The 25 Best Silk Pajama Sets to Make Bedtime Feel as Luxurious as Possible

Fancy-pants pajamas you’ll want to live in

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There’s a reason people describe things as being “silky smooth.” Silk is one of the smoothest, most comfortable, luscious materials you can slink yourself into. When it comes to cozying up in bed or lazing around the house (or hotel), a set of silk pajamas will make you feel like you’re a Kardashian on holiday. Whether you’re looking for ultra-comfort (the Lunya Silk Tee set, $198, is as comfortable as they come) or want to go the super sexy route (the SilkSilky Pure Silk Flower Trim pajama set, $80, is va-va-voom), there’s plenty of variation when it comes to silk pajama sets. You can go with a tank, a classic button-down or be a bit cheeky in lacy short-shorts. 

We can all get on board with upgrading our sleepwear to something a bit more luxurious. But beyond the look and feel of it, there are quite a few benefits to wearing silk, too. It’s hypoallergenic, captures fewer dust mites, is soft on the skin and is great at regulating temperature, which comes in handy during the warmer months. 

The Top 5 Silk Pajama Sets at a Glance

How Is Silk Made?

Silk is derived from silkworms. They spin themselves into cocoons as they work towards becoming silkmoths, and the ultra-soft fibers this creates are harvested from the cocoons themselves. The cocoons are boiled in hot water until they begin to unravel, then those fibers are woven to become silk fabric. Because the process of actually producing silk is so intricate and time-consuming, silk clothing, linens and other items tend to be more expensive. There are actually many variations of the material, ranging from pure silk to silk blends. In fact, you can find upwards of 50 different types of silk! These are among the most common that you’ll find being used in clothing:

  • Mulberry silk: One of the most common and popular types of silk for clothing like pajama sets is mulberry silk. This derives from the Bombyx mori silkworm, which feeds mainly on mulberry leaves. It accounts for the majority of silk products you’ll find. It’s known for being soft while also being durable.
  • Charmeuse: This is weaved along with satin, making it soft and lightweight, with a nice draping quality. It’s typically shiny on one side and matte on the other. It’s more commonly found in more delicate attire, like scarves and lingerie.
  • Chiffon: Lightweight with a bit of a stretch, chiffon is made from finely twisted fibers. It’s usually found in clothing you’d wear for special occasions, like wedding dresses. You’ll see items like chiffon blouses as well, though it’s not as commonly used for pajamas.
  • Silk Satin: Glossy, shiny and smooth to the touch, silk satin has a lustrous look and feel to it. It won’t cling to your body nor attract static electricity like you’ll find with cheaper polyester. It’s mostly found in formal attire, like evening gowns.

Here’s a cool look at how silk is made:

How to Wash Silk Pajamas

Washing silk pajamas requires a delicate balance of care and attention. The washing method depends on the type of silk, but specific instructions are usually included with the item. Some are machine-washable, though it’s advisable to use a cold water delicate cycle. Some silk pajama sets even come with a mesh wash bag, similar to the ones you might use for bras and underwear. Others require hand washing, which you can do over the sink. In each case, the silk pajamas should be hung to dry. Especially delicate silk pajamas may require dry cleaning, which means you’ll likely only wear them for special occasions, like when you travel, have a date night or are enjoying a sleepover with girlfriends. 

If you want to spot treat silk pajamas because of a pesky wine or coffee stain, for example, soak the piece in lukewarm water with a delicate detergent for about half an hour. Stir the water gently with your hands to make sure the detergent works its way into the fibers. You can rub a stain lightly in the soap water, but don’t be too vigorous as this can damage the material. Once done, rinse in cold water until you remove all the soap. Press out the excess water, but don’t wring the pajamas. Lay flat to dry, adjusting to the clothing’s natural shape. 

Keep in mind that silk pajamas will likely dry wrinkled, which means you’ll need to either iron or, ideally, steam the pieces before hanging them back up or folding to put into a drawer. If the instructions suggest that ironing is OK, make sure to turn each article inside out first and use the lowest temperature possible. 

