11 Random-but-Useful Things Moms Love to Keep in Their Purse

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They say your heart expands when you have a kid. What they don’t tell you is that the same goes for your purse. And while you likely already have all the basic mom essentials in your bag (tissues, snacks, band-aids, more snacks), there’s always room for another gadget, tool or accessory to make parenting just a little bit easier. Here are 11 random-but-useful items you should seriously consider adding to your purse.

14 Random-but-Useful Gadgets for Kids

portable phone charger

1. A Portable Phone Charger

So your kid zapped your battery streaming Paw Patrol/playing Candy Crush/learning a TikTok dance. No problem—this clever device is compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and Motorola phones to quickly and easily charge on-the-go. Plus, it comes in a pack of two so you can toss one in your purse and keep the other one in the car.

tube for quarters

2. A Tube For Quarters

You say it’s for the parking meter. Your kid says it’s for the gumball machine at the grocery store. Either way, this money organizer has you covered.

Eileen Fisher

3. A Spare Shirt That Doesn’t Scream “mom”

Elegant, flattering and—most importantly—washable. (No wonder it’s a PureWow reader favorite.)

bite thing suction poison remover

4. Bug Bite Suction Tool

Mosquitoes, bees, wasps and more don’t stand a chance against this genius little tool that quickly and effectively removes insect venom and saliva to eliminate itching and swelling. It’s a no-brainer for camping and hiking adventures, but you’re sure to get good use out of it whatever you do this summer.

crayola crayons

5. Crayola Crayons

Bored at a restaurant? Waiting at the doctor’s office? Stuck in traffic? Crayons to the rescue. (With a small notebook to doodle on, of course.)

small sewing kit

6. A Small Sewing Kit

Uh oh, a button came off Lucy’s dress on the ride to school…and it’s Picture Day. Super mom to the rescue with this miniature sewing kit that has everything you need to repair snags, rips, holes and, of course, loose buttons.

7. Neosporin To Go

For boo boos big and small.

tide to go

8. Stain Remover

Damnit, you accidentally spilled coffee down your shirt while racing out the door. First, change into the spare shirt you always keep in your bag (see above). Then, treat the stain with this remover pen so that it doesn’t set. Disaster averted.

portable urinal

9. Portable Urinal

Your kid was sure they didn’t need to go before leaving the house. Your kid lied. Fortunately, you always keep a disposable urinal in your bag. (And yes, having a bag of pee in your car is a little gross but trust us, it’s better than the alternative.)

bye bye under eye

10. It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under-eye Concealer

This concealer went viral on TikTok for a reason—it really works! And nobody needs to cover up those under-eye bags and dark circles more than a sleep-deprived mom.

hand sanitizer wipes

11. Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Fact: Kids are gross. And here’s another fact: If you toss a miniature bottle of hand sanitizer into your bag, it will spill everywhere—leaving your purse smelling like a bar in the process. Save yourself the hassle with these easy-to-use and lightly-scented wipes instead.

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