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Lululemon is the delightful athleisure brand you live in—or aspire to live in. A bit of background: lululemon athletica (they prefer the lowercase spelling) is a Canadian athletic apparel retailer founded in 1998. The company is known for its high-quality yoga and sports wear for both men and women—plus, the company's butt-flattering leggings basically inspired most everyone to start wearing leggings as pants. And it's not an exaggeration to say that the whole product range—leggings, jackets, sports bras, tops and accessories—made "athleisure" into the wear-it-24-7 prestige outfit choice it is today.

PureWow readers love the shaping Wunder Under ($98) and lightweight Align leggings ($98) as well as the belt bags (from $38). Oh, and PureWow editors snatch up all the ABC Pants ($128) and other men's items for bullseye gifting. While the average price range for lululemon products is pretty high compared to other athleisure brands, anyone who's felt these soft fabrics and peeped the figure-sculpting designs will feel it's a well-earned investment in well-being. But, what to do when your favorite size or pieces are sold out? Shop the brands like lululemon we've curated here, selected for their similarities in quality, style, comfort and flattering fit.

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Brands like lululemon at a Glance


Best Yoga Wear

Alo Yoga

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Best for lounging


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Best Street Style Brand


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Best Size Range


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Best Yoga Wear

1. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga

Luxury performance yoga wear that comes in a wide range of fabrications describes both lululemon and Alo. You might want to wear a second-skin, sheen-flecked Airlift crop top in your hot yoga class, or a matte pair of Airbrush black leggings to run errands in and then wind down with a stretch class. And the cotton-poly Accolade crew neck pullover ($118) and sweatpants ($118)? They’re perfect for post-class, just like that beloved knit cotton blend lululemon hoodie. The two brands are similarly priced, which makes sense, since the little "Alo" logo is now a status marker of its own.

Best for lounging

2. Vuori


Vuori, a premium activewear brand, offers a versatile range of high-quality clothing with prices typically ranging from $40 to $120—so not lululemon high, but well above mass market cost. Their product lineup includes performance shorts and pants, yoga and athletic tops, hoodies, jackets, sports bras, underwear and accessories—and the star is the brand's supersoft, lightweight Performance Jogger ($94) made of 89 percent recycled polyester and 11 percent elastane. What sets Vuori apart is its commitment to creating activewear that seamlessly transitions from workouts to daily life. The brand emphasizes versatility, ensuring their pieces are not only functional for athletic activities but also stylish and comfortable for everyday wear. Vuori is recognized for its premium quality and sustainable practices including the use of eco-friendly materials.

Best Street Style Brand

3. Nike

Runners, cross-trainers and chilly sportspeople of all pursuits swear by the sturdy and attractive lululemon Swiftly Tech long-sleeved top and the looser, short-sleeved Relaxed Swiftly. We’re similarly impressed by the stretchy lightweight comfort of the Nike Air ($52) and Nike One Classic ($45) short sleeve. They are all made of technical fabric that wicks moisture to keep us comfortable even before hitting our mid-run endorphin high. We're also fans of the Phoenix Fleece ($75) pictured above.

Best Department Store Brand

4. Zella


Zella is the well-known activewear brand that is manufactured and sold by Nordstrom; it shares similarities with lululemon in terms of its focus on good taste and high-quality fabrication. (In other words, you’re not going to find a bedazzled T-shirt here emblazoned “Yass Kween.”) Zella sells a wide range of activewear, including leggings, sports bras, tops and outerwear, designed for various physical activities such as yoga, running and fitness workouts. The brand emphasizes performance and comfort, utilizing moisture-wicking fabrics—like the 60 percent cotton, 40 percent polyester material in the Drew crewneck sweatshirt ($49)—and thoughtful design features. The average price range for Zella products is competitive, offering quality activewear at a reasonable cost. What sets Zella apart is its commitment to inclusivity—sizes range from 00 to 16W, and slender silhouettes and looser styles are on offer, to suit diverse body types.

Best Size Range

5. Athleta


Athleta is an activewear brand that’s owned by Gap, but stands on its own since it makes clothes just for women and girls, and is a certified B Corp., which means it has a verified commitment to social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability for balancing profit and purpose. Athleta has versatile selection including flattering, high-endurance leggings, supportive sports bras—we love the sweat-wicking Vital Bra ($45), made for light-impact workouts—stylish tops and functional outerwear, most specially tailored for yoga, running, training, what have you. The average price range is competitive, ensuring accessibility for a wide customer base. Noteworthy about Athleta is its dedication to sustainability and inclusivity, with a size range from 0 to 24 that accommodates various body types, including leggings in regular, tall and petite. Similar to lululemon, Athleta prioritizes the seamless integration of functionality and fashion, aiming to inspire confidence and well-being in its customers through bestselling, performance-driven activewear.