Where to Buy Silk Pajamas

Silk pajamas are available from a variety of shops, some of which specialize in silk apparel, like Mommesilk and SilkSilky. You’ll also find silk pajamas at high-end department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. While you can find some 100% silk pajamas on Amazon, you’ll also find affordable sets that are made from silk satin or polyester with a silk-like feel at the retailer.

How We Chose the Best Silk Pajamas

We chose silk pajamas from some of the top apparel brands that make them, focusing on a range of styles, including both short and long pants, camisoles and tees, button-down or flat fronts and more. We included sets available at a variety of price points, so there are pajamas on this list made from silk-blend material that will save you some bucks while also providing a silky soft feel. All the silk pajamas we chose received rave reviews from customers. We also considered sizing, listing plus-size options, petite sizings and extra-long or short options to suit different body types. Most of the 100% silk pajamas we chose are made from mulberry silk, the most common type you’ll find. Some are also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified to ensure that the items were not made using any toxic chemicals and were manufactured in ethical and environmentally friendly facilities.

Most Comfortable Silk Pajama Set

1. Lunya Silk Tee Set


  • What We Like: comes in lots of colors, wide range of sizes, relaxed fit
  • What We Don’t Like: large, oversized tee isn’t for everyone
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XS-2X

Lunya’s entire line of silk PJs, nightshirts and robes is machine-washable and also goes up to a size 2X, making it one of the most inclusive brands on this list. This particular T-shirt and short set is wonderfully breezy and incredibly soft to the touch. It’s designed to maintain your body temperature, too, and even has a front pocket on the T-shirt for your eyeglasses, tissues or ear buds. 

Best Silk Pajama Set for Bridal Party

2. Eberjey Inez Silk Short Set


  • What We Like: available in many colors, OEKO-TEX certified
  • What We Don’t Like: short inseam not everyone may like
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XS-XL

Looking for something the entire bridal party can wear while they get their hair and makeup done before the big day? Or maybe an Insta-worthy matching set for a bachelorette party weekend? These machine-washable pajamas are your answer. Made of thermoregulating, OEKO-TEX certified natural silk, they will keep you and your girls cool while you get glam and pose for pics. The loose fit is universally flattering, while an elastic waistband on the shorts ensures comfort. This set boasts 5-star reviews across the board, so you can be sure all your friends will cherish it (and the memories attached) for years to come.

Best Classic Silk Pajama Set

3. LilySilk Chic Trimmed Silk Pajamas Set


  • What We Like: plenty of colors, classic style, great for gifting, custom pair option
  • What We Don’t Like: extra fees for getting the perfect fit, dry cleaning recommended
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XS-XXL

There are plenty of gorgeous colors to choose from in this classic sleep style, and you can even have the set monogrammed for $25, making it perfect for gifting. For those who want tops and bottoms of different sizes or who just prefer a very specific fit, LilySilk can craft a custom pair using your specific measurements for just 30 extra bucks. The cropped length allows for extra comfort and the self-tie waist makes it easy to adjust.

Best Leopard Print Pajama Set

4. Morgan Lane Jane Parker Satin Pajama Set


  • What We Like: fun animal print, elastic tie waist
  • What We Don’t Like: no pockets, mostly viscose, has to be hand washed
  • Silk Percentage: 36% silk
  • Size Range: XS-XXL

Who doesn’t love to rock leopard print every now and then? It isn’t just for fitted tops and fashionable frocks for a ladies’ night out on the town. You can don a full leopard outfit before heading to bed or while cozying up with your sweetheart to binge the latest season of Big Brother. With a relaxed fit, tie waist and button top, the wild-child set is so comfy, it’ll be tough to motivate yourself to take it off and put on your work clothes in the morning.

Best Shorts Silk Pajama Set

5. Fishers Finery Short Pajama Set


  • What We Like: nice color options, elastic waistband, classic, relaxed fit, comes with mesh wash bag and gift box
  • What We Don’t Like: might fit tight for those who are fuller in the thighs, so size up
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XS-XL

Perfect for the warmer nights of summer, this silky smooth (literally!) set fits loose with shorts that glide on for ultimate comfort. They’re boxer-style with a no-roll elastic waistband and drawstring, while the top boasts a polished silk piping trim. The set also includes a mesh wash bag and comes in a nice gift box, making it a lovely package to unwrap for yourself or a loved one.

