for starters. And then swap in some dainty chains and a pair of wire-rimmed glasses for a fresh take.

Platform Pumps

For 2016 (and the foreseeable future), it’s all about the single sole—a delicate, low-to-the-ground shape often in a pointed silhouette. Any expensive platforms you may have bought (Loubs, eh?) can go into storage; anything cheap and clunky should go into the Goodwill bin.

Shapeless Leather Totes

Madewell, J.Crew, Cuyana…they all made a damn good bag: that grocery-tote shape in unlined leather with zero frills. You could stuff anything in that baby. And, oh, did we. So much so that we now need a palate cleanser in the form of structured satchels and pared-down crossbodies. (You can still totally travel with your tote, though.) 

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