8 Foolproof Style Tips for Women Who Wear Glasses

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There was a time when wearing glasses was more dorky than chic. In fact, we vividly remember the pure elation we felt when we first switched to contact lenses. But as we’ve gotten older (and, honestly, busier), we find ourselves reaching for our frames more often. Here, some helpful tips on what goes best with your trusty specs.

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Keep Your Earrings Small (but Don't Skip Them Altogether)

Anything long, dangly or statement-making will compete with your frames and--eep--overwhelm your face. Instead, stick to daintier pieces that will add just a touch of polish without being too distracting. You want your glasses to be seen as a purposeful accessory--not a just-rolled-out-of-bed mistake. And sparkly little studs will help bring it all together, delicately.

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Coordinate Jewelry Metals To The Color Of Your Glasses

Usually we're all up for some fun fashion mismatching, but when it comes to glasses, you should be mindful of color coordination. (Since, you know, your face is involved.) For example, if you have brown or tortoise frames, keep with gold jewelry. If you have silver, clear or cool-toned glasses, stick to silver or stones. But! If you have black specs, anything goes.

Downsize Any Other Accessories

Like your floppy hat, which already covers a good amount of your face, or flashy hair accessories, which can look a little too busy. Instead stick to smaller-brimmed hats that sit off your face (say, a fedora) and sleeker hair accessories (maybe just a simple barrette) to keep locks out of the way. This is true for both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

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Dress It Up A Little

While we love an oversized sweater and comfy leggings as much as the next girl, there’s something about wearing them with glasses that makes us feel like we’re studying for our midterms…as opposed to running a major meeting at the office. Keep at least one element of your ensemble on the dressier side (like a fitted jacket or a pair of pointed flats) to stay polished.

Skip The Black Eyeliner And Heavy Shadows

And opt for a navy liner and light shadow instead. Black wings can read a bit harsh when magnified by your glasses. But a deep blue will define your eyes just the same, while brightening up the whites. Pair with a sweep of rose-gold eye shadow on your lids and you’re good to go.

Conceal Strategically

Focus on areas that are in closest proximity to your frames--so under your eyes, on your cheeks and around the nose. If you typically use a cream concealer, switch to a liquid formula. Creams have a higher tendency to crease and migrate (usually to the nose pads of your glasses).

Apply Mascara At The Roots Only

And ease up on the tips. Swipe on your first coat as you normally would. Then, for your second coat, wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes and pull out--not up through the lashes. This way you get more pigment at the roots, thus framing your eyes. (You’ll also be less likely to have your lashes poke the insides of your frames all day.)

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Go Bold With Lips

Red, pink, coral--whatever your preference--layer it on liberally. A pop of bright color on the lips helps to balance out a heavy frame and, again, keeps the overall look from feeling “lazy.” Even if you’re not much of a lipstick wearer, a simple nude gloss will do.

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