Meghan Markle and Angelina Jolie Are Both Fans of These Everlane Flats, So I Put Them to the Test

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Abby Hepworth for PureWow
  • Comfort: 20/20
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TOTAL: 92/100

Ballet flats have been steadily growing in popularity for a few years now, and while there are now many options far more supportive and chic than my old go-tos of the early aughts, there is one pair I keep seeing with greater regularity than almost any other. The Everlane Day Mary Jane Flats ($158) have popped up on my feed countless times, but I’ve also seen them mentioned by other fashion editors and heard them come up in conversation with my non-fashion friends. Add to that the fact that both Angelina Jolie and Meghan Markle have been spotted wearing Everlane flats, and my curiosity was thoroughly piqued. So I decided to put them to the test to see if they truly live up to the hype.

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abby wearing the everlane mary jane day flats
Abby Hepworth

I’ll admit, as a millennial woman, I was very skeptical of the return of ballet flats to popularity. They are so deeply linked to images of Jessica Day from New Girl (alongside the words ‘twee’ and ‘quirky’), and memories of the cardboard monstrosities I wore into the ground in high school and college, doing god knows what kind of damage to my poor arches. But the 2024 version of the trend promises to be different.

Fresh off multiple years spent working from home, we’re all much better versed in the dangers of walking around on hard floors without proper arch support. This Everlane bestseller promises a cushioned insole made of recycled leather (just like the upper) that conforms to your feet for all-day wearability. And the online reviews are almost universally glowing: “I’m extremely picky when it comes to my shoes and these ballet flats are perfection.” “Super comfy and elegant looking flat.” “Beyond impressed with these Mary Jane ballet flats. The leather is so buttery soft you almost forget to have shoes on.” Even with a heavy dose of millennial skepticism, my hopes were high as I set out to test these beloved flats for myself.

How I Tested the Everlane Day Mary Jane Flats

I’ve been wearing my new Everlane flats at least twice a week since receiving them in early February. I’ve worn them on my commute to work, out to dinner, for a weekend stroll through SoHo and while driving on Long Island. I judged them based on comfort, durability and how easily they could be worked in with my existing wardrobe (aka, how stylish are they, really?).


What I Like About the Everlane Day Mary Jane Flats

Long story short, these flats absolutely live up to the hype. I get blisters super easily, but was able to wear these beauties right out of the box with no rubbing or irritation. On a particularly warm, humid day I did find that the strap rubbed a bit, but a little dab of Vaseline fixed it right away. I always carry bandages with me should my feet start to blister but have never had to use them in my 11 weeks of wear-testing. As for the materials, the leather is buttery soft, truly a dream to wear. And the elastic strap is neither so tight it leaves a mark on my foot, nor so loose that it sticks up—it sits solidly in place, offering support and style without irritation. A friend told me she has even worn her Mary Janes with the strap tucked under her foot to shake things up, but I found this to be too uncomfortable to wear for more than an hour, and definitely too annoying for walking around.

Everlane’s Mary Jane flat iteration, a new release following the trend of ballet flats with straps, has more of a square toe than the OG Day Ballet Flats ($148). Based on photos on the site, I expected more of a hard square look, but once on they do soften a bit, leaving you with something halfway between an almond toe and a true square toe. The benefit is that these flats can play into either trendy silhouette, giving them better longevity than a shoe with a more definitive shape. They also don’t show any “toe cleavage,” if that’s something you want to avoid.

As you’d hope from something as basic as a brown ballet flat, they go with almost anything—jeans, midi dresses, miniskirts, slim-fit trousers, you name it. The only item I didn’t love wearing them with was cropped, flared jeans (the look was a bit too close to the quirky capris/flats combos I wore in the early aughts), but that is really just a personal preference.


What I Dislike About the Everlane Day Mary Jane Flats

As mentioned above, these flats don’t have a ton of arch support, so if you have high arches or other foot issues, you’ll definitely want to use your own inserts in the insole. And while the buttery-soft leather feels like a dream, it also doesn’t have as much structure as a harder leather, which means the contours of your feet may show through the shoe. This didn’t bother me much, but was a point of contention for another PureWow editor who wasn’t so keen on having her bunions on full display. That soft leather also has me questioning the durability of these flats. A friend who has owned and worn the original Ballet Flat for three years now said they show some signs of wear (she estimated she wears them between one and three times a month in fall and spring, and less often in summer), but are otherwise looking pretty good.

All in all, I understand why these shoes have such a large fan base. They have little to no break-in time, they’re super soft and comfortable and the price isn’t so bad for a beautifully-made Napa leather shoe. They’ve certainly earned a spot in my rotation of favorites, and even have me eying a second color…or maybe even a third.



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