What’s the hardest part of getting dressed every morning? Matching one piece to another, right? 

Enter the monochromatic outfit--a foolproof way for looking instantly put together. These are the best colors for tonal looks.

monochromatic black


Total no-brainer. As easy as it is chic, the all-black outfit should be a staple in your wardrobe (even in the summer).

Get the look: Gap tee ($25); Topshop pants ($38)

monochromatic gray


Spice up a pantsuit with a coordinating graphic tee that indulges your inner nerd. Or opt for a plain tee that still adds that element of softness.

Get the look: Ted Baker pants ($157) and jacket ($255)

monochromatic navy


Peekaboo bra optional. Otherwise, treat navy just as you would black or gray and mix structured pieces with feminine layers.

Get the look: J.Crew pants ($98) and jacket ($198)

monochromatic white1


Perfect in the summer (but gaining in popularity for the winter), white on white sends an especially polished message.

Get the look: Banana Republic top ($70); Sea skirt ($225)

monochromatic blush


Admittedly, this a tougher color to find coordinating separates. However, a jumpsuit plus flats and a panama hat? Worth the shopping trip.

Get the look: Ramy Brook jumpsuit ($425); Cuyana hat ($65)

monochromatic Cobalt


As you can see, monochromatic outfits are easiest with neutral colors. But Sandra Bullock proves bold colors don’t have to be off-limits. Just proceed with caution (i.e., maybe steer clear of yellow).

Get the look: Emporio Armani pants ($186); Sam Edelman top ($80)

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