13 of the Best Shoes for Pregnancy That Won’t Kill Your Feet (No Matter What Trimester You’re In), According to a Podiatrist and Moms-to-Be

A bundle of joy shouldn’t come with bunions

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Pregnancy is one of the most transformative experiences the human body can undertake. While that often comes with a new lit-from-within-glow and hair and nails that grow for miles, other inconveniences tend to arise—particularly ones that require some new shoes. You may experience swollen feet that can only fit in wider toe boxes (hi, Hoka Bondi 8s, $165) compromised balance that’s best compatible with flatter styles (ahem, Birkenstock clogs, $158) and, of course, a growing belly that can get in the way of bending down to tie laces (classic Vans slip-ons, $49, to the rescue). 

According to Dr. Dan Geller, a board-certified surgically trained foot and ankle surgeon, hormonal changes are another reason to consider new shoes for pregnancy, too: “Appropriate shoe gear during pregnancy is extremely important for many reasons,” he says. “During the first, second and third trimesters, women are undergoing a lot of body and physiological changes. Some of those changes might include weight gain and the release of important hormones, which play a significant role in the birthing process.” He explains that because these hormones are released globally, they may affect bones, joints and ligaments, which — you guessed it — can impact your ability to safely wear the shoes you’ve owned for the last decade.

If you’re currently squeezing into your everyday shoes, it might be time to upgrade to a pregnancy-friendly pair. No matter your trimester, we took our expert’s advice and polled expecting mothers (myself included!) for their take on the best shoes for pregnancy, and rounded them up below. 

Meet the Expert

Dr. Dan Geller is a board-certified surgically trained foot and ankle surgeon focusing on sports injuries, post-traumatic reconstruction, diabetic foot care and chronic conditions of the foot and ankle. Geller earned his medical degree from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Following his medical school training, he completed three years of residency training at St. Luke’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, with an emphasis in foot and ankle surgery, reconstruction, trauma and joint replacement. He currently works on-staff at Providence St. John’s Medical Center in Santa Monica, CA, and is also the chief medical officer for Kane Footwear, a sustainable shoe gear company.

Pregnancy Shoes At A Glance


Best Pregnancy Shoes for Swollen Feet

Hoka Bondi 8 Sneakers

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Best Walking Shoes for Pregnancy

Asics Gel Nimbus 25 Sneakers

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Best Tennis Shoes for Pregnancy

lululemon Blissfeel 2 Running Shoe

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Best Slip-on Shoes for Pregnancy

Kane Revive Shoe

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Best Supportive Shoes for Pregnancy

Allbirds Tree Runners Sneakers

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What are the Best Shoes for Pregnancy?

Geller says proper shoes can control and even prevent some changes or deformations that happen in the lower extremity by supporting the foot and stabilizing the arch for less aches and pains. “Some shoes that I strongly recommend for women are athletic shoes that can be as simple as a day-to-day running-type shoe,” he says. “A shoe that might have extra cushioning supports this endeavor, as well as facilitate walking, moving and motion coupled with arch supports to prevent lowering or flattening of the arch.” 

So, while it may be convenient to slip on your best flats or flip-flops, you’ll want to go (or power walk) the extra mile to ensure they feature enough cushioning or arch support to take pressure off your feet and back.

How we Chose the Best Shoes for Pregnancy

We selected the best shoes for pregnancy based on a handful of crucial factors, including the expert’s advice and our own personal experience shopping for pregnancy-friendly shoes as expecting or current mothers. We searched for high-quality and durable materials that could withstand the duration of pregnancy and beyond. We also considered the price of shoes (after all, we do need those extra funds for that nursery and childcare!) and overall style that’ll help us dress and feel like ourselves during this ever-changing time in our lives.

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Best Pregnancy Shoes for Swollen Feet

1. Hoka Bondi 8 Sneakers


  • Features: wide sizing, extra cushioning, certified by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)
  • Cons: might come with a distracting squeaky sound
  • Size Range: 5 to 12

If you’ve been squeezing into narrow shoes, only to experience serious foot pain and even more waddling than normal, allow us to introduce you to these editor-approved sneakers ideal for swelling feet. “My Hoka Bondi 8 sneakers are super comfortable and offer substantial bounce to take pressure off of my ankles and knees on my daily walks,” says Olivia Dubyak, PureWow commerce editor. 

While these sneaks are beloved by runners and power walkers alike, they’re ideal for the pregnancy set for their ability to reduce the feeling of impact and the swelling that often accompanies it. Thanks to your choice of regular or wide sizing to accommodate swelling, extra cushioning, engineered mesh for breathability and a memory foam collar for extra ankle support, you’re left with the feeling of pillows under your feet.

Best Walking Shoes for Pregnancy

2. Asics Gel Nimbus 25 Sneakers


  • Features: lightweight, reflective details, foam and gel cushioning
  • Cons: their rocking motion might take some time to get used to
  • Size Range: 6 to 11

Taking yourself for a nice long walk is one of the kindest things you can do for your pregnant bod—not only is it a great way to clear your mind, but it provides some great low-impact cardiorespiratory exercise. For the perfect pregnancy-safe walking shoe, take Dr. Geller’s recommendation: “The Asics Nimbus is a very plush-yet-structured shoe for continued support and easy transfer,” he says, meaning going from one step to another will feel effortless, efficient and pain-free.