Best for Whole Family

6. Old Navy

Old Navy

One-stop shopping for everyone that’s not going to break the bank? Old Navy's activewear stands out for its combination of affordability and style. The brand’s Old Navy Active category is known for offering activewear for all ages, including men, women and children. One unique aspect of Old Navy's activewear is its commitment to providing budget-friendly options without compromising on quality and design. The brand caters to a wide audience, ensuring that everyone can find comfortable and stylish activewear that suits their preferences. Some of Old Navy's bestsellers? Check out the leggings (average price for women in the $20 to $40 range), which come in various styles and colors, appealing to different tastes from hot hues to subdued neutrals. Hoodies are also popular, known for their comfort, versatility and value, since they cost from $20 to $50. The brand often introduces trendy designs and incorporates comfy features into its activewear, making it a go-to choice for those looking for fashionable, affordable options. Case in point: the long-line Light Support PowerSoft Ribbed Longline Sports Bra for Women ($33; $23) has nice straps and a conservative-yet-comfortable scoop neck.

Best Speedy Delivery

7. The Gym People

The Gym People

This brand, sold on Amazon, has great prices and great pockets—the one on the reverse of the high-waist leggings waistband is large enough to fit your phone, a handy innovation that even the technical design gurus at lululemon haven’t mastered. That said, this brand—which sells men’s and women’s activewear and loungewear—doesn’t offer as wide a range of buttery-soft materials and diversity of designs as lululemon. But for a pair of leggings that averages in the mid-$20 range or a cute cropped fleece funnel-necked jacket that costs only $35, we’re sold on The Gym People. Add to that the ease and economy of Amazon—next-day shipping, free returns—and there’s no reason not to try on a pair of well-priced control leggings for your next yoga class.

Best Sculpting Designs

8. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty

Lululemon first made its name by designing butt-enhancing workout leggings that became the choice for fashionable yogis. British brand Sweaty Betty makes an equally rear-end rounding and lifting All-Day Workout Legging that is as streamlined as the pairs that first caused Lulu to be a craze in the U.S. What’s also nice about SB is that they offer their designs in full-length and 7/8-length, which shows a similar sensitivity to shorter-limbed people as lululemon, which offers many styles in 25-, 28- and 31-inch iterations. Sweaty Betty prices run neck-in-neck with lululemon, or cost a bit more—leggings at SB start at $108, while lululemon leggings begin at around $98.

Best Value

9. Colorfulkoala


Colorfulkoala has a rainbow of options, at a great price point. The brand sells from its own website, where it offers free shipping to the US, Canada and Australia, as well as on Amazon. We’re bullish on the Dreamlux leggings ($32), made in a 81 percent nylon, 19 percent Lycra blend that’s the whisper-weight hot yoga legging of our dreams in 11 colors. Additionally, there’s a buttery-soft four-way-stretch Airsoft fabric and a poly-blend Essential collection. The leggings collections are dotted with various lengths, including 21-, 25- and 28-inch iterations, so petites won’t need to put up with bunching ankles. We appreciate the gem and neutral colors in this tightly edited athleisure collection—it’s a high-end look without the price tag. 

Best Sweater Knits

10. Varley


Started by a husband-and-wife team in 2015, Varley has a unique design perspective that reflects its two HQs, London and Los Angeles. The refined silhouettes are never too revealing or tight—that’s the London sophistication. And the delicate color palette and super-soft fabrications in the leggings and bras reflect the influence of athleisure-devoted Los Angeles. Like lululemon, Varley focuses on creating high-quality activewear that blends performance and fashion—for example the Varley Mentone Half-Zip Sweater ($148) is made in a huggable acrylic blend fabric. Premium materials, cool designs and versatile uses—reasons we love lululemon, and Varley too.

Best for Softness

11. Gymshark


Gymshark and lululemon are both popular activewear brands, but they differ in certain aspects. Gymshark is more trendy, incorporating bold patterns and contours that accentuate the body beautiful. Gymshark also, as it name communicates, targets a younger and more workout-oriented demographic than lululemon, with its wide range of activewear including leggings, sports bras, tops and outerwear. (It’s less expensive, too—on average, Gymshark tops and leggings fall in the range of $30 to $60.) Gymshark is all over social media, where fitness influencers look great in mix-and-matchable pieces like the Gymshark Vital Seamless 2.0 Long Sleeve Crop Top ($38). The bestselling seamless range is a great entry point for Gymshark—it’s soft, stretchy and surprisingly flattering for such a tight fit.

Best for Runners

12. Tracksmith


Fans of lululemon running shorts and low-friction tights will want to shop Tracksmith, a Boston-based company started in 2014 that’s devoted to amateur running. Today, the brand, which has former bigwigs at Puma and Patagonia in top slots, maintains a strictly edited, slightly preppy core collection of running essentials, like the Brighton Base Layer ($88). Their lightweight compressive session tights, super-lightweight twilight shorts and ultra-comfortable featherweight twilight tank, made of Italian-engineered nylon-blend micro-mesh, are noteworthy.

