20 Black-Owned Jewelry Brands You Can Shop Right Now, from Mateo to Omi Woods

In addition to taking any ensemble to the next level (like Cardi B's epic gold mask and chandelier earrings at the 2021 AMAs), every piece of jewelry tells a story, whether it’s the colorful bracelet your BFF gave you in high school or a priceless family heirloom that’s been passed down for generations. That’s why scouring the internet for cool jewelry has become one of our favorite pastimes. But as we continue to stock up on stylish accessories, we’re turning the spotlight on Black-owned jewelry brands to diversify our collection.

From polymer clay earrings from Mateo to Lauren Newton’s science-inspired necklaces, keep reading for 20 of the best Black-owned jewelry brands that should definitely be on your radar.

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1. Jam + Rico

Founded by Lisette Scott in 2016, Jam + Rico offers bold and creative pieces inspired by Scott’s heritage. After growing up with immigrant grandparents from Jamaica and Puerto Rico, she traveled to both islands and decided to launch her line of bold earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more that, according to her website, allows her to “dive deeper into [her] love of designing and the Caribbean.”

2. Br Design Co

Need some bling that’ll turn heads? Consider Br Design Co, which offers a variety of polymer clay earrings that double as wearable pieces of modern art. After learning the art of polymer clay from their mom, sisters Carlene Browner and Cassandra Browner Richardson started this jewelry brand, which offers collections like Clay + Brass, Neutrals and Rainbow Row.

3. Ten Wilde

Known for its dazzling waist chains and pendant necklaces, Ten Wilde was born in Los Angeles back in 2016, when Tenisha Wilde created the all-gold jewelry brand as a reflection of her own love for different styles, from edgy chain-link earrings to stunning golden chokers.

4. V. Bellan

If you’re looking for cute new accessories to add to your daily wardrobe essentials, then meet your newest obsession. This gender-neutral brand offers sleek, clean designs that’ll elevate almost any outfit, whether it’s business casual or cozy chic.

5. Madebykwest

Finding gorgeous pieces that are simple, durable and affordable can be a challenge—but MadeByKwest is here to help. The brand’s World and Continent collections offer trendy, travel-inspired jewelry, while the Earth Collection features more functional, elegant basics (like this chain ring). And as an added bonus, a portion of all their proceeds get donated to the non-profit Girls Going Global.

6. Ubuntu

When we're on the hunt for beach-inspired jewelry with eye-catching details, Ubuntu is one of our go-tos. The brand, which was started by Joslyn Allen Fecik in 2015, offers a variety of gorgeous accessories, from tiered tassel earrings to personalized shell and tassel necklaces. (P.S. Each purchase helps her sponsor five children at Gertrude's Orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti.)

7. Auvere

Obsessed with all things gold? Allow us to introduce Auvere. Spearheaded by married couple Gina Love and Steven Feldman, the brand features 22 and 24 karat gold jewelry collections inspired by Love’s background in history and architecture. Consider this your one-stop shop for unique wedding bands and chic gold baubles to upgrade your look.

8. Oma The Label

Another great brand for anyone who has a soft spot for gold pieces, Oma the Label was founded by fashion stylist Neumi Anekhe in an effort to change the lack of BIPOC representation in the fashion industry. The brand offers a stunning collection of gold chains, chokers, rings, bangles and body jewelry, including the sleek, mega-popular gold-plated Bente hoops.

9. Harwell Godfrey

Lauren Harwell Godfrey has a gift for crafting bold statement jewelry, whether it be a rainbow gemstone necklace or pyramid stud bangles. Her pieces, which have been worn by stars like Cynthia Erivo and Hillary Swank, are handcrafted in 18k gold with ethically-sourced diamonds, so the price tags are quite hefty. Still, if you’re down to splurge on a durable, standout piece that won’t turn your skin green, check out Godfrey’s creations.

10. Bychari

Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and Rocky Barnes are just a few people who’ve been spotted in this brand, and it’s clear to see why. Created by Jamaican-born jewelry designer Chari Cuthbert, ByChari offers pieces that blend minimal design with unique, modern styles you won’t find anywhere else. Among her best-sellers are the spaced letter necklace, the diamond solitaire necklace and the whisper diamond band.

11. Mateo

Although the brand was initially launched as a men’s jewelry collection, founder Matthew Harris capitalized on its success by expanding to women’s accessories—and it definitely paid off. Mateo offers elegant fine jewelry, everyday essentials, stunning engagement rings and more. (Oh, and did we mention that his pieces have been worn by Rihanna, Solange, and Zendaya? NBD.)

12. Hola Luna

These wood and leather earrings are guaranteed to steal the show no matter where you wear them. Founder Dina Rudeen started her business in 2017 with the goal of creating unique accessories that didn’t harm the environment. Years later, there are plenty of unique options to spruce up your look, from leather bracelets to sculpted wooden earrings.

13. Lauren Newton

Former zoologist Lauren Newton’s intricate gold charms and necklaces are ideal for anyone who’s still not over the neck mess trend. With collections inspired by her scientific background, standout designs include the Nerd Necklace and the delicate Gold Skull charm—which just might come in handy for Halloween.

14. Jewelry Ave. Studio

After working as a mental health therapist, Condoleezzia launched this fabulous jewelry line, which offers affordable personalized necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings and non-personalized options like the Twisted Vine Rose ring. And get this: More than half of the collection is under $50.

15. Soul Simone

Um, yes to edgy Geometric designs. Aisha McClaren created Soul Simone, a Vermont-based brand, with the intention of “empowering expression and connection to your inner radiance.” Prepare for all the brass statement pieces that’ll add some spark to your wardrobe.

16. Valerie Madison Jewelry

From engravable necklaces to custom engagement rings, Valerie Madison is where you want to go for all your romantic gifts. You’ll notice plenty of non-traditional designs that feature bright hues and unique shapes (like the stunning birthstone bands). And as an added bonus, you have the option to design your own jewelry.

17. Yam

For charming, nostalgic pieces that feature nature motifs and pearl accents, consider Yam, a unique brand that uses recycled materials for their creations. Started by Morgan Thomas, Yam offers a wide selection of rings, necklaces and earrings with flower-shaped designs. Among the brand’s most popular pieces are these flirty flower pin earrings, which Barbie Ferreira wore in an episode of HBO's Euphoria (!!!).

18. Octave Jewelry

Founder Ope Omojola blends ancient art with geometric patterns to create bold, modern pieces, whether it’s Asymmetrical Collage Earrings, Fan Studs. Per her official website, these one-of-a-kind sparklers are handmade in New York, and they’re designed to “bring a sense of elegance to the everyday.”

19. Omi Woods

Omi Woods specializes in jewelry that’s rich with symbolism and inspired by African cultures. Plus, these handcrafted gems are made with fair trade African gold, which means they’re built to last. You’ll fall in love with the Golden Cowrie Studs and the classic Queendom Coin Necklace.

20. Taylor Nikole

Trust us when we say that you’ll be showered with compliments when you wear any of Taylor Nikole’s vibrant pieces. The designer brilliantly combines art and fashion with her colorful earrings, ranging from green Moon Cactus earrings to geometric black-and-white dangles.

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