There’s a lot of pressure surrounding that perfect engagement ring. You’d like it to be special enough to stand apart from your other jewelry, yet versatile enough to go with everything in your wardrobe…forever. To help inspire you (and the printed cutouts you “accidentally” leave around the house), here are the ten most current trends for every type of bride.

Unique shapes

Solitaire-averse? Inventive settings and accent diamonds (kind of like what your grandma used to have) are making a comeback.

Trumpet & Horn ($5,950)

Modern halos

Because a ring is so much more than the stone in the middle.

Hearts on Fire ($2,700)

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Intertwining bands

Symbolic of your soon-to-be intertwined lives.

Brilliant Earth (starting at $1,275 for the setting)

Rose gold

This shade is everywhere--from the runways to your makeup and now your ring finger--because it’s universally flattering.

Ken & Dana Design ($2,617)

Yellow gold

A simple gold band reads traditional while an unconventional stone screams modern.

Artemer ($4,800)

Mixed metals

Can’t choose between gold and silver? Have both.

Anna Sheffield ($10,000)

Colored gemstones

Vibrant stones like emerald or sapphire allow you to go big without breaking the bank.

In Our Star (starting at $409)

Colored diamonds

Classic rock with a twist: diamonds in a pale yellow or a light pink.

Mark Broumand (price upon request)

Black stones

Moody, chic, elegant.

Catbird ($3,200)

Moissanite stones

Moissanite is a clear gemstone that's gaining popularity because it has the sparkle of a diamond at a fraction of the cost. 

Kristin Coffin ($1,475)

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