Other elements contributing to their status as an all-star walking buddy are their lightweight build to take pressure off your feet, reflective details for easy visibility in low-light conditions and a light sockliner for breathability. The sneaks also have a durable rubber outsole to keep you grounded with each step, no matter the terrain or conditions.

Best Tennis Shoes for Pregnancy

3. lululemon Blissfeel 2 Running Shoe


  • Features: reduces impact, designed for the female foot
  • Cons: they don’t have a hook loop to easily slide them on
  • Size Range: 5 to 12

While I’ve been wearing these godsend sneakers (as well as their predecessors, the Blissfeels) for the last two years, they feel as comfortable as the day I got them. Under normal circumstances, I’d take an expert’s advice and switch my sneakers during pregnancy to accommodate swelling feet, however, these have magically and conveniently stretched everywhere I need them to, making them suitable for my wider feet (dotted with bunions at the edge of each baby toe) well into my second trimester.

Their 3D-molded midfoot hugs my foot for next-level support while still feeling breathable during high-intensity activity. Plus, their soft and springy foam cushioning allows me to stay on my feet for hours, whether I’m running errands or looking for extra foot and ankle support while I complete cleaning tasks around the house. What’s more is that they were engineered using millions of data scans analyzing the biomechanics of the female foot, so you can guarantee they’ll feel tailored to you.

Best Slip-on Shoes for Pregnancy

4. Kane Revive Shoe

Kane Footwear

  • Features: quick-drying and washable, 3 swappable hang loops, foam cushioning
  • Cons: raised footbed nodes to stimulate circulation might feel ticklish
  • Size Range: 5 to 18

Any pregnant person will tell you that if they can avoid bending down to tie their laces, they’ll take ‘em. That’s what makes these expert-approved slip-ons such a dream to put on and wear during pregnancy. “The Kane Revive is more of a recovery shoe, although it can be used as a day-to-day shoe,” says Dr. Geller. “It’s made out of a special proprietary foam blend that provides high-level cushioning with shock absorption, support and easy transfer from heel to toe. [It’s also] easy to get on and off, and is well ventilated with nodes that help stimulate blood flow and tissue healing.” A scroll through the reviews confirms their exceptional comfort.

Best Supportive Shoes for Pregnancy

5. Allbirds Tree Runners Sneakers


  • Features: breathable eucalyptus fiber, machine-washable, sustainable
  • Cons: no half-sizes
  • Size Range: 5 to 11

Between that shifting center of gravity and those lax, loose ligaments compromising your balance, supportive shoes for pregnancy can make all the difference in your comfort and safety. That’s what makes the Allbirds Tree Runners a sound addition to your pregnancy wardrobe, according to Marlee Kostiner, mom of two and founder of Messy Like a Mother. “The best pregnancy shoes have to be my AllBirds,” she says. “Honestly, they completely deserve the hype. I was shocked the first time I put them on. It feels like I’m walking on supportive clouds.”

All thanks to their foam cushioned midsole, which is sustainably produced from sugarcane. The shoes also feature a light and thermoregulating eucalyptus fiber outsole, which may come in handy for sweaty, swollen feet.

Best Winter Shoes for Pregnancy

6. Blundstone Thermal Chelsea Boots


  • Features: waterproof leather, removable outsole, cushioned midsole
  • Cons: may run big
  • Size Range: 6 to 11

When I bought these lightweight boots three years ago, I had no idea just how well they would serve me during pregnancy. First off, the sizing is a little big, which means I have finally grown into them perfectly. They feel incredibly light on my feet, which reduces unnecessary weight with each step. Their durable rubber outsole provides unmatched traction, so I never feel off-kilter in wet or icy conditions. A simple pull-on closure (facilitated by a sizable pull tab) makes them super easy to slide on and elastic panels at each side to allow for enough room for expanding ankles or chunky warm socks. I live in Montreal, Canada, where temperatures rival that of the Arctic, and I always stay warm and dry thanks to their waterproof leather material and removable sheepskin footbed.

Best Shoes for Pregnancy Back Pain

7. New Balance 574 Sneakers

New Balance

  • Features: rubber outsole, suede and mesh upper, flexible fit
  • Cons: made slightly narrow
  • Size Range: 5 to 12

If you’ve been blessed with a pregnancy free of foot swelling but are looking to take care of back pain (which usually results from a pinched sciatic nerve when ligaments loosen and baby places additional stress on your hips), you’ll love these expectant-mother-approved New Balance sneakers. Not only do they have a foam-based midsole to take pressure off your feet, knees and back, but they also boast a padded collar and tongue for added stability and a TPU heel insert for extra support and flexibility.

“My go-to shoe for ultimate style and comfort throughout my pregnancy has been the New Balance 574. It feels like I’m walking on a cloud,” says Hannah Sauve, a social media producer in her third trimester. Plus, they ooze all the retro vibes and look cool, earning you serious points in the style department.

