Try This Trick to Reset Your Marriage When Your News Feed Totally Sucks

So you and your husband watched the State of the Union together. Shade was thrown, you got in a fight…and didn't make up until the next morning. No, you're not crazy, but the news really is trying to sabotage your marriage.

So when everything on your feed sucks, why not try taking a news hiatus?

OK, we made the phrase up, but hear us out. A self-imposed content break is just what you and your spouse need to reset—and it's totally flexible (aka "you do you").

Maybe this means you'll both take a mutual break from Twitter or the ’Gram, or you'll both turn off your push notifications for week. And if you can't fathom going cold turkey, try a “slow news diet” by being more conscientious about what you read and when you read it (i.e., not before bedtime). According to The New York Times, even a content diversion is better than the “worry content” of news. Binge Russian Doll together. Watch that football game! (Or, you know, don't.)

Keep in mind, though, not everyone handles outside stressors in the same way. Whereas you might need to put on your blinders, your partner might feel invigorated reading snarky, apocalyptic op-eds. Make an agreement to respect each other’s boundaries whether they’re news-free or not. The goal here is not to argue, right?

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