*This* Is the One Pair of Earrings You Need This Spring

After seeing acrylic hoop earrings pop up all over Instagram and on our most stylish friends, we couldn’t help but wonder: Are these the earrings of spring 2018? In different sizes and colors, they’re fun and so easy to wear. Here are seven gorgeous pairs to start—or add on to—your collection.

The Best Jewelry Trends You’ll See in 2018

cult gaia acrylic earrings
Cult Gaia


And here we were thinking Cult Gaia only made fabulous, sculptural handbags.

Cult Gaia ($88)

baublebar acrylic earrings


More like clearrings, are we right? But seriously, we love these and how they can be worn with just about anything.

BaubleBar ($38)

lizzie fortunato acrylic earrings
Lizzie Fortunato


Why choose between acrylic and metallic when you can have both?

Lizzie Fortunato ($160)

dinosaur designs acrylic hoops


Perfectly round circles are overrated.

Dinosaur Designs ($125)

rachel comey acrylic hoop earrings
Rachel Comey


So cute, so subtle.

Rachel Comey ($70)

lele sadoughi acrylic earrings
Lele Sadoughi


Keep the rest of your outfit neutral to let these babies be the star of the show.

Lele Sadoughi ($118)

machete pink hoops

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