5 Style Tips Anyone 5’10” or Taller Can Learn from Blake Lively

Tall gals, this one’s for you

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A piece of advice I’ll often give folks trying to figure out their sense of style is to find influencers and celebrities with whom they share a body type. One of my favorite references for tall gals like myself is Blake Lively. The 5’10” actress has cemented herself as a fashion icon over the past decade-plus, even long after leaving behind the role of Upper East Side fashionista, Serena van der Woodsen. She’s become a staple figure at the Met Gala (rarely missing the high-fashion event), frequently pops up at New York Fashion Week and regularly inspires our shopping wishlists. With such an impressive sartorial resume, it should come as no surprise that there’s a lot we tall women can learn from Blake. So without further ado, five fabulous style tips anyone over 5’10” can—and should—borrow from the 36-year-old actor.

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Blake Lively wearing a cropped jacket and matching pants
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1. Keep Your Proportions in Check with Hip-Length Jackets

I’ve seen Blake rock a long duster, I’ve seen her rock a classic-cut blazer, but I haven’t seen her wear a cropped jacket since her Gossip Girl days, and with good reason. Super-cropped silhouettes cut us tall gals off at an awkward spot and make our legs look disproportionately long compared to our torsos. But a jacket that hits right at the top of your hips still gives the same figure-flattering effect as a cropped style, all while keeping your proportions in check. Hot tip: If you want to rock a crop top, pair it with something longer (a jacket, cardigan, statement necklace, crossbody bag, etc.) to again ensure your proportions look right.

Blake Lively wearing a long sleeve shirt and mini skirt
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2. Balance a Mini Hemline with More Coverage Up Top

Blake is no stranger to the mini skirt (or shorts, for that matter), but when she does decide to show off those gams she almost always balances her hemline with more coverage up top. This could mean a higher neckline or opting for sleeves over mini spaghetti straps or even layering a long duster jacket over the top, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Blake Lively wearing a purple suit and low cut top
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3. Show a Little Skin to Break Up Your Frame

Lively doesn’t wear head-to-toe solids often, but when she does she makes sure to break up the silhouette with cut-outs, interesting necklines or other tricks of the eye. If you want to try a monochrome outfit, look for a top with a low-cut neck, like Blake did above, or you can embrace the cut-out trend, like she did with this iconic orange ensemble in 2022. You can also simply opt for a shorter sleeve or tank-top silhouette if you’re not looking to bare too much.

Blake Lively wearing cropped pants and a long jacket
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4. Keep Cropped Pants Within 6 Inches of Your Ankle

Cropped pants are a tricky trend for us tall gals. All too often they end up looking like capris, which is not a look I’m hoping to revisit any time soon. Follow Blake’s lead and stick with pants that hit no more than six inches above the ankle bone. That is the sweet spot where you’ll look trendy and cool, whereas higher cuts all too often look like a mistake.

Blake Lively wearing a yellow sweater and wide leg jeans
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5. Don’t Be Afraid of Oversize Silhouettes

One benefit of being tall is not having to fear being swallowed whole by oversize silhouettes. Shorter gals are better off balancing a billowing sweater or wide-leg jeans with slimmer items, but as Blake shows here, tall frames can handle all that material and still look wonderfully chic.



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