The Bagnet Purse Magnet Solved My Biggest Pet Peeve—Here's Why Every Woman Needs One

Starting at only $22

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A Bagnet Purse Hook holding up a bag on a chair.

We all have our own little pet peeves. Mine? Public bathrooms that don't have hooks on the doors. Where am I supposed to put my purse? Certainly not on the floor (*shudder*). I grew up being told that putting your bag on the floor is bad luck. Because of this (and, of course, germs), I avoid it at all costs. Like, I'm the girl eating dinner with my purse in my lap at the restaurant and wearing crossbodies on the toilet—something I think we can all agree is an Olympic medal-worthy task. But since I'm not cut out to be an Olympian, I've long been in need of an easier solution. So when the Bagnet purse magnet came into my life, it instantly became a must-carry.

Bagnet purse magnets start at $22 and are an actual game-changer because they make it so you'll never again have to worry about holding your handbag on the toilet, at a restaurant, in the car...well, you get the idea.

What Is Bagnet?

This little accessory looks like a small 2.5-inch by 1.5-inch keychain, but it's actually a purse hook with two powerful magnets inside of it that clamp onto metal surfaces and are capable of holding a handbag up to eight pounds. Eight pounds, people.

Also, there are tons of styles available, from chic leather to sporty vinyl options, so you can change it to match your ensemble.

How to Use Bagnet

To use this handy fashion tool, simply hold it against any commercial-grade metal, put your handbag straps through the hoop and let it hang. And no, it won't fall or touch the floor as long as you place it high enough.

The best part is you can use it almost anywhere, like in the bathroom, on chairs, bar stools, tables, under bars, at the gym, etc. In other words, it'll work anywhere you've got access to metal, which is in more places than you'd think.


What I Like About It

I was most impressed by how versatile it was. It effortlessly held almost all the bags in my closet, including a crossbody, mini backpack and a baguette bag (so, from my experience, it'll work with most styles, as long as they have a strap). Not to mention, I carry my life in my purse, from liquid blush to hair claw clips, so when I say it easily holds up to eight pounds, you can take my word for it. But it does matter how and where you place it. It must be positioned on flat metal surfaces, whether you find a small flat metal area between the cracks of a bathroom door or the side of the bar. Basically, it just needs enough surface area for the magnet to adhere to.

Either way, you'll know it's in a good position when it clamps into place, which is why I'll be buying one for every purse-carrying person in my life—and recommending them to anyone willing to listen.

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