Best for Casual Wear

13. Calia


Since it’s sold exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods, you might think of seasonal staples line Calia to be made up of only rugged shorts and T-shirts—items more suitable for a softball game than a café lunch date. Think again, since these tops, bottoms, jackets and more are created in highly engineered fabric (for example the new ultralight Inspire collection of dance class and yoga-ready pieces) and chunky coverup pieces—such as the Calia Elevate Pullover ($80; $40)—with sophisticated details like funnel necks and side zips. Accessories and collabs are happening too, like the recent collection co-created with outdoors brand Sorel. Like lululemon, these pieces come in rich neutrals and can be mixed and matched—but these items are available for on average 30 percent less than lululemon (more if on sale).

Best Dresses

14. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor voices

For the lover of lululemon’s athletic skirts, this hipster-leaning brand has innovated the Exercise Dress ($100), which is a hybrid golf-tennis skirt plus an adjustable racerback tank top in subdued neutrals, purple and even leopard print. It’s a whole vibe, and we’re feeling like the built-in shorts liner prepares us for anything the park has to throw at us, from a yoga sesh to a post-picnic nap right on the blanket.

brands-like-lululemon-mpg-sport-elevated sweats on a model
MPG Sport

Best Elevated Sweats

15. MPG Sport

MPG Sport

MPG Sport is an activewear brand that offers a variety of fitness apparel that's reasonably priced and subtly elegant—for example, the MPG Sport Cropped Polo Sweatshirt ($72; $50), which gives status athleisure. The brand's product range includes activewear for men and women, featuring items such as leggings, tops, jackets, sports bras and outerwear. MPG Sport is known for its commitment to sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly materials and practices into its manufacturing processes. Bestselling items include their high-performance leggings, versatile tops and functional jackets, crafted in moisture-wicking fabrics and with thoughtful design features to enhance the overall workout experience. MPG Sport typically falls in the mid-range category, offering quality activewear at a more affordable price point compared to premium brands. The average cost of tops, jackets and leggings range from $30 to $70. Similar to lululemon, MPG Sport aims to make activewear that can seamlessly transition from workouts to daily activities.

Best Bras

16. Fabletics


Shopping for a sports bra is usually a take-what-you-can-get affair. Sadly, limited selection and lack of details seem to be an industry standard. That’s why we’re impressed by the wide selection at lululemon, where more than 79 bras are broken down by neckline, cup size and special design suitable for yoga, training, or running. So props to Fabletics for featuring even more bras to choose from, and sorting them by suitability for low, medium and high impact. We're especially loving this reflective high-impact sports bra ($75).

Best Fashion-Forward Designs

17. Carbon 38


Carbon38 is a luxury activewear brand that offers a curated selection of high-end fitness apparel and athleisure wear from a variety of fancy brands, as well as its own Carbon38 label. Don’t want to turn up at your friend’s home or private Pilates sesh wearing the same athleisure as the next person? Shop here, for pieces that have edgy style, the finest materials and on-trend silhouettes—the high-rise Takara Shine legging ($128), for example, has all three attributes. The Carbon38 brand includes a variety of activewear items such as leggings, tops, sports bras, jackets and accessories, with a designer collaboration every few months. Trendy patterns and well-thought-out details are all on offer, and for all this you’re going to pay lululemon-level pricing, from $50 to $200 or more. But we know the fitness fashionista wouldn’t have it any other way.

Best Inclusive Sizing

18. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective

We love Girlfriend Collective for its classic shapes, such as the Tommy Cropped Bra ($42) and Compressive Legging ($78) and tawny colorways (the moss, earth and midnight colorways definitely have lululemon vibes) as well as its size inclusiveness, with options up to 6XL. It shares less instantly identifiable similarities with lululemon in terms of a focus on both performance and eco-friendly practices. The brand is known for its commitment to sustainability, using recycled materials such as plastic bottles and fishing nets to create its activewear. Unlike so many purportedly “green” brands, Girlfriend Collective is all about its supply chain transparency: The brand provides information about the sourcing and production of materials used in its leggings, sports bras, tops and outerwear. In terms of pricing, Girlfriend Collective falls into the mid-range category. The average cost of tops and leggings from the brand can vary, but they generally range from $30 to $70. This pricing makes sustainable and ethically produced activewear more accessible to a broader audience.