Most Playful Silk Pajama Set

6. Olivia Van Halle Lila Silk Pajama Set

neiman marcus

  • What We Like: elastic waistband, relaxed fit, pull-on style
  • What We Don’t Like: might be too hot in summer, pants may be too long for shorter women
  • Silk Percentage: 100% silk
  • Size Range: XS-XL

Feeling a bit cheeky? You’ll go bananas for this luxurious monkey-print silk pajama set that features adorable monkeys getting their swing on (while you get your sleep on). With long sleeves and a relaxed fit, the button-up top is perfect for those who are always chilly, while the drawstring elastic pants are easy to pull on and adjust. If you’re sending this to someone else, you can even opt to have the pajamas gift-packaged.

Best Plus Size Silk Pajama Set

7. BedHead Renees Blossom Silk Pajama Set


  • What We Like: machine-washable, comfortable fit
  • What We Don’t Like: only one color
  • Silk Percentage: 100% silk
  • Size Range: XS-3X

Made of 100 percent silk that glides along your figure while also hugging it in the right places, this pajama set, which is available in plus sizes, will become your new favorite. Because it’s machine-washable, you can wear it every week without racking up a huge dry cleaning bill. It fits true to size with convenient side seam pockets at the hips and a patch pocket on the chest, so you can keep your phone and other essentials on hand from couch to bed.

Best Silk Pajama Set With Tank Top

8. Lunya Silk Tank Set


  • What We Like: plus sizes available, multiple colors, relaxed fit, elastic waistband, machine-washable
  • What We Don’t Like: fabric can be clingy 
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XS-2X

If you run hot all the time, or you’re looking for something breathable that you can cozy up under the covers in and won’t get overheated, this thermoregulating silk pajama set will keep you feeling free and cool. The tank top boasts a lovely drape detail in the back which dresses it up a bit, while the pull-on shorts feature an elastic waistband and relaxed fit. It even comes in some plus sizes.

Best No-Buttons Silk Pajama Set

9. Thxsilk Silk Pajama Set


  • What We Like: no buttons, OEKO-TEX certification, retains moisture, machine-washable
  • What We Don’t Like: pull-on top might be annoying with an updo or glasses, only two colors
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XS-XL

Not everyone likes button-down shirts, especially while sleeping. For a cleaner look, this silk pajama set features a top that slips right over your head and hugs your body (albeit loosely) for a good night’s rest or a lounge day at home. Certified by OEKO-TEX, the natural mulberry silk is free of artificial materials and won’t irritate sensitive skin. Plus, the set is machine-washable with sizing that fits just right.

Fanciest Silk Pajama Set

10. Olivia Von Halle Coco Silk Satin Pajama Set


  • What We Like: elevated style, Swarovski crystal buttons
  • What We Don’t Like: only two non-traditional colors, hand wash or dry clean
  • Silk Percentage: 100% silk
  • Size Range: XS-XL

These luxurious pjs come in two non-traditional colors that will stand out amidst a sea of usual blacks and whites. Whether you wear it to a grownup slumber party or just lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday, it’s the perfect set to elevate the everyday. The classic design is a subtle throwback to Coco Chanel’s styling of the 1920s, with notched lapels, patch pockets, and piping throughout. But the glittering Swarovski crystal buttons are what really makes this pick your fanciest bet.

Best Casual Silk Pajama Set

11. Mommesilk Lazy Silk Short Pajamas


  • What We Like: loose, washable, OEKO-TEX certified
  • What We Don’t Like: crew neck isn’t stretchy, shorts might be too short for some
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XL-XXL

If you prefer a more casual, oversized style, this silk pajama set will keep you feeling laidback and comfy. There are no zippers or buttons, just a drop-shoulder silk lounge shirt that comes in a variety of lustrous colors with matching drawstring shorts. OEKO-TEX certified, the pure mulberry silk material is lightweight and breathable, as well as machine-washable. Consider going down a size if you want more of a fitted style.

