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Cat trees are essential to happy, healthy cats. They provide felines with space to explore, sleep, play and scratch. All of these activities release energy and decrease anxiety. While we like to offer our cats as much as possible in terms of stress relief and interactive play, some of the cat tree and condo options are underwhelming when it comes to appearance. Bland platforms with boring carpet get old quickly‑especially if you want to set up several spaces in your home with cat trees! Whether you’re creating a cat room this year or upgrading your current cat condo, we’ve got the most unique ones on the market in 2022 listed below. Get ready to feast your eyes on some incredibly creative cat accouterments.

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1. Modern Wood Cat Tower by Made4Pets

Best Overall

More than 900 reviewers agree this is a 5-star cat tree. With six different levels on which to climb, lounge, snooze and play, cats won’t bore easily. This tower is made of wood (easy to wipe down) and the detachable cushions are washable. Complete with a strap that connects the tower to the wall and non-stick pads, you won’t have to worry about your kitties knocking the whole thing down.

$100 at Amazon


2. Cactus Cat Tower and Scratching Post by PAWZ Road

Best Budget

You don’t have to spend your annual grocery budget on a cat tree. This adorable cactus-themed tree comes in just under $50 and provides cats with four levels, two perches and a hidey hole for naps. It’s 32 inches tall and cute, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Pair with cat-friendly plants for even more vibrant garden vibes.

$49 at Amazon


3. Cat Tree by Catry

Most Colorful

Like we said, these cat trees aren’t your typical bland, beige stands. This brightly colored (dare we say, neon?) cat tree will make any space pop. Check out the green, teal, red, yellow and pink combination that is this funky tree! In particular, we love the dangling bugs cats can play with and the round mushroom bed.

Buy it ($200; $170)

Happy & Polly

4. Moonlight Cat Tree by Happy and Polly

Most Instagram-Worthy

This company knows what it means to combine fun themes with feline needs. Happy and Polly’s Moonlight Cat Tree evokes whimsy and inspires photoshoots. We love the little pops of gold on the dangling stars and the peek-a-boo clouds. Plus, there are various sizes and styles to choose from based on your cat’s preferences (and your space).

Buy it (from $80)


5. Cat Pyramid by Whisker

Best Modern Aesthetic

Brought to you by the same feline experts who created the Litter Robot, this tower has a sleek, black metal frame and four wooden platforms in a walnut finish. So, yeah, it’s definitely made for modern smart homes full of crisp, clean lines. The sisal scratch pads are all vegetable dyed and the pyramid offers some serious height for cats who love to perch.

Buy it ($249; $150)

Tuft and Paw

6. Grove Cat Tower by Tuft and Paw

Best for Minimalists

Tuft and Paw is quickly becoming the go-to vendor for high-end contemporary cat furniture. The Grove Cat Tower comes in two heights and is nothing short of gorgeous. The tower’s slats let cats hide away while still being in on the action. Available in two colors, it seamlessly fits into any decor and, based on the stellar reviews, cats are gaga for it.

Buy it (from $599)


7. Ivy by Mau Pets

Best for Multi-Cat Households

Another cat furniture company to watch is Mau Pets. Not only does Mau donate five percent of all proceeds to animal welfare and environmental conservation organizations, they plant a tree for every purchase. This makes sense, as their trees are made with sustainably sourced wood. The Ivy is ideal for multi-cat households, as there are four individual baskets providing plenty of lounging space.

Buy it ($390)

Mau Pets

8. Uni by Mau Pets

Best for Solo Cat Households

Only one cat? Great. Mau Pets has you covered again. Plus, if your cat is as picky as you are about color schemes, Mau recently launched a new line of super soft cushions for their cat trees. Choose from a variety of colors including lilac, mint, burgundy and ocean.

Buy it ($280)

Chokyo Pet Foods & Supplies

9. Honeypot® Solid Wood Cat Tree by Chokyo

Best for Cats Who Love Heights

Cats like Bengals and Abyssinians are known for their love of climbing. Finding the highest perch in the room is a habit for many felines as it protects them from predators and makes them feel safe. This cat tree can extend up to 112 inches and provides seven perches for cats. The deluxe version offers a balcony and acrylic hammock at the tippy top, too.

