5 Eyewear Trends We're Excited to Try Now

For a long time, glasses were more of a necessity than an accessory. But with celebrities like Rashida Jones and Mindy Kaling rocking oversize frames on the reg (and fashion runways sending down armies of models in ’70s-inspired specs), they’ve become super trendy over recent years. Here, the five styles we’re (ahem) seeing everywhere.

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Invisible Frames

Clear frames are a study in (wonderful) contradiction. They add a subtle but distinct edge to any outfit. They’re slightly retro yet modern at the same time. And because they have no color to them, you can match them to anything in your wardrobe.

Round Frames

The key to rocking a pair of circular frames (without looking costume-y) is to keep them on the thinner side and balance the roundness of the lens with sharper details like pointy corners on the edges of the rims or a straight bridge across the nose.

A Subtle Cat Eye

Just dramatic enough, a cat-eye frame is particularly flattering on square-shaped or wider faces as they help to balance things out. Try them in a fun hue like burgundy to really pop against your skin—or play it on the safer side with a tortoiseshell or black pair. 

Optical Aviators

Perhaps the trendiest frames of the moment (Brooklyn is crawling with them), this retro style is much more flattering than you’d think. The dainty wire rims accentuate pretty much any face shape.

Thick Square Frames

And if wire-framed aviators are the trend of the moment, then a pair of bold, square frames are timeless. Seriously, we’ve been wearing ours for the last six years and they still look current (you know, in our humble opinion). 

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