Sexiest Silk Pajama Set

12. SilkSilky Pure Silk Lace Flower Trim Pajama Set


  • What We Like: comes in multiple colors, ultra-sexy design
  • What We Don’t Like: spaghetti straps might not offer enough support if you’re top-heavy
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XS-XL

For a sexier look in the sheets, opt for this embellished silk set. The plunging neckline of the tank combined with the extra-short cut of the shorts will have you taking endless selfies in front of the mirror and, most importantly, feeling hot and confident. Throw in the detailed lace decoration at the neckline and hem, and there’s no question this set will be your go-to for the most special of nights.

Most Versatile Silk Pajama Set

13. SilkSilky Spaghetti Strap Pure Silk Camisole PJs Set


  • What We Like: can wear the top out, too, regular fit
  • What We Don’t Like: best to hang dry
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XS-XL

Yes, you wear this to bed. But the camisole is so gorgeous that you can toss on a pair of black leather tights, heels and wear it out on a night on the town, too. Or tuck it into a pair of trousers with a blazer and head to the office. The spaghetti straps are even adjustable so you can wear it with or without a bra. On those nights when you’re just so exhausted from the day, leave this on and tuck right into bed. Just don’t forget the comfy drawstring shorts.

  • What We Like: timeless design, elastic waistband
  • What We Don’t Like: dry clean only
  • Silk Percentage: 100% silk
  • Size Range: XS-L

Classic pinstripes are flattering on any body type, and we love the look of this timeless La Perla set. It’s the perfect one to pack in your carry-on for a romantic getaway or girls’ trip. Run down to the hotel lobby to grab a glass of wine from the bar before bed (slippers and all!) or cuddle up at home in luxurious comfort. The button-up shirt (complete with pockets) and elasticized pull-on pants are crafted from buttery soft 100 percent silk, so the set makes for both an elegant look and a comfortable feel.

Best Silk Pajama Set For Petite Sizing

15. Fishers Finery Long Pajama Set


  • What We Like: multiple colors, petite variants for all sizes
  • What We Don’t Like: no plus sizes, no pockets
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XS-XL, XS petite-XL petite

Our beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes, though it may be difficult to find your perfect fit, especially if you’re on the shorter side. This long pajama set solves that issue: It comes in all the original sizes as well as petite variants for each one, so you can *finally* grab some silky pajama pants you won’t be tripping over. And whether you’re petite or tall, you’ll love the relaxed silhouette of the button-down and the no-roll elastic waistband of the bottoms.

  • What We Like: unique wrap-style, belted closure
  • What We Don’t Like: only light colors
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XS-L

It’s like a robe and a pajama set in one. Pull on the pants, put on the shirt, then tie the belted closure at the front for a comfortable feel. Perfect for nursing or pregnant moms, the wrap style is easy to put on and adjust as needed. The style features wide lapels and is accented by a contrasting trim on the sleeves and cuffs of the pants. Per the brand, the all-natural silk is also great for sensitive skin and safe for those with allergies.

Best Silk-Blend Pajama Set

17. Olivia Von Halle Lila Printed Silk Velvet Pajama Set


  • What We Like: nice pattern, fits true to size
  • What We Don’t Like: not pure silk, non-stretchy fabric
  • Silk Percentage: 18% silk (82% rayon)
  • Size Range: XS-XL

This cozy set checks all the boxes, and while it isn’t made entirely of silk, you still get the velvety, silk-like feel along with delicate, lightweight material. It’s comfy, comes in a beautiful, eye-catching print and features Swarovski crystal buttons that twinkle like stars on the landscape pattern. No boring solid colors for this gal!

Sportiest Silk Pajama Set

18. Lunya Silk Tulip Pajama Set


  • What We Like: racerback tank, machine-washable
  • What We Don’t Like: only two colors
  • Silk Percentage: 100% silk
  • Size Range: XS-XL

For those who aren’t totally on board with the girly-girl look, this set has a sportier vibe thanks to the racerback silhouette of the tank and the gym-short look of the mid-rise bottoms. Both pieces also feature a relaxed, crossover tulip design for breezy movement. Did we mention it’s all machine-washable?  

