7 Styling Tips We Learned from Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is a supermodel, designer, author and all-around badass. We love this lady. On top of all that, she’s also seriously stylish, having taught us the following seven lessons for looking as great as she always does.

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Define Your Curves With A Pencil Skirt

Va-va-voom. Once relegated to the boardroom in unflattering fits and boring colors, pencil skirts have come a long way, and you should absolutely take advantage of their figure-flattering power. You can still wear them in professional settings, of course, but we like the idea of swapping them in as an alternative to dresses for nights out. No one will think you came straight from the office in a fun fabric like leather and a statement top (think sheer details, structural sleeves and the like).

Sean Zanni/Getty Images

Belt Everything

One of the easiest ways to show off an hourglass figure: Wear a belt. Whether skinny or thick, a belt cinches your waist at its smallest part and creates a beautiful, bombshell-y shape—even in a comfy sack dress.

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Don't Fear Crop Tops 

The thought of wearing a crop top might conjure images of teens at a music festival, but as the lovely Ms. Graham proves, there’s a totally chic and appropriate way to pull off the look. Instead of wearing a tiny tee with denim shorts, opt for a more substantial shell top (with a high-cut neckline) that shows just a hint of midriff above a pair of slim, high-waist pants.

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Show Off The Perfect Amount Of Skin

Like crop tops, cutouts can be intimidating. You don’t want to look too scandalous, so follow Graham’s lead and keep the rest of your look fairly modest. Sure, bright orange isn’t exactly subtle, but notice how this dress has a longer hemline and higher neckline, allowing the cutout to be the star of the show without showing too much skin.

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Slim Your Middle

If you've got wider hips, many jackets (which end halfway down your butt) add unnecessary bulk to your midsection and cover your narrow waist. By shortening the length a few inches, you'll show off your killer proportions. As an added bonus, this little trick makes your legs look longer as well. 

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Cover Up Without Adding Bulk

On the opposite side of the jacket-length spectrum is the duster, which is great for covering up without feeling drowned in fabric. If you’re not fully comfortable in a body-hugging dress, but you still want to show off your figure, a long and loose jacket showcases your body without making you feel too exposed.

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When In Doubt, Wear All Black

We've said it before and we'll say it again: You really can’t go wrong with an all-black ensemble. It’s ultra-flattering, sophisticated and the absolute easiest to pull off.