Best Office Wear

19. Public Rec

Public Rec

Public Rec is an activewear brand that, akin to lululemon, prioritizes comfort and versatility in its clothing, making it suitable for various activities, including business meetings. The brand started in 2015 when a former investment banker looked at baggy men’s pants and thought, there’s got to be a better comfortable trouser. The “All Day Every Day” Pant for men was born, and in the years since the brand has extended to separates for men and women. The Public Rec All Day Pant ($118; $83) beloved by wearers for its wrinkle-resistance, versatility and durability, is a descendant of the brand’s first trouser. While unlike lululemon, this brand won’t come out with multiple hardcore workout fabrics or styles, Public Rec is similar to lululemon in that it offers multiple inseam lengths (24 to 32 inches) to accommodate petites to tall wearers, as well as inclusive waist measurements from 24 to 38. Finally, Public Rec is slightly less expensive than lululemon: A full-price pair of lululemon Luxtreme pants is $128 while Pub Rec's women's pants are $10 less

Best Outdoor Apparel

20. Prana


Prana is a lifestyle and activewear brand that offers a wide range of clothing designed for comfort, sustainability and versatility. The brand's collection includes activewear, yoga apparel, casual wear and outdoor clothing for both men and women. Prana is committed to using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices, distinguishing itself through a focus on eco-friendly and mindful fashion. The average price range for a woman's top from Prana typically falls between $50 and $80, while leggings may range from $70 to $100—we love the Prana Halle Pant II ($95). Prana stands out for its dedication to sustainability, incorporating organic cotton, recycled materials and fair trade practices in its production. The brand also emphasizes the durability and timelessness of its designs, promoting longevity and reducing environmental impact. Prana typically follows industry standards for shipping and returns, offering reliable options to ensure customer satisfaction. In its commitment to sustainable and comfortable activewear, Prana shares similarities with lululemon, as both brands prioritize quality, versatility and ethical practices in their offerings.

Best Zillennial Styles

21. FP Movement

FP Movement

Youthful athleisure—we're talking the garb of Zillennials, the demographic between millennials and Generation Z, i.e., 20-somethings—is the bullseye here. These 'fits take wearers from dance class to track practice to study breaks, looking casual cool and never trying too hard. That’s the breezy value prop at FP Movement, a mid-range athleisure brand that delivers seasonal separates in bright colors and trendy-but-never-vulgar shapes. Pants and leggings average around the $100 price point, while jackets run around $200. The FP Movement Hit The Slopes Shawl Jacket ($168), is one of the brand’s best-selling silhouettes. What’s unique about FP Movement is how there’s something in the line that will be flattering to a wide range of female shapes and sports enthusiasms—the brand creates equally cute tennis skirts, ski jumpsuits and running shorts. Plus, we love the free shipping and returns.

Best for Surfer Chic

22. Aviator Nation

Aviator Nation

Aviator Nation originated in 2006 in Venice Beach, California, drawing inspiration from that hood’s vibrant surf and skate culture. The brand's unique appeal lies in its commitment to a laid-back, beachy lifestyle, offering customers a distinctive and comfortable wardrobe. The iconic sweatpants, known for vibrant color palettes and retro designs, are priced at an average of $150, about 25 percent more than lululemon. The brand's jackets, embracing a California-cool vibe, are an average price of around $189, with pullover sweatshirts like the Aviator Nation Logo Relaxed Crew Sweatshirt ($165) coming in for less. While lululemon is renowned for its premium yoga and athletic wear, targeting a broad audience, Aviator Nation is more of a IYKYK brand that blends vintage-inspired aesthetics with a uniquely lightweight-yet-cozy fleece. Both brands are long-wearing quality—you're just going to signal "I'd rather be surfing" if you opt for Aviator Nation.

Best for Studio Workouts

23. Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga

Female-founded, this Los Angeles-based brand started in 2005 as the brainchild of a yoga teacher—and daughter of a high-powered Hollywood entertainment exec—who ping-ponged between the decidedly non-Hollywood sizes of 8 and 14 and was frustrated she couldn't find stylish workout wear. She partnered with a fashion and design professional and launched Beyond Yoga, one of the fastest-growing (and in our wearing, most comfy) indie athleisure success stories of the century. Acquired by Levi's in 2021, this brand is beloved by yogis for its buttery-soft Spacedye poly-elastane blend and whisper-cool Featherweight fabric, as well as a flattering fit and inventive designs, including the Beyond Yoga Women's Spacedye Stirrup Legging ($99; $84). And what's not to love about free shipping and free returns?

Top Travel Brand

24. Uniqlo


Minimalist affordable chic, the brand Uniqlo launched in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1984 as "Unique Clothing Warehouse." While today the brand sells some athleisure including joggers and leggings, what brings to mind lululemon are its featherweight and durable jackets, pants and T-shirts that are ultra packable, neutral and machine-washable. You can pack a few Uniqlo pieces in your backpack or carry-on bag and be set for anything from a business lunch to a day hike. And the generous return policy—30 days from order, or 60 days if purchased around holiday time—makes curating your capsule collection with online shopping a no-risk venture.

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