Best Silk Pajama Set for Traveling

19. Papinelle Spot Print Cotton & Silk Pajamas


  • What We Like: comfortable, relaxed style, good for loungewear
  • What We Don’t Like: not pure silk, limited sizes
  • Silk Percentage: 20% silk (80% cotton)
  • Size Range: S-XL

If you’re looking for something more casual and relaxed, these pajamas, featuring a super subtle polka dot print, are for you. These are like your usual cotton pajamas but with a touch of silk added for a smoother, sleeker feel. If you travel a lot, this is the perfect lightweight set to pop into your suitcase. Slip ‘em on to enjoy your room service after a long day of taking meetings or touristing. As a bonus, the button-up top features a large patch pocket to hold your phone and hotel key card.

Best Floral Silk Pajama Set

20. Johnny Was Brooklyn Floral Pajama Set

saks fifth avenue

  • What We Like: elastic waist, bright, floral design
  • What We Don’t Like: dry clean only
  • Silk Percentage: 100% silk
  • Size Range: XS-L

Go to sleep or lounge in style in this lush, floral-patterned silk pajama set with a front button-close top and comfortable pull-on pants with an elasticized waistband. Featuring a flowy silhouette and 100 percent silk construction, this is a pair of pajamas you can confidently stroll through a hotel hallway in or don during a grownup sleepover.

Best Crop Silk Pajama Set 

21. Papinelle Ella Crop Pajamas


  • What We Like: cute design, affordable
  • What We Don’t Like: not pure silk, limited stock on larger sizes
  • Silk Percentage: 30% silk (70% cotton)
  • Size Range: S-XXL

This two-piece set has a relaxed fit and polished floral design, making it great for all-day lounging. The cropped length of the pants is the perfect in-between for when you’re too cold for shorts but too hot for long bottoms, and they have an adjustable drawstring, so you can wear them as loose or as tight as you want. Since these PJs are made from a mostly cotton blend, you also don’t have to save them for special occasions. Slip them on after work for your nightly Netflix binge, and at this price, buy them as a gift for someone else, too.

  • What We Like: breathable, moisture wicking fabric, relaxed fit
  • What We Don’t Like: hand wash or dry clean only
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: XS-XL

Sometimes the best silk pajamas aren’t a top and bottom at all but rather a nice, flowy sleep dress. This one is like an oversized men’s T-shirt of your very own, complete with button-down front and front pocket. The flowing and curved hem will gently hug your body as you sleep while the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric will keep you cool. Combine this with a matching silk eye mask and you’ll be in slumber heaven. 

Best His and Hers Silk Pajama Sets

23. Mommesilk His & Hers Classic Silk Pajamas


  • What We Like: side pockets, breathable, relaxed fit
  • What We Don’t Like: only two colors, pants might be long on shorter people
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: Women’s XS-XXL, Men’s XS-3XL

Two is better than one, especially when it comes to luxurious PJs. Thanks to this his and hers set, both you and your beau can snuggle up in a matching pair of silk pajamas. The classic fit is totally comfy, but the super shiny finish also makes them fancy enough for a holiday photo. They are OEKO-TEX certified, lightweight, breathable and washable to boot, so feel free to feed each other takeout on date night while wearing them. Psst: You’ll both love the fact that the pants have pockets.

Best Modest Silk Pajama Set

24. Morgan Lane Penny Faye Silk Pajama Set


  • What We Like: cute details, good for teens, relaxed fit
  • What We Don’t Like: hand wash recommended, only one color
  • Silk Percentage: 100% silk
  • Size Range: XS-XXL

This silk-seersucker pajama set has a charming vintage look thanks to the adorable lace accents, ruffle trims and heart-shaped satin appliqués. The high neck covers the chest area while the loose fit is equal parts cooling and comfy. It’s great for teens at a sleepover or adults looking for something a bit more traditional to wear around the house.

Best Wear-Everywhere Silk Pajama Set

25. More Sunday Silk Pajama Set No.3

More Sunday

  • What We Like: polished look for all-day wear, no harsh chemicals, moisture-wicking
  • What We Don’t Like: only slimmer fit
  • Silk Percentage: 100% mulberry silk
  • Size Range: S-L

This racerback set is designed to have a slimmer fit, so if you’re between sizes we suggest going for the larger. The bonus of that, however, is that both the top and flat-front bottoms have a silhouette that is stylish enough to wear beyond your boudoir, either paired together or mixed-and-matched with other “outside” clothes. No one will even know you’re wearing your PJs.

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