Buy it ($330)

Tuft and Paw

10. Milo Cat Tree by Tuft and Paw

Best for Heavy Scratchers

Made with birch plywood and plenty of scratchable, claw-friendly carpet, this cat tree is ideal for kitties who love to scratch and knead. While most cat trees and condos offer some space for scratching, this one has a full 55-inch scratching post and a lengthy ramp slide covered in fabric.

Buy it ($999)


11. Infinity DIY Cat Tree by Petlibro

Most Customizable

Some of us often ask ourselves, “How many cats is too many?” Whether you start with four or want to build your cat brood slowly, Petlibro makes it easy to customize your cat tree as you go. The Starter Pack lets you add on as your cats grow (in size or in number). The base is sturdy, the wooden materials easy to clean. We also love the cool, crisp design.

Buy it (from $185)


12. Outdoor Catio Enclosure by Aivituvin

Best Outdoor Set-Up

Got yourself a few outdoor cats (or indoor cats who think they’re outdoor cats)? This outdoor catio makes it possible to give your kitties some fresh air without worrying they’ll get into something they shouldn’t. Let it stand alone in the yard or connect it to a window so the cats can come and go as they please.

$437 at Amazon


13. Cat Tree with Leaves by On2 Pets

Best “Real” Tree

Cats who think they’re jungle creatures will thrive in this tree with faux leaves. Plus, this will blend in spectacularly with any decor full of real plants. There are three tiers to choose from, so this works in multi-cat households too.

Buy it ($124)


14. The Move Cat Tower by NookDesignStore

Best Work of Art

Again, who says cat trees have to be eye sores? NookDesignStore has crafted perhaps the most artful cat tree we’ve ever seen. As an Etsy Design Award Finalist Product, this tower has four perches and a rotating scratching pad. For how little material is used, it makes a big impact.

Buy it ($580)


15. Round Stacking Tower by Catit

Best for Shy Cats

Let’s face it: Not all cats enjoy being seen and heard. Some like to hide away where they feel safe and protected. The Round Stacking Tower provides plenty of opportunities for just that. You don’t need tools to assemble it and you can remove each tier to create more hiding spaces lower to the ground, depending on your cat’s needs.

Buy it ($200)


16. Bernoussi Cat Condo

Best Cardboard Box Upgrade

Cats love cardboard boxes. Unfortunately, cardboard boxes aren’t exactly stunning examples of home decor. The Bernoussi Cat Condo, on the other hand, is like three sturdy cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other with windows and steps. Huge upgrade.

Buy it ($200)

Happy and Polly

17. Moon Ship Cat Tree by Happy and Polly

Best for Senior or Arthritic Cats

Jumping up onto platforms isn’t easy for senior cats or those suffering from arthritis. That’s why we love this mini tree! It offers cats some height without requiring them to leap onto the first level or step too high. We also like that it can be paired with other condos as a way to hop onto taller perches.

Buy it ($130)


18. Adelayne Cat Condo

Best Space Saver

Narrow apartment with very little space for a giant cat tree? No problem. This condo attaches to the wall and is pretty much camouflaged among bookshelves and other wall decor. We love it for its simplicity, while it still offers two perches and a nook for hiding—and a scratch pad.

Buy it ($100)


19. Wood Floral Cat Tree by KBS Pets

Best for Kittens

Yes, this floral cat tree makes for amazing photos of your tiny kittens. But! It also provides different zones for playtime and types of perches. Kitties need lots of sleep, so these plush flowers are ideal for snoozing. The sisal and natural wood encourages them to scratch where they’re supposed to - and not on your sofa.

Buy it ($280)


20. Colorful Catissa Modular Cat House by Catissa Cat Trees

Best Wall-Mounted

Hello, gallery wall revamp! This crazy-hued cat condo mounts directly to the wall and provides four resting spaces for your cat(s). What we love most - aside from the bold design - is that you can customize the colors to match your decor. Plus, hang it where it best suits your cat! Increase and decrease the height as they age.

Buy it ($783)

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