Celeb Stylist Brad Goreski Reveals the One Trend He Wants to See Return After Quarantine

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We may have been living in loungewear and slippers for the past several months, but as the post-pandemic world (slowly) approaches, we imagine that countless people will go all out in the fashion department—and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski certainly agrees.

While chatting with PureWow about his experience with Capital One Shopping, the Fashion Police co-host opened up about the trends he hopes to see in 2021 and revealed some of his biggest red carpet predictions.

While discussing upcoming trends, Goreski said that his dream is to see more opulent, '70s-inspired looks. He told us, "I'm thinking people are gonna be returning to beautiful tailoring, beautiful fabrics, and people really putting the effort and the thought into their fashion and style for when we can go back out to dinners, dancing, events and all of that stuff. I really hope that there's a return to opulence." Um, yes to '70s glam.

The fashion expert also shared his predictions for future red carpets, adding that the pandemic has definitely changed celebrities' style choices. "Like we saw with the Emmy's and also with the VMA's, we've had everything across the board, from people wearing custom couture gowns to people wearing more low-key outfits like a pajama set," he pointed out.

Goreski continued, "I know I've already been contacted by designers wanting to discuss awards season, although we don't know exactly what it looks like. I think it's great that people are able to wear what makes them feel comfortable, but I'm all for diving right into it, as a stylist and somebody who loves fashion. I'm so happy to see things that are beaded and opulent and reminds us of so many of the beautiful things that are around us in the world. I hope that we see some bright colors. I hope that we see glitz and glamour. That's what I'm here for."

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