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Nobody could have predicted that a pandemic would force us to ditch most of our wardrobe for sweats and leggings, so how are we supposed to know which fall trends are actually worth buying, now that the world is slowly reopening? We turned to Randi Rahm— the fashion designer and couturier responsible for red carpet looks worn by Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Mariah Carey—to weigh in on the trends that we'll actually want to wear this September. In fact, Rahm got so real with us, she also shared two trends that we’ll be ditching (no regrets!), even though they were all over the runways. If you’re tired of asking yourself “What the heck should I even buy this fall?” sit back, grab your credit card and get ready to click “add to cart.”

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nap dress fall trend
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

1. Keep: The Nap Dress

Yep, you read that right. The ease of one-piece dressing has joined forces with our favorite pastime: napping. “In a time where so much is uncertain, people want to feel at peace and relaxed in their clothing,” Rahm says, granting us permission to lounge on the couch for hours at a time in a cute, comfy frock. But before you reach into your dresser to pull out your old nightgown, here are a couple of chic variations that you can actually leave the house in. To make them fall-ready, simply seek out long sleeve styles or those that can be easily layered under a chunky knit sweater or leather jacket.

Get the look: Lovefool dress ($74); Hill House Home dress ($110); Enzo Costa dress ($264); Sensi Studio dress ($420); Merlette dress ($420)

utility fall trend
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

2. Keep: Functional Fashion

Leaving the house but have nowhere to store your hand sanitizer and extra mask? Yeah, suffice it to say that everything looks different this fall, including what we expect from our clothing. Which might explain why utility—think: convertible styles, lots of pockets—is reigning supreme. But the desire for functional pants and tops goes beyond just extra storage space; “Our leisurewear needs to also function as our at-home professional wear,” Rahm reminds us. So, if you're curious about cargo pants, now's the time to give them a try.

Get the look: Melidress pants ($33); Levi's pants ($108); Joe's Jeans skirt ($168); Paige boilersuit ($269); Givenchy jacket ($1,555)

escapism fall trends
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

3. Keep: Escapism By Any Means Necessary

Rahm has noticed that our style overall has become less structured and all the uptight tailoring from last year is no longer be a priority. That’s where the escapism trend comes into play, pulling light, carefree inspiration from boho vibes and jetset lifestyles. Think: Lightweight fabrics such as linen (yes, you can wear it until at least November), free flowing dresses that are far from constricting and silhouettes that allow utmost mobility. Because even if it’s knit from cashmere, it can still bring you right back to the beach vacation you took two years ago.

Get the look: Bobi pants ($97); Free People dress ($168); Brodie Cashmere wrap ($411); Nancyboo dress ($584; $429); Temperley London kimono ($1,750)

knitwear fall trends
Raimonda Kulikauskiene/Getty Images

4. Keep: All Knit Everything

“More and more, people will be gravitating towards feel-good, comfortable fabrics, like knits,” Rahm points out, confirming that we are allowed to stay away from actual waistbands for the foreseeable future. From matching knitwear sets to cozy sweater dresses, there’s no question that knits will definitely be making some frequent appearances well into the colder months. And, with so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a few pieces that will effortlessly transition from bed to brunch.

Get the look: Billie the Label sweater dress ($188; $35); Sollinarry knit set ($39); 1.State sweater ($60); Majorelle jumpsuit ($195); Totême knit pants ($260)

retire tailored clothing
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

5. Retire: Tailored Clothing

As mentioned above, tailored clothing is on sabbatical. At least for now. When many facets of life feel uncertain, as they do in this very moment, people tend to lean into more comfortable, versatile pieces. “This was the inspiration for my new "At-Leisure collection, which is full of pieces that will make you look good and feel bettershares Rahm. Despite the major shift towards casual everything, Rahm notes that we can expect to see an embrace of "upscale" takes on casual bottoms, such as silk sweatpants.

retire sequins
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

6. Retire: Metallics and Sequins

From Bottega Veneta’s full-length sequin dresses to Versace’s shimmery blazers, the runways were loaded with glitz, glam and lots of glitter. Even though there will always be a place in our hearts for all that sparkle, we’re leaving those looks for the red carpets (even if they're virtual). “In traditional red carpet style, we'll have celebs that don dreamy, luxurious clothing that creates a fantasy. I think so many of us are craving that,” claims Rahm, “fashion is a form of escapism, and if we can't go out and look camera-ready, somebody should!” So, no shame if the highlight of your September is laying in bed, living vicariously as you scroll through a gallery of J. Lo’s award-season looks from the past 20 years.

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