Best Slides for Pregnancy

8. Cushionaire Feather Cloud Recovery Sandals


  • Features: foam sole, cushioned footbed, waterproof
  • Cons: no adjustable straps or arch
  • Size Range: 5 to 12

Slide into these influencer-style slides during your pregnancy, and you’re guaranteed a good (and comfortable) time. “I bought these marshmallow-looking puffy slides for the hospital (as both a replacement for slippers and a shower shoe), and they're pleasingly squishy,” says Katherine Gillen, PureWow senior food editor. Whether you need to slip into something cushiony to walk the dog or treat your feet to grippy house (or hospital) slippers, these make a fantastic bet. While they don’t feature any backing for extra ankle support, deep heel cups will help your feet stay grounded in them. A 1.75-inch platform gives you an extra lift without compromising your posture, while their waterproof material makes them a suitable option for the pool, beach or any type of messy situation during pregnancy and beyond.

Best Training Shoes for Pregnancy

9. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoes


  • Features: lightweight, removable insole, shock-absorbing
  • Cons: may run large
  • Size Range: 5 to 12

Staying fit during your pregnancy isn’t only a great way to prep those biceps for baby carrying, but it’s also been proven to improve your overall labor and delivery experience. Hit the gym in these podiatrist-approved sneakers for an easier go at it, and your feet will thank you later. “The Nike Pegasus is a workhorse in the Nike arsenal that also provides superior cushioning, good shock absorption, easy heel to toe transfer and propulsion, which would make it easy for women during pregnancy to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle and maintain their fitness,” says Dr. Geller. With their durable grippy sole and cushiony collar, you can also expect extra support in the event of balance issues.

Best Summer Shoes for Pregnancy

10. Reef Cushion Vista Hi Sandals


  • Features: vegan leather, cork footbed, 1.74-inch foam platform sole
  • Cons: straps aren’t adjustable
  • Size Range: 5 to 12

Summer pregnancies are a total treat since you get to show off your bump in cute swimsuits—but all that swelling and sweating in thick sneakers isn’t doing your comfort levels any favors. Opt instead for these editor-favorite sandals that are perfect for hot days. “I love a Reef Hi Vista to easily slip on and off. They're cushy on the bottom and wide enough that swollen feet can still get in and out of 'em without too much wriggling,” says PureWow VP of Editorial Candace Davison.

These sandals boast a cork-wrapped foam footbed and outsole that’s at once fashionable and functional, offering you a little bit of a heel and tons of traction for support. The straps come in two styles—smooth or braided—while generous arch support sweetens the deal.

Best Clogs for Pregnancy

11. Birkenstock Boston Clogs


  • Features: leather, contoured cork footbed, 1-inch platform
  • Cons: toe box might hit against toes when walking
  • Size Range: 5.5 to 11.5

Clogs offer the best of many worlds: You can slide right in, omitting the need to bend over your bump to tie any laces; they’re backless, which prevents any blisters; and they cover your toes for a little bit of extra warmth (all while concealing your long-overdue pedicure). “I'm definitely gravitating toward anything that doesn't require bending down to put on at this point, [like the] Birkenstock Bostons with no socks,” says Gillen. 

This Pinterest-popular model contains a handy adjustable strap to fit to your foot as it swells or constricts, a natural cork and latex footbed for even weight distribution and a contoured footbed with arch support. Like your favorite worn-in T-shirt, its cork and latex footbed feels more cushy and molded to your feet with every wear.

Best Lightweight Pregnancy Shoes

12. Nike Flex Experience Run 11 Running Shoes


  • Features: knit upper, foam midsole, rubber outsole
  • Cons: features less foam than a typical sneaker
  • Size Range: 5 to 12

Most expecting moms who begin their pregnancies at a healthy weight are expected to gain a pound each week after the second semester, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and that added weight can quickly take a toll on your joints. Reduce any unnecessary pressure on your frame with these lightweight and oh-so-comfy trainers. “I tend to wear Nike Flex running shoes day to day because they offer support and are comfortable for all-day wear, yet they're super breathable and, as the name suggests, flexible,” says Davison. They’re available in wide sizing to support swelling feet, feature flexible grooves at the outsole to move with—as opposed to against—your foot and feature a clean, laid-back design you can style with virtually anything in your maternity closet.

Best Versatile Pregnancy Shoes

13. Vans ComfyCush Slip-On Sneakers


  • Features: canvas, padded collar, rubber waffle pattern outsole, lace-free
  • Cons: might stretch out
  • Size Range: 5 to 14.5

Channel your inner punk rock princess with these comfy and cushiony slip-ons that also make a seriously smart investment come pregnancy. “You can't go wrong with a classic slip-on, especially if it has arch support like this Vans style,” says Davison. What else makes them such a winner? Firstly, you won’t have to tinker with any laces (or, god forbid, have to bend down to put them on). They also boast a sturdy canvas upper that at once provides a little bit of give in the event of foot swelling, plus they’re versatile enough to dress up or down. A padded collar ensures you stay supported and blister-free while cool patterns reminiscent of the early aughts will have you blasting your favorite emo album on repeat.

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