That’ll be all, Baby Yoda. This year’s ‘it’ gifts have one goal in common: to make life at home a lot more delightful. And let’s be clear: Not a single one of these items is intended to optimize remote learning. From retro roller skates to a pogo-stick-inspired personal pony, the sole purpose of every present on our list is to inject joy into the new normal. Our kids have adapted heroically to pandemic life. They deserve some serious fun.

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1. Little Tikes MEGA 15’ Trampoline

Along with above ground pools and backyard ninja courses, trampolines have become 2020’s most coveted must-have. With trampoline parks closed and playgrounds iffy, installing one of these bad boys in your backyard becomes an easier sell. Safety features included a padded frame and injury-minimizing netting. It also doesn’t hurt that high energy kids will be happy from the jump. At 15 feet in diameter, this model is larger than most of the ones aimed at the elementary school set. As one early education expert famously said, “Children cannot bounce off the walls if you take away the walls.”

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2. Nerf Power Moves Marvel Avengers Black Panther Power Slash Dart-Launching Toy

For any parent who has been resisting pleas for a Nerf weapon (a subject of much worthwhile debate) we may have just found your socially acceptable loophole. As we await the next installment of this blockbuster franchise (yet another reason why 2022 can’t come soon enough), kids can channel their inner King T’Challa with this fierce power claw. Wakanda forever. (Just please don’t aim that thing at your sister.)

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3. Twisty Petz

It’s a glitzy pet! It’s a snazzy bracelet! It is, in fact, both. These glam, beaded transformers are easily manipulated into new, wearable shapes by even the novice 5-year-old. We never even had to read the directions. And at under $5, that’s some priceless jewelry.

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4. eKids Headphones

Want a present that puts the fun in functional? Thousands of 5-star reviewers agree: These headphones with jumbo embellishments like Princess Poppy troll hair or ginormous JoJo Siwa bows will make your kid the star of her next Zoom. (The Frozen-inspired sets even features faux fur to look like earmuffs!) And since leading pediatric ear doctors prefer over-the-ear headphones to ear buds for young kids, this is the sound of you putting safety first.

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5. Ambosstoys Toddler Scooter Primo

Google “trendiest toys” and this chic set of wheels pops right up. Just picture this timeless classic cruising along the French Riviera or gliding across Roman cobblestones, a mini Audrey Hepburn at the helm. With its thick whitewall tires, handstitched saddle and toddler-friendly dimensions, it drives like a dream. It was even hailed by MoMa for its superior design. Gift it to anyone age 1 to 5 and half-expect to hear “Grazie, bella,” as they take it for a spin.

$199 at Amazon


6. Asweets Mushroom Home Cotton Canvas Play Tent

Asweets is THE go-to brand for influencer-worthy nursery staples. We were thisclose to including their Alpaca Rocker on our list (because Alpacas are just the trendiest) when we totally tripped for this fungi-inspired fairy tent. It’s guaranteed to cast a spell on any hobbits or elves traipsing through your living room.

$168 at Amazon


7. Teamson Kids Little Chef Chelsea Modern Play Kitchen

How much would you judge us if we bookmarked this unit’s crisp white hue and brass hardware as the inspiration for our dream kitchen redesign? Ok, ok, so we may not have the budget to pull off any remodeling projects at the moment. Nor do we have the ability to safely convene contractors. But we can dream, dammit, as we watch our kids whip up imaginary omelets and temperature-controlled pretend custom ice cubes. Can we not??

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8. Klee Kids Luna Star Naturals 4 Piece Makeup Kit

Anyone who has discovered a small child in her closet with Chanel Rouge lip lacquer on her forehead will appreciate this non-toxic set. We’re talking mineral shadow and blush, pink lemonade lip shimmer and absolutely no parabens, talc, artificial dyes or petrochemicals. And that’s all great news because kids will most definitely be eating it.

$25 at Amazon


9. Mon Ami Lavender Scented Designer Plush Doll

Aromatherapy fans looking to offer kiddos some stress relief may be in the market for this lavender-scented lovie. But why limit yourself to just one? These adorable dolls also come in vanilla, chocolate, rose and cookie scents. According to a multitude of five-star reviewers, the dolls’ fragrance is “not too overpowering.” A sure sign they’ll pass the smell test.

