The One Item That Every Woman Over 50 Should Have in Their Closets, According to Rachel Zoe

rachel zoe

So you've already mastered the art of creating outfits that suit your style (after years of practice, of course). Now that you've already got this part down pat, the next step is to ensure that your wardrobe collection includes basic fashion essentials that are both timeless and actually wearable. And luckily, celebrity fashion designer Rachel Zoe has given us some expert advice on what some of them should be.

While chatting with PureWow about her partnership with Tanqueray and their new Straw Capsule Collection, Zoe revealed the one clothing item that all women over 50 should have in their closets—and some of the best ways to wear it.

She told us, "For over 50, I find that a really good, tailored jacket with a good shoulder detail and a great sleeve never goes out of style. And you really will wear it in your life, with jeans and boots, with heels, with flats."

She continued, "A great blazer or suit really does go a long way, and it will long surpass the pandemic and really work into your life. A black blazer with a pair of trousers goes a long way because you can wear any shirt with it, you can wear the jacket on your shoulders over any blouse you might have, even a T-shirt or a graphic tee, which is so fun."

As for the color of your go-to blazer? Zoe revealed that it can be any, just as long as you're able to mix and match it to create several different looks. She said, "The idea is to invest in things you can wear now and well beyond, that you can wear and style countless ways. Whatever that is for you, it can be navy, it can be camel, it can gray, it can be black, it doesn't matter. The idea is you can mix and match and create 20 different outfits with one investment. And don't forget to pair jewelry with it!" *Jots down notes*

As for Zoe's Straw Capsule Collection, she revealed, "I wanted to do these incredible, recyclable, reusable straws and make the packaging beautiful and the straws beautiful, and make the experience not only chic and glamorous, but also extremely experimental and sustainable."

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