9 Perfect Winter Travel Outfits from Gwen Stefani to Reese Witherspoon

Have you ever heard a grandparent complain about how no one gets dressed up to travel anymore? (Synchronized nods.) Now, we're not about to fly across the world in a skirt suit and sensible pumps, but we would like to up our airport style game just a bit. Let's start by copying the chic outfits of some of our favorite celebs.

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celebrity travel style jessica alba
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Black Separates + Statement Coat + Slip-on Loafers

Hear us out: There is nothing wrong with wearing all black...ever. But if you do want to spice things up a bit, a coat in a standout print, color or material is an awesome and easy way to do it. Don't believe us? Take a gander at Jessica Alba above and try telling us you don't want to look like that waiting in line for Chick-fil-A (travel calories don't count). 

celebrity travel style karlie kloss
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Skinny Pants + Oversize Coat + Ballet Flats

Equal parts comfortable and elegant, Karlie Kloss's airport look reminds us of when people used to get glam to travel. The flats are easy to walk in (and take off in the security line) while the skinny pants could even be swapped out for leggings without anyone noticing. 

celebrity travel style gwen stefani
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Embroidered Sweater + Boyfriend Jeans + Slip-on Sneakers

Leave it to the eternally-cool Gwen Stefani to take a run-of-the-mill jeans and sweater and make them look so cool. The secret's in the details, from embroidery on the sweater to perfectly loose-fitting jeans and slip-on sneaks with a little sequin action. 

celebrity travel style reese witherspoon
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Skinny Jeans + Chunky Cardigan + Heeled Ankle Boots

Does Reese Witherspoon ever look anything less than adorable? The answer is no, and the reason is, the lady knows how to put together an effortless outfit. Here, the sweater provides coziness—and can double as an in-flight blanket—while the heeled ankle boots elevate an otherwise dressed-down ensemble.  

celebrity travel style priyanka chopra
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Denim Jacket + Black Jeans + Platform Sneakers

Priyanka Chopra knows that few pieces in your wardrobe will work as hard as a denim jacket will. Here, she's paired hers with a simple jeans-tee-scarf trio that will never let you down. 

celebrity travel style zendaya
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Jogger Pants + Graphic Tee + Camel Coat

Zendaya knows that while it's well and good to look stylish at the airport, some flights (ahem, international) require something a bit more pajama-like. Still, she keeps it from looking too "I literally just rolled out of bed" by topping her glorified sweats with a gorgeous camel coat. Rarely will a high-low mix let you down, people. 

celebrity travel style chrissy teigen
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Light Dress + Long Coat

Say you're traveling from frigid New York to sunny L.A. How do you not get heatstroke upon landing? Wear something transitional, of course (and with layers). Start with what you want to wear in California—say, a breezy midi dress and lightweight duster coat—then add leggings, a scarf and cozy boots. When you're in warmer weather, drop the accessories. While we commend Chrissy Teigen for wearing sky-high heels, we'd probably opt for flats or even simple white sneakers. Best of both coasts.

celebrity travel style miranda kerr
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Turtleneck + Coat + Leggings

Miranda Kerr's motto here is business on top, couch potato on bottom. Nothing beats a pair of black leggings when it comes to traveling comfortably, but some people are weird about the whole leggings-as-pants thing (their words, not ours). To reconcile wearing gym clothes on your lower half, keep things a bit more refined up top with a sleek turtleneck and double-breasted jacket. Bonus points if you can make it to Gate 7B with your jacket perfectly balanced on your shoulders. 

travel outfits heidi klum
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Gray Jeans + Band Tee + Puffer Jacket

Just because puffer jackets aren't the most flattering article of clothing out there doesn't mean they can't be styled well. (And rolled up into the most fantastic flight pillow.) Just ask Heidi Klum, who paired hers with gray denim and a vintage-looking band tee. The key here is proportions. Her skinny jeans and draping t-shirt balance out the volume of the coat perfectly. 

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