$38 at Amazon

Bed Bath & Beyond

10. Just Add…Science Kits

How’s this for a modern-day dilemma: You want to give the kids an educational gift but science kits can be a sticky wicket. Give them a DIY slime set and risk living with goop on your couch cushions forevermore (see us after class for our tutorial on de-sliming children’s hair). Give them geodes, and there’s the requisite goggle wearing and (yikes, their little fingers!) hammer smashing. A build-your-own volcano box is awesome, but it requires tons of grown-up supervision (which may indeed lead to an eruption, just not the kind you intended). Enter the “Just Add” series. These science kits couldn’t be simpler or more hands-off for adults. We’re partial to the Just Add…Sugar box because it shows kids how to make edible play dough and sugar rainbow glass. But also consider the Just Add…Milk and Just Add…Sun kits, for their ease and convenience. A decisive victory for STEM gifts—and the adults who are too damn tired to have anything to do with them.

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11. Spyder Pong

This isn’t Forrest Gump’s Ping Pong. This new-fangled mesh table delivers maximum bounce. It’s light and easy to set up, which means you can play indoors or out. And it’s the perfect gift for multi-generational households. Playing table tennis not only sharpens hand-eye coordination, it also disrupts our pandemic-induced negative thought cycles and is even believed to prevent dementia. A perfect way to shake off Zoom fatigue and take a competitive Grandpa down a peg.

$95 at Amazon

Bed Bath & Beyond

12. Rollplay 6V Mini Cooper Ride-On

If there was ever a time to indulge kids age 3 to 8, it’s now. So, if over-the-top, squeal-inducing presents are your thing, go ahead and wrap this super mini cooper up in a gigantic red bow. While it only seats one, that lucky kid can social distance in style, zipping around the neighborhood in this bumble-bee-yellow, battery-powered beauty. Reviewers love it but note it picks up speed quickly. Talk about a joyride.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

13. Circle Society Roller Skates

Celebs like Ashley Graham, Reese Witherspoon and Maude Apatow are rolling with the nostalgia of classic skates. We can practically smell the buttered popcorn, see the disco ball sparkle and hear the REO Speedwagon as we toss our Winnie Cooper hair around the rink. Time to usher in the next generation of skate stars.

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14. Twee Sidewalk Chalk

A feast for the eyes, handmade in Philly. Driveway artistes, show us what you got.

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15. Pets Alive Fifi the Flossing Sloth

Never has a toy so owned her moment. Fifi, the “boss of the floss” twerks. She expertly busts the moves that launched a thousand playground dance battles. And she does it all with the slightly vacant, unimpressed stare of a practiced social media star. Fifi is to kids today what Teddy Ruxbin was to their forefathers: An animatronic icon covered in fur. Press her battery-powered nose and try to keep up. (You will fail. Your kids will laugh and laugh. Yet another selling point.)

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16. Jetson Plasma UL Certified Hoverboard

Skateboards will always rule. But this high tech hoverboard (for ages 12+) flashes rainbow-colored LED “liquid lights” and boasts a motor that reaches speeds of up to 10 mph. We can practically feel it transporting us into the future. Marty McFly would be totally wowed.

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17. Wonderides Rainbow PonyCycle Unicorn

This toy makes us wish so hard that we could travel back in time and be 6 years-old again. It is that much of a horse girl’s dream come true. Adding to its upsides in the digital age: It’s powered solely by your kid’s bouncing. No motor. No batteries. No plug-in of any kind. Gift one to your little equestrian and fully expect that wild horses couldn’t drag her away.

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18. Aeromax NASA Hoodie

What’s a great way to show a kid you love him to the moon and back? Hop aboard the space trend with an official NASA astronaut sweatshirt featuring a communication headset on the hood. This is ground control to…a majorly popular present. Who on earth wouldn’t love it?

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The Tot

19. Schoenhut Drum Set

Not only does this pint-size drum set look incredible, it creates rock star-level sound. That’s because it mimics the features of a professional drum set for grown-ups. An investment item that instantly ups the cool factor of any room it’s in, it will last years—unlike “babyish” plastic toddler drum sets that are soon outgrown and tossed away. If you’ve got a pots and pans percussionist or wooden spoon banger on your hands, you’ll delight in watching them grow up hitting these skins.

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20. VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam HD Video Kids' Digital Camera

The whizzes at VTech now offer an award-winning digital camera. What makes it so amazing? The special effects, of course. Those include time-lapse video, more than 20 animated backgrounds (Ahhh, we’re getting chased by a T-Rex! Woah: We’re in outer space!) and the illusion of invisibility thanks to the green screen fabric that comes with the cam. Once you’ve shot and edited your cinematic masterpiece, upload it to TikTok or Twitch or whatever new platform the youngins are using these days. Mom will just be happy she can